February 13, 2010. SF4, SF2HDR, Naruto, TvC, T6. @ East Side Game Shack, Mason, OH!

pre reg list updated

schedule has been updated, only change was naruto to 4:00pm and tvc moved to 1 pm

pre reg list updated

so hows the turnout for tvc lookin…it seems like not many ppl are gonna be playin it based on the pre reg list

sup i havent been able to show up lately due to my car being in the shop and work but how’s it holdin down over there?

If you enter SF2HDR then I’ll enter (and get creamed in) TvC. LOL.

just from the pre reg list there are 8 people who said they’d enter, i bet it’ll be more like 10 or more though, i had a 400 flier drop off to game stops the day before the game came out so it’d be there when everyone picked up their copies, those fliers may bring in large numbers that aren’t posted on forums

also, pre reg list updated

pre reg list updated

I know there is a pre reg list but how many people are you guys expecting?

as of now the pre reg list has 29 people on it, there are a few friends of mine who are just lazy and don’t pre reg, it doesn’t look like my friends from chicago will be able to make it out, which sucks. i’d imagine around 35 at least, but it’s really hard to say because we had 400 fliers made and dropped off to gamestops and gamecrazys in the area so a lot more people may have heard about it but just not registered, could get lucky and have a pretty large turnout. but for safe numbers i’d say around 30-40 range, possibly more. sorry i couldn’t be more accurate with it, but it’s the best i could do :confused:

update added to first post regarding naruto also

how many for sf4

right now the pre reg list has about 10 including maybes, but i know there’s a lot of players in the area who haven’t posted anything yet, im sorry i don’t have more definitive numbers for you

Since most games are scheduled for ps3, but there are xbox consoles in house, what will happen if there is a disagreement about which console to play on?

all games that are listed on PS3 default to ps3, BOTH PLAYERS must agree to play on xbox, if it is a split decision then it’s PS3

so ya i just found out im comin to this but there is a small chance i might be a lil late but not much no more than 10 mins so i know that video game tournys never ever start on time im hopin these wont

Derrick Legend

how was the turnout for SF4? my roommate and I couldn’t make it to this one, but we’d be down for drivin up from clifton for some future battling :slight_smile: