Fedora 8

I just installed on my laptop Fedora 8 :lovin:, Just have one question, is fedora 8 capable of wireless internet? , now my labtop has a built in adapter but i guess it doesnt recognize it, will a USB wireless adapter work?

Pretty sure that Fedora 8 comes with NetworkManager installed by default. it should show up in your system tray as a phone jack icon - just right-click on it and it should show a list of wireless networks. If it’s not there, it’s probably in the Applications menu under Internet.

I know that it is compatible with some USB adapters.

Oh ok… because theyres internet with the wired coonection

What WiFi card do you have? You can run almost anything with Ndiswrapper, it’s sort of compatibility layer for Windows drivers (only for network, wired and wireless) but you should ask on Fedora forums really.

And if I may suggest, Ubuntu is better :slight_smile:

I was actually leaning to ubuntu but we’re using fedora at school, but imma download ubuntu and install it on my other pc, or is it possible 3 OS on 1 labtop??? :looney:

it is possible to have 3 OS installed, but i had a similar problem while installing fedora 8, it depends on the chipset of the wireless adaptor
open a terminal and type ‘lspci’ or ‘/sbin/lspci’ (if sbin is not set in your path), it will list the hardware devices installed, paste the output here and we can go from there.

Actually i bought a External HD, i’ll put the ubuntu in there…

well looks i cant put ubuntu on my external HD because when reboot my laptop and ubuntu runs i get this error when i choose to install it:
bcm43xx: Error: Microcode "bcm43xx_microcode5.fw not found or something…then it just hangs…the CD is fine

probably bad CD… try and reburn it

Did you checkout the CD integrity at the boot up menu?

yes i did and its fine…but my friend was telling me that it might be the iso i downloaded (i think i386?) because i have a AMD 64 dualcore…

That’s it then… You’ve got to download the right one for your processor

More info


I already downloaded it at school ( only took 7 min for 696m MB :bgrin:) imma try it later…

Well i keep gettin that microcode error, must be the stupid Broadcom adapter thats in my labtop :mad:…

I think it’s a known bug and solution is on Launchpad (Ubuntu’s project management site - bug reporting, plans etc) but it is currently offline for maintenace.

When Ubuntu hangs while booting try pressing ctrl+alt+del, it might push it forward. Fixing WiFi will take some tweaking it seems - it’s probably a buggy network configuration file or you just don’t have firmware… which is supposed to be on installation media if I recall correctly.

This might be of help but you’ll probably have to install Ubuntu with network connected via wire:

thats a good link but i have to have ubuntu installed no? which it wont let me do…:bluu:

Did you try ctrl-alt-del when booting hangs?

I forgot my root password in fedora :lol: how the hell do i reset it :confused:

isn’t it the same as your username?