Feedback on my Guile Play



I’m not the best with Guile, but i really do enjoy playing him. Since he’s been my favorite character since SF2.
I just wanted some feedback on my gameplay, and how i can improve it, Just an overall rating. What I’m doing right/wrong :slight_smile: THANKS.
HERE’s a video of myself playing an Online Ranked Match


well, I can see you still have no confidence in yourself when you play.

just watch dieminion matches for now, because nothing I say will make sense to you


I would work on your spacing first. Guile has optimal ranges vs every character (none of them are beside the opponent) and a lot of the time your actually throwing the space away by being so aggressive. Guile is a great character until he either gets knocked down, or until someone is right beside you.


Ok, tough love baby.

1st off, You are playing Guile wrong. We can talk all day about personal playstyles, but at the end of the day if you want to go in and do random stuff, just pick a different character. Guile is a zoner. You need to be throwing more booms, analyzing how your opponent is approaching, and then punishing his various methods of approach by using flashkicks, more booms, backfists,,, and normal anti-airs like c.hp,, air throw, and Ultra 2.

2nd, find better opponents. That akuma had no idea what he was doing. I know you were asking how to improve your gameplay, but finding people who constantly beat you is #1 in importance. Once you fight better players, it will highlight the above tip. As Guile, if you try to go in with and push a lot of buttons, good players will blow you up. This is where Guile shines as a zoning beast. By playing better players, you will be forced to switch up your gameplan if you want to win.

Otherwise, less, more sonic boom, less sweep, more sonic boom, less jumping, more sonic boom. Spend less time editting videos and more time going into the lab and learning some bread n’ butter combos like > > c.lp > xx flashkick / c.lp > c.lp > s.lp > s.hp / and > hk flashkick for punish purposes like if your opponent whiffs an uppercut.

Not trying to be mean, but you did ask for tips. I hope this helps. Adapt your gameplan then post more vids.


That Akuma was terrible lol


Watch some videos that sh1n guile has on YouTube of some higher level guiles to understand what u should do. Learn all of guiles normals and learn how they affect your opponent. Post more videos of better opponents please so we can give better tips. Turn inputs of as well


Aiight. Slinkun gave you the tough love. Now here’s the tough without the love.

What you did wrong: 2 sonic booms the entire fight. None in the first round at all.
What you did right: Nothing.

Neither you nor your opponent were playing Street Fighter. You guys were simply pressing buttons. Go watch some videos of any solid Guile player on YouTube (Gameouttt, Daigo, Yoshiwo, Dieminion etc.) and count how many sonic booms are thrown in a single round. While you’re at it, also count how many times they sweep. You need to understand that Guile’s design is based around throwing sonic booms first and then punishing the opponent’s attempts to get around them while minimizing your own risk as much as possible.



Combos are only the smallest part of the game but here’s a few for you to practice. I knocked this together at the request of another new Guile.

As everyone else has said, you need to learn to control your opponent using booms. You’re not playing Guile at all until you learn to do that.


Play a lot. Get owned a lot. You need to understand the basics and fundamentals of this game first, try getting an overal feel of the game. Gameplay was chaotic and random, learn to oversee everything.


Nice video it was very informative! I also really liked the facts on the bottom haha.