Feedback on Match Vids

Here are links to two match vids:

The second video is definitely a better match IMO.

Looking for feedback and advice on how to get better. I am the left player in both matches.

Alright, I’ll go ahead and be the first to post a response, though I have to warn you, from your footage, you’re probably better then I am at this game, so if you see something glaringly wrong please tell me.

Alright, in the first match, very well done. Only thing I saw was that after Bison did a random psycho crusher against guile, you sonic boomed instead of hitting him w/ hp or hk. Otherwise, I didn’t find anything else to comment on.

Second match, Round 1, Akuma vs. Mai

I think the problem w/ this match is, after the beginning where you did two fireballs, almost every other attack involved you jumping in. Violet responded well w/ Mai’s anti-air, and would constantly run/jump back keeping his distance. I think you should get used to running to close distances as jumping gets predictable. Low jumping is another option of getting in that you didn’t use very much. At 0:21 into the clip, you do a lp dragon punch, and then jd the next attack. Something to keep in mind is to follow a light shoryuken w/ another light shoryuken, because if you can block, you can dp again and get a knockdown if they poked you. Getting a knockdown vs. Mai is important, as she doesn’t have very many options when she gets up.

Round 2, Blanka vs. Mai

I think you should use KKK hop more. Again against Mai, she doesn’t have many options on the knockdown so if you hop forward and electricity, I think it’ll be very hard for her to deal w/ it. Throwing after a KKK hop forward is also very annoying, as I know I tap back to try to jd the electricity. Hopping back also lets you space the battle and react to Mai more easily. Also, after the flame twirling thing w/ Mai, you usually c.hp, but I think it might be better to do xx ball. Maybe you’re too far, cuz I don’t know blanka distances very well.

Round 3, Blanka vs. Sagat

Same thing from before. Good pokes, but KKK. Good job w/ baiting the fireball.

Round 4, Sagat (2) vs. Sagat

In this match, there was a lotta random poking. Just try to bait, and punish whiffs. Sagat vs. Sagat match are one of the most annoying things to do. If you can get a solid knockdown and they don’t bounce up, try to run in and start pressuring w/ standing jabs. Thing that sucks is you have to worry about tiger uppercuts when you’re pressuring. I’d also low jump more again since Sagat’s hk is soooo hard to respond to. At the end, low tiger shot usually isn’t good for AA. Stick w/ high one or tiger uppercut.

Round 5, Sagat (2) vs. Hibiki (2)

This matchup I think is more on who’s better at baiting. The Sagat player needs to be patient, jding/blocking hibikis long range poke, and waiting for the other person to make a mistake such as super jumping in after a fireball. Usually, Sagat recovers in time to Tiger Uppercut (3:28). If Hibiki hit’s you w/ her crossup hk too high, you can usually recover in time to s.hp xx super. The match requires extreme patience, but the good thing is Hibiki doesn’t take very much damage.

Sorry, I’m pretty exhausted, so I’ll post more when I have time/after I’ve rested.

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