Feedback on this small comedy .gif

Like title says feedback. First time making a scene with sprites, and also tell me if you thought it was funny/good :smiley:

Very, very funny. The only thing that was a little off was Zangief’s walking animation in the beginning. Good shit otherwise, though.

It’s alright, but I usually have my own timing for comedy. Had I done it:

[]Change the dialogue a bit. Seems a bit too forced.
]Shrink the canvas side.
[]Have Ryu face Hugo when he said “WTF”
]Because of the shrunken canvas size, pan to the left so Gief is actually off screen, therefore making the “surprise SPD” more suprising.
[]Have Ryu say “Oh shit” when he gets grabbed by the SPD, but that would be just a split second.
]Have Hugo fall onto Ryu faster.

But that’s just me. Sorry if I came off as harsh.


That combo needs to be in CFE 2.

Co-Sign :clap:


i still liked it though. keep up the good work Lee :tup:

That’s fine oc. This was my first comedy .gif so i expected it to get some help with it. WHen i make my next one ill sure to keep the things you mentioned in mind.

Thanks, glad you liked it. And also sorry for the post that i snapped at you. ;]

Basically, everything OC said + take out the PWNED at the end.