[Feb 7, 2012] Fight Night @ Game Dojo Pembroke Pines, FL Thu 2/16/12 7:00 PM (Pembroke Pines, FL)

UMVC3 Pot Prize Tourney
Venue Admission: $7.50 (with pizza), $5 (without)
Event Entry: $10 (100% to pot)
1=70%, 2=20%, 3=10%
Also available: SSF4AE
Casuals: MK9, MKvsDCU, SoulCalibur4 and 5, King of Fighters XIII, MVC3, Tekken6, MUA

The new Game Dojo Fight Night shirts are here! A small quantity will be available for sale at the event, and one lucky player will win a free shirt!
Don’t miss it!!

Please call 954-874-1242.

Check the PHOTOS page for a map - DON’T GET LOST!