[Feb 8, 2012] STLBW 2.0 | Hyper Fighting Warfare II [AE:2012 & UMVC3] (Saint Louis, Mo)

It’s Wednesday night in the Midwest, so that means its time for another session of STL BarWarz!

And what a special edition of BarWarz this is! February 8th will mark the FIRST ANNIVERSARY of BarWarz, and to celebrate, we have no choice but to go hard with a Capcom Bar Battle revival! That’s right: AE 2012 and UMVC3 get their first BarWarz tournament event of 2012! Here’s hoping that the time off from Mass Appeal to now has given warriors a chance to develop new technology or to adapt new strategies for the ever-changing fighting game horizon of 2012. The best way to see who will have their hand raised in this epic struggle is to come to Danno’s (http://www.facebook.com/#!/DANNOsPub) and witness the onslaught first hand, but if you cant for whatever reason, be sure to point your browser to www.twitch.tv/stlbarwarz for all the hard hitting action youv’e come to expect from your friends at STLBW.

Bring the salt, bring the hype, and bring your A-game because AE:2012 & UMVC 3 are BACK.

DETAILS (corrected):
[LEFT]6:00pm - Stream set-up. Casuals begin.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]8:00pm - Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 [$7][/LEFT]
[LEFT]10:00pm - Super Street Fighter IV : AE v. 2012 [$7][/LEFT]

As always, tourney format is double-elimnation, best 2/3 for all non Final matches. Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals will all be 3/5.

NOTE: bringing a setup will knock $1 off your tournament fees

oh there will be salt…more than the Daily Recommended Value!