February 27th, 2010 - Next Level LAN - SF4 - Orlando, FL

NLL SF4 Tournament - Orlando, FL - 2/27/2010

6947 University Blvd.
Winter Park, FL 32792
Across the street from Full Sail University.

Saturday, February 27th. 1:00PM
Registration for the tournament closes at 12:00 PM, so be sure to get here early.

Entry fee $15. This includes 1 hour of game time on any of our 25 high-end computers so there is something to do in between matches.

60/20/10 split between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. House keeps 10%.

Standard double-elimination.
Best 2 out of 3 matches wins the round.
Finals will be best 3 out of 5.

99 Second Time Limit.
Winner cannot change characters.
Loser is able to change characters in between rounds.

Venue Information
Games will be played on the Xbox 360 console, preferably BYOC, but we will have a TE laying around with a modified HAPP bat style stick and one Tekken 6 stick.

We will have 6 1080P 28" 3ms LCD screens. Also have a 1080P projector that matches will be watched on as well (especially finals). Also finding a way to actually broadcast matches over the web, as well as final matches being recorded in high-def to be posted later for studying material =]

Please post any suggestions, comments or concerns here and we’ll address them asap.

Looking forward to this.

Just a couple questions as an event organizer in Orlando.

Will you be allowing casual play before the tournament starts during registration time or after the tournament for SF4 players?

You have 6 TV Setups, will you have an Xbox360 with SF4 on everyone? I have a 3 extra copies of the SF4 game itself so if You need to borrow any for the event just ask. You may also want to ask for Hard Drives with all of the SF4 characters unlocked as well if you do not have those.

Since this is your first tournament at your new Lan Center I want to see things get off to a great start. The Fighting game Community hasn’t had any success yet with Lan Center tournaments in the Orlando area (Unless you Run Smash which always brings tons of smelly kids to play).

Also coming from experience, to have signups end an entire hour before a tournament start might not work out so well. Should have around a 15-30 minute window between Registration Ending to the Start of the tournament.

Hope I’ve given some helpful info.

^^ A lot of truth in that post. Good Shit Jebailey!! Also believe it or not some people almost get banned for cursing at these LAN/Game store tournies. Is this an adult environment or if things get to hyped, will you be kicked out for cursing. Basically as long as its not meant to start a fight it’s cool right. A lot of us have know each other for a very long time, and talk A LOT of shit to each other, probably more than your expecting.

I will try to make it out to this one, maybe because I’m a PC Nerd, I will be in my element and I will do better :stuck_out_tongue: , they better have some BAWLS lol

This looks promising. You might want to post some fliers around Full Sail and UCF.

Fliers would definitely help, I think, given that this location is so central to both schools you can probably get all kinds of people out of the woodwork (if only to join yours truly in the double-sweep club).

And yeah, let’s not go too overboard trying to shield the kids’ ears from Rick. God only knows the kind of shit they’re screaming over headsets to begin with, Rick can’t possibly teach them anything new.

This is the LAN center I told several people about in the past. I helped them to establish the rules and other details associated with the tourney. I can’t imagine Steven (the guy running the tournament) checks this a lot, so I’ll be answering all questions on their behalf. If anything I’m probably the official co-organizer of the tourney.

Next Level is not geared toward being a kid-friendly environment; the regular operating hours aren’t even technically until 5 PM. I’m 99% sure that all forms of hype and shit talk will be allowed, especially considering we all know each other well enough by now. We have enough people who go there regularly who forget to hold back on the few occasions people do bring their kids over, so I highly doubt it’ll be an issue.

As far as I know, the LAN center only has one copy of SF4; if anybody would be willing to bring their X360 copy of SF4 to the tournament, I’m sure it’d be greatly appreciated. I could probably even get them to give you something in compensation, but I can’t guarantee that.

Steven is actually working on making flyers specifically for this tournament; between all the people that would be willing to help out (including myself), I’m sure both UCF and Full Sail will be littered with them soon enough.

To anyone who’s curious, it appears that the chances of Peter Ong showing up to this tournament are getting lower, but Steven’s doing everything in his power to see if he can make it happen.

High five Casanova. They don’t care about cursing. We all curse like crazy all the time and they just laugh and curse back at us so it’s all good there.

How Many Xboxs do they have?

70% ill show up hopefully its worth the drive.

They have 6 xbox’s with tv’s. Having more though would be benificial if anyone wants to bring their own.

Could you guys add TvC:UAS for the Nintendo Wii? I do not see any tourneys for this game in FL at all really and if you guys jump on it now I think you could see 60-70 people enter these tourneys in the next 4 months. Just asking?

That’s what I have been Hollering for a while…But soon!!

I can ask them about that. What would you guys think about a tekken 6 tournament?

This tournament will be off the chain.


We he are down for tekken 6!!!

But again I ask why no TvC:UAS??? This game need a place to be played everyweekend just like SF4 and Tekken 6.

Bring on the new shit people. Really!!

If enough people want to start having TvC tourneys, I’m sure I can talk them into doing it. I would be more than happy to get involved in the TvC scene myself, it just needs enough support to justify holding tournaments for it.

If you build it, they will come. If there’s enough support for TvC in Orlando and nearby areas, I’m sure they’ll gladly start hosting tournaments.

As mentioned, there are 6 X360’s all set up on high-quality gaming TV’s. Unless people really want to bring their setups for casuals (provided it’s okay with them), they should be covered there. Like I said before, though, they only have one copy of SF4 in-house, so please bring your X360 copy of the game to help out if you can. BYOC and shit-talking is very much allowed.

If I missed anything important, let me or Talgoose know. I try to get as many updates from them about details as I possibly can.

If people from Tampa/Miami are willing to come out and need unlocked characters (i.e. Akuma), I’ll take the time to unlock them in-house myself, but if you want to make things easier on everybody it might be helpful if you bring your hard drive.

Florida in general should most definitely start building a TvC scene, especially with GAMME coming up in June. FL needs to represent not only SSF4, but TvC as well!

If more people want a TvC tourney, I’d be more than glad to supply a Wii for the event.

I will supply 2 more and another two copies of the game!!! Lets do this side tourney style and just take over in this biach