<b>“HeatWare” ( <a href=“” rel=“nofollow” class=“bbcode_url”></a> ) is a community-based user feedback website that has been serving members of various message boards since 1999. HeatWare allows users to buy/sell/trade items with confidence by providing a history of the user’s transactions via a rating and feedback system. In additional, HeatWare provides a collaborative tool (Trade Organizer) to track in real-time status updates on current transactions the user is engaged in. HeatWare is a 100% free site and has helped over 70,000 users in nearly 600,000 transactions.</b><br>
I’ve gone to a few other trading forums that use this service (it’s free). Since all of our feedback has been removed from this site numerous times, wouldn’t it be better to have a place that is dedicated to online forum transaction feedback? Then when someone wants to see your trustworthiness as a buyer or seller, you can link them to your heatware feedback page. What do you guys think? This way when something happens, like a server change, you won’t lose your feedback.<br>
P.S. Sorry if this breaks a rule of some sort. Just a suggestion…

Something consistent would be nice…

I agree with this, I’ve used heatware for hardforum and anandtech before and it’s definitely handy.

this would be great! I honestly can’t rely on the honor rule nowadays, not saying SRK is not honest, just that it’s a bit scary buying stuff from almost anonymous people.

I’ve started a heatware account. I hope people will do the same and we can start giving feedback to each other. We need a consistent feedback system and it works for all website. You can see someone’s history on or off SRK.

I’m on board for this. I didn’t have too much feedback in the past on SRK but losing it sure didn’t help lol.

How will someone like myself be able to confirm that your srk name is matched with your HeatWare and its not someone else’s HeatWare account?

hope this question is easy to understand

You can add on the account what your username is on a forum as an “alias.” See here:

^^ :tup: just did this, thanks!

Cool I might try it out once i can start trading or selling on here

I did not even know that. I am definitely advocating for us to use this. No more losing feedback! I personally have lost at least 40 positive feedbacks between this server change and the one previously. :frowning:

once i start selling again, i will be on board for this. i lost quite a few feedback as well with the server/site upgrade…(60+!)

Now that we have all lost our feedback yet again, can we please consider this option??!?

Was really upset when they wiped our feedback and this seems like it would come in handy for other things also, thanks :]

Losing feedback again is fucking bullshit.

It’s bullshit, but obviously it’s not that important to people here. This thread will die soon enough and heatware will not be used. I just give up now.

I support this and have created an account. It would be nice if we could get this stickied. Don’t let this thread die!<br>

Ummm…Why was this thread moved to Tech Talk??<br>

No clue. I put it back.

I have to agree with Realyst about the potential use of an outside source seeing as I’m one of the people who’s had seller feedback removed TWICE by “board improvements.”<br><br>I know Forum revamps have to be done occasionally but to lose your bookmarks/watched threads AND feedbacks after every revamp gets tired after a while.<br><br>If this sort of thing is going to happen every time with a forum program upgrade then maybe it’s time for a more stable, third-party alternative.  What’s happening now is just not fair to anyone who’s been a part of the forums for years now.<br><br>This is a good suggestion, IMHO, and possibly a good resolution to a situation that bugs everyone who’s ever sold, traded, and bought things from the Trading Outlet…<br>