February 4th - Tapioca Express SSFIV Tourney in Elk Grove, CA

Hello, my name is Romeo. I am this tournament’s organizer. If you have any questions/comments, feel free to ask.
Previous TapEx results**

Previous TapEx Results


Results complete and up to date as of 2011 02 04.

[spoiler=Street Fighter IV]

[spoiler=2010 02 26 TapEx SFIV Results]
2010 02 26 TapEx SFIV Results
39 entrants
1 MINE (Sagat) $136
2 200yen (Sagat) $39
3 Choi (Rufus) $19
4 Coopa
5 Pieguy
5 Jot
7 Romeo
7 Santokitokiya
9 6icx
9 Larry S
9 Spencer "RivalBattosai"
9 Ace
13 Saikyostyle
13 Huy Ngo
13 DJCream
13 Hong
17 Danny Nguyen
17 RJ "ghost RIDE it"
17 Dean "NOS kamborit"
17 vStrife
17 Derek
17 Virus
17 Clifford
17 Qui
25 P-Dub
25 Hadou
25 Moe Wifi
25 Hung
25 Trikon
25 Opher
25 Junior "frankduux"
25 Mo
33 Jason "HERO jima"
33 Alex "all XES"
33 Ramen
33 Zeroshifter
33 Tri
33 Darrel "FA-MAS"
33 Mr. SC

2010 03 26 TapEx SFIV Results


2010 03 26 TapEx SFIV Results
13 entrants
1 MINE (Sagat): $45
2 Larry (Rufus): $13.00
3 X (Zangief): $7
4 Disabel
5 lilsicx66
5 Romeo
7 pdub
7 Rex
9 Stewie
9 Clifford
9 Vstrife
9 trikon
13 WhiteShadow


Super Street Fighter IV


[spoiler=2010 05 14 TapEx SSFIV Results]
2010 05 14 TapEx SSFIV Results
27 entrants
1 lamerboi (Guile) $94
2 200yen (Sagat) $27
3 Crackfiend (Dudley, Boxer) $14
4 Thxyoutoo
5 Allen
7 Larry
7 Romeo
9 Jot
9 Austin
9 Hong
9 Anthony
13 Mikey
13 Fusion
13 Khoa
13 Matt
17 Smokey
17 Mike (Stockton)
17 Jason
17 TheComplex
17 Luc
17 thafranchise
17 PDubb
17 Tuly
25 D’Angelo
25 Karl
25 Roger

2010 07 02 TapEx SSFIV Results


2010 07 02 TapEx SFIV Results
15 entrants
1 200yen : $45.00
2 Pieguy : $13.00
3 Romeo : $7.00
4 Hong
5 Choi
5 lilsicx66
7 WhiteShadow
7 John
9 Mikey
9 Peter X
9 Philip
9 Chin
13 Stewie
13 Khoa
13 Chong

2010 08 06 TapEx SSFIV Results


2010 08 06 TapEx SSFIV Results
21 entrants
1 P Viper: (Viper) $73.00
2 Choi : (Cammy) $21.00
3 MINE : (Sagat, Boxer) $11.00
4 Fuller
5 200yen
5 Mikey
7 Pieguy
7 Tony Ngo
9 Tommy
9 Disabel
9 Hong
9 SaikyoStyle
13 Ricky
13 Jot
13 Romeo
13 Khoa
17 Charles
17 Anthony
17 Hong
17 Chris Tan
17 Jake[/details]

2010 11 05 TapEx SSFIV Results


2010 11 05 TapEx SSFIV Results
14 entrants
1 P Viper : (Viper) $88
2 Masarap : (Ryu) $25
3 200koreas : (Sagat) $13
5 Khoa
5 Pieguy
7 Stewie
7 6icx
9 Chien
9 Mikey
9 Romeo
9 Carlo
13 Sakabato
13 Vince

2010 12 03 TapEx SSFIV Results


2010 12 03 TapEx SSFIV Results
24 entrants
1 P Viper : $151 (Viper)
2 Masarap : $43 (Ryu)
3 6icx aka ChocolateFootsies: $22 (Ken)
4 Tommy
5 Andrew
5 Romeo
7 Disabel
9 John N
9 Sang
9 SaikyoStyle
9 Pieguy
13 200yen
13 Ace
13 Austin
13 Virtual Boy
17 Nang
17 Jot
17 Hong
17 Mike R
17 Dennis
17 Anthony
17 Chien
17 Jeremy

2011 01 07 TapEx SSFIV Results


2011 01 07 SSFIV TapEx Results
24 entrants
1 200yen : $151 (Sagat/Cammy o_o)
2 P Viper : $43 (Viper)
3 MINE : $22 (Rufus, Boxer)
4 Masarap
5 Romeo
5 Tommy
7 Disabel
7 Animedude
9 Ryan
9 Alex (Alejandro)
9 SaikyoStyle
13 DarkAdmiral
13 Ernie
13 Gamegeezer
13 KNice
17 PhantomNaut
17 D’Angelo
17 Pieguy
17 Bryan
17 Chien
17 Spencer
17 Khoa
17 Anthony (not BIGTone)

2011 02 04 TapEx SSFIV Results


2011 02 04 TapEx SSFIV Results
14 entrants
1 P Viper (Viper): $78
2 MINE (Rufus, Sagat): $22
3 200yen (Sagat): $11
4 Disabel
5 Romeo
5 Fuller
7 Stewie
7 Pieguy
9 Daniel
9 Brandon
9 Damien
9 PhantomNaut
13 Abe
13 Chago



[spoiler=2010 03 26 TapEx HDR Results]
2010 03 26 TapEx HDR Results
10 entrants
1 thrust07 : $21.00
2 Vestax : $6.00
3 Rex : $3.00
4 Romeo
5 Vstrife
5 Clifford
7 trikon
7 WhiteShadow
9 lilsicx66
9 Stewie


**REMINDER - Under all circumstances, please do NOT bring outside food and drink inside. Finish it outside the venue before you come in. One of the owners has respectfully voiced her concerns about this, so let’s try to cater to our hosts’ concerns. If I see you with outside food or drink inside the venue, I will ask you to go outside and finish whatever you’re eating or drinking. Please remind your fellow players as well. Thank you.

Tapioca Express 9105 Bruceville Rd. #3A
Elk Grove, CA 95758
TapEx is known for its boba (bubble tea) drinks, popcorn chicken and calamari, and for it being the quintessential Asian hangout spot :rofl:. Free WiFi for those who are so inclined.

February 4th - Friday at 4:30PM. Signups begin at 4:30PM and tournament will start at 5:00 PM.

-All characters allowed
-Double elimination format - 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games.
-Grand finals will be at the discretion of the players in finals. If no agreement can be reached, a coin toss decision will be invoked (heads, 2/3 - tails, 3/5). We haven’t had issues with this before, but just in case.
-If a player loses a game in a set, they can change their character. Winner can change Ultra, but must choose Ultra before the loser has to pick theirs (Evo rule).
-$10 entry fee - 8 to pot, 2 to venue
-70/20/10 payout
-PS3 setups (at least two are confirmed - if more setups are available, they will be put to use)

Please post if you intend on entering. I like to get a general headcount to get a better idea of what I’m handling.

"Please post if you intend on entering. I like to get a general headcount to get a better idea of what I’m handling."
I plan on entering, so that’s one more than the usual I guess. I’m pretty bad at this game lol, but whatever it sounds like fun. How many people usually show up to this?
edit: This is only my second offline tournament ever, so excuse me if I’m a little nervous. I even get that way sometimes when there’s nothing on the line lol.

Thanks for posting. We usually get about 16-20 entrants. I understand the nervousness - I’ve had it myself - but just remember that Street Fighter is supposed to be fun. Most people are usually pretty friendly, so you should be fine.

It’s my birthday on this day. If I went to it, would the DAVIS CURSE START AGAIN?!

Hey everybody, I dont know anyone that plays fighting games in sacramento and i wanted to show up. I would love to play but im pretty sure I suck and would not stand a chance. Can I show up just to spectate? Thanks

Sup romeo, i would like to attend this tourney so consider me an entrant.

hey romeo, are you thinking about mortal kombat tournament to?

If i bring a setup do i still gotta buy a drink to chill round? I’m not really gonna participate in the tourney, just wanted to help out.

Have a positive attitude! It’s ok to be realistic and know your skill level, but don’t self deprecate your skills. Regarding spectating, I’ll have to get back to you because I have to talk to our hosts about that. I’m going to push for something other than a one drink minimum, so please bear with me meanwhile. Continue to check this thread… I’ll keep everyone posted.

Hey - duly noted, hope to see you there!

Hello - not currently.

Hey Chris - same as above… let me talk to the owners first. The way I see it, I’d prefer something more like a $10 ( 8 pot, 2 venue ) fee, but… I’ll see what I can do.

I will glady pay for a drink or two, thanks for the reply. Now I want to play but I have no ps3 Sticks but I have 3 xbox sticks.

New to SRK, but I’m glad to see there are others playing SSFV in the Sacramento Area.

Would like to compete, but I only have a fight stick for an xbox and don’t get home from work in time. I’ll keep an eye out to see if any other event comes up.

Ditto on the spectating, can I buy a drink and watch a few matches?

im still deciding on attending this. on one hand, its during the three day viet new year, and i might be busy. on the other hand, me playing on vietnamese new year will grant me extra powers from the vietnamese tet gods that will allow me to rape you all. decisions, decisions…

If Tinh goes, Tinh will also have said powers o_o

Welcome to SRK. Keep your eyes on the Sacramento thread herefor updates.

Regarding sticks, you’re bound to have a stick to use; people don’t usually mind lending. Regarding spectating, what you mentioned would be fine. I’ll be contacting the managers tomorrow about those conditions, so if anything changes, I’ll post things here.

it’s gonna be korean new year as well lol
but the year of tiger will end noooooooooo no more tiger power

hmmmmm i think i should come hmmmm ??? 50/50

If you do we’re going to jump you and steal your hori RAP stick. Yeah I said it.

Damn, I wish I could come this Friday, I’ll be in Tahoe for the weekend. Maybe it’s a good thing since I haven’t touched my 'Sim in a month!

I’ll be at the MvC3 tourney for sure though!

I’ll drop by as soon as I can (like 6pm), I’ll buy food.

Ok guys, one drink minimum is waived; entry is still $10 - only difference is the venue fee ($2). If you’re spectating, please buy something if you can.

Google is amazing; TIGER RABBIT 2011

We should RPS again for a drink :rofl:

Thanks for the welcome. I’ll keep an eye out, weekends are the best for me. Really want to make it to a local comp, just to test my skills.

If I have to use someone else’s stick, they hopefully won’t mind that I sweat a lot! haha. I got a nice Mad Catz Fightstick TE round 2, but for an xbox 360 but not ps3…

Will most likely not make it to this Friday, going to gym. Someone please record and upload. If I get out of gym on time, will drop by to get drink, support vendor and watch a few matches.