Fedor needs to be in a fighting game, NOW


Holy fucking shit. I just noticed this guy. Why hasn’t he been put into a fighting game yet? We have Fei Long(Bruce Lee) and Balrog(Mike Tyson) and El Blaze(Rey Mysterio), but not this guy? It’s a fucking shame. This guy is honestly the greatest fighter in the world, why hasn’t a game thrown him in yet? Capcom needs to add Fedor in, or maybe SNK can make him int a fighter for their next KOF(assuming 13 does well). I just might add him to my own game, shit.

what are you talking about, he is in a game


I meant a fighting game obviously.

Ever heard of Abel?

I thought abel was based off of fedor.
nm graupel beat me to it.

Fedor will be in this one. With that being said, its time for a Snapple

Oh shit, shinya aoki is in this one?

We already have GSP in a fighting game.


Slippery bastard!

Abel is nowhere near as cool or tough as Fedor. Fedor would RAPE Abel, then leave Steve Wilkos what’s left.

someone has a big time man crush.

kinda scary if you ask me.


fedor best fighter on the planet???

hes only beaten the punching bag minotauro and a washed up arlovski… come on bro.

The only man Fedor can’t beat is Steve Wilkos, period.

I understand you like Fedor and I know he is very good but he is always beating some not so good fighters and never go for the big fighters and at the 2008 World Sambo Championship he was beaten by the bulgarian Blagoi Ivanov (I’m proud of mu country).

So I’m gay for appreciating strong and rugged manly men fighting?

Only non gay of doing this is by watching Hokuto No Ken. Let the stream of manly tears flow.