Jeez man I had the most feedbacks on XenTrader. Now it’s all gone :frowning: I started to leave feedbacks with my thanks on the Seller/Buyer Thread when a item or $ money was received. I know it’s not the best solution because some people close their threads. But it’s better then nothing and you still be able to trace down old threads to make sure the Seller was reliable. At least it’s something.

This may be a good idea. I used to have around 40 feedback here, and lost it in one of the upgrades.<div><br></div><div>Sad to say, but I’ve done a lot of buying and selling on this and other forums, and srk is still the only place I have ever been burned.</div>

Well I was going to put the link to my heatware feedback in my signature, but I guess we can’t change out signatures?!? Man I hate when the Illuminati does this. And they do it way too often IMO. <br><br><br>

Until Feedback comes back, sounds like a good idea to advise all buyers/sellers to bring this up in PMs and put it in trading threads to get it going. Kinda an inconvenient extra step, but what can we do for now?

I changed the thread title so people are more clear on what this thread is about.<br><br>Even if SRK does get it’s feedback back, this should still be used IMO.<br><br>

So we can set this up?

Just made myself an account. Hopefully more of the traders get on board. Thanks for the headsup on heatware, The Realyst.

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<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/10012/W00P%20MstR%20FresH">W00P MstR FresH</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>So we can set this up?</div>

It’s on everyone to do it. Make the account and when you buy or sell something with someone here, get them to post the feedback there. When we are able to change out signature, I suggest putting the link to your heatware feedback in your signature.<br>

My HeatWare is eperelez. I just added it to my Sig. :slight_smile:

Oh we can change our sigs now? That will make this much easier!!!