[Feb 8, 2012] So Cal Super Street Fighter IV Tourney in Perris, CA! (Perris, CA)

Time for all you So Cal SRKers to come out to the Perris Library for more gentlemanly pugilism.

Super Street Fighter IV Tourney (should be AE 2012)

The Perris Library
163 East San Jacinto Blvd.
Perris, Ca 92570

When: Wednesday, February 8, 4-6 PM

PS3 version
All characters permitted
2 standard Dualshock 3 controllers provided, fighting sticks welcome
Random stage, default timer
Single elimination, 2/3 games

Prizes: Wal-Mart gift cards for 1st and 2nd place

For any information, call 951-657-2358…or post in this thread, of course.

Hope to see you there!

So what’s the entry fee? Venue fee if any? Or is it all free?!? That would be great! :stuck_out_tongue: