[Feb 7, 2012] Team Custom Combo Presents: Suburban Rhapsody! (North Valley Stream, NY)

[LEFT]Games: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Street Fighter 4 AE (2012)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Venue: 3$[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Gamers EDGE - (516) 792-6965[/LEFT]

[LEFT]This will be our first stream with an actual venue it’ll just be sessions weekly on Tuesdays at this location we wanna really make this big some come show your support we got them [/LEFT][LEFT]to reduce the venue fee for us to 3$ so ill be easier on all of our pockets and we will be having over 9 setups for this occasion so a full house would be great and if it goes well well start hosting tournaments every month with a huge pot![/LEFT]


Will Be On 360