FEEL HEAVEN'S WRATH: Thor Thread Reloaded

Thor, the Asgardian God of Thunder, good, mighty, arrogant, in MvC3 he is a powerhouse of damage. If he touches you, he will make it hurt. He is a versatile grappler in this game, and after trials of being…absolutely atrocious, Thor seems to have gotten tweaks so he can be relevant in this game.


Special Moves:

Mighty Spark (can be done in air)
Thor gathers electricity in Mjolnir, as he thrusts it forward firing a beam like projectile of lightning. It’s a decent projectile and it beats out a number of things. However, it seems only the :l: has any kind of worth. The other two strengths have far too great startup. Not to mention, the projectile can be ducked. Use with discretion…a LOT of discretion…

Mighty Smash
Thor rises in the air surrounded by lightning then comes crashing down. It’s a good move for keeping up pressure, can’t say much for how safe it is. It’s also good for OTG purposes to combo into Mighty Thunder. It also seems to be good as an assist, but more on that later.

Mighty Strike (can be done in air)
Basically Might Smash without the smash. He can go a couple of different directions depending on button strength. This will be his main source of mobility considering his dashes aren’t exactly great. The true potential of this move will be seen, but until someone actually uses the move more often, it’s hard to tell.

Mighty Hurricane (can be done in air)
Thor’s command grab. This is his livelihood. Whether he’s able to hit this or not will probably determine whether he wins or loses. Its range has been fixed since the TGS build and now has a healthy range. He grabs his opponent, spins in the air, then smashes them down popping them up so he can continue the combo. Decent damage and the fact it starts combos makes it good, but it all depends on that range. Since its fixed, I see good things for Thor.

Flight (can be done in air)
Thor’s flight. Pretty much not that much different from other flight modes. He probably has combos with it. Very few people use it so we’ll see how it goes.

Mighty Speech
Thor glows and goes into an epic rant while building meter very quickly. It seems you can also cancel out of it at any time, so you’re not completely vulnerable. Probably won’t be used THAT seriously, but none the less, it’s a fun move to use.

Hyper Combos:

Mighty Tornado (can be done in air)
BY ODIN’S BEARD, MIGHTY TORNADO!!! whiff FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! You’ll be seeing that a lot it seems early on as people can not seem to figure out to NOT DO THIS A FULL SCREEN AWAY. Sorry, just still bugs me.

Anyway, Thor holds Mjolnir close then thrusts it up, enveloping himself within a massive lightning tornado, hitting anyone near it. It’s a solid Hyper, good for air combos and anti-crossups…just try not doing it unless a person is close or you will get hurt.

Mighty Thunder
Thor does the Lightning version of Magnetic Shockwave, by placing Mjolnir at the ground and erupting Lighting from the ground in front of him. Good after an OTG, and good for DHC’s. You won’t be using it much, but it’s good for utilities.

Mighty Punish
Thor grabs his opponent, sends him skyward, throws Mjolnir up and has it strike the opponent down with it. It’s a VERY fast grab, possibly 0-1 frame (it’s been noted that if you’re in range and not jumping or doing something with invul frames before the flash, you’re caught). Good damage. Use it for finishing off an opponent or if you’re still not completely confident in Hurricane combos.



Mighty Punish on forced tag in == hot.

Reserved 2

Thanks for doing this. Just a couple notes:

  • It seems that Mighty Spark is good for more than just a projectile (though the number of projectiles it beats does make it useful for that). It turns out that the startup “charge” has a hitbox, making it useful for anti-air and some other stuff.

  • I’m pretty sure (though not 100%) that both Mighty Smash and Strike were made safe on block.

  • Since they reduced the startup on Mighty Thunder, it definitely deserves healthy use, as it seems to do a ton of damage.

Edit: Good title. Also might consider: “You Can’t Touch This.”

Thanks for the rebooted thread!

Random gimmick I been thinking of:

Any non-hitting super (to avoid putting opponent in block/hitstun) DHCed into Thor’s super grab.

So something like:
Wesker counter super–>DHC–>Mighty Punish
Ammy slow super—>DHC–>Mighty Punish
Phoenix Healing field—>DHC–>Mighty Punish
etc etc etc.

I’m still not convinced this dude is bottom tier like everyone says. I REALLY don’t think Ryu is better than him. Only thing Ryu has that’s better is Shinkuu and anti air. Thor has way better endurance & damage, flight, a fucking tri jump, a very good pressure assist, a super that OTGs (will be valuable in many situations), a level 1 super grab for gimmicks/setups (every other super grab seems to be lvl 3), and air grab for resets. So no I don’t think Ryu is better at all. He still can’t dash into normals can he?

Plus Thor’s tri jump will be easy unblockable setups with low assists. I’ll still give Ryu credit for Shinkuu DHCs/chip though lol.

Really though tier standing doesn’t matter that much to me. My main concern is that the game is relatively balanced, so that being low tier isn’t a death sentence like MvC2. Every game always has a low tier and that’s fine, the main question is whether they still get some tools to still be competitive.

wtf lame!

Well most of the people who said that were doing so with earlier builds where he had a lot of weak stuff. His grab looks so much better now, and Mighty Punish looks like it could be a really good… uhh… punish now that it’s not a level 3.

Pft… “low tier” my ass. If people have had the game for a year and Thor is below mid-high tier, I will be seriously surprised and disappointed. Any character who can hit X-Factor and KO a full-health opponent in a single jump in -> combo -> launcher -> magic series without even using meter CANNOT be that bad. And it’s not like Thor has no tools. He’s slow, but his arsenal is actually decent, it just has quirks.

Short of the opponent being Zero/Phoenix…that X-Factor will have to be Level 3 for that to happen.

Well frankly, a lot of the characters that are getting the most attention from players ARE low-health, but that wasn’t really my point. I’m just saying that the level of damage Thor can dish out with such MINIMAL effort is almost unprecedented for this series. With that in his pocket, a good player is only going to need maybe one opening to potentially sweep a match.

Minimal effort? Thats if the nigga can even catch you. The effort is getting in in the first place.

Very true, which is why I said he needs an opening. If he had no trouble catching his opponents AND had that damage, he’d be the new Sentinel and then some. Anyway, I’m not saying he’s gonna be god tier (ironically), but I do think his early poor showings are causing people to sleep on him a LOT.

Hmmm. In the CES vids, UltraDavid was having problems blocking VJ’s overhead on reaction after being slowed. I wonder if something similar would happen here. Dirty, dirty tricks.

Hrmm I doubt it’ll need to be level three, but I do think Thor will need to spend meter at the end of his combo and use either Tornado super or Mighty Shockwave. Combos build meter so quick in this game that I doubt it will be a problem.

I think Thor is going to excel at resets with is command grab in the air, flight mode, and tri jump. IMHO he’ll be able to punish people hard for trying to mash out of air exchange. Apparently the ground bounce (:d:+:s:) during air exchanges will give advance you to the next level of super meter, so that will greatly benefit Thor’s team if he’s paired up with a meter-whore like Phoenix. So if the opponent is pre-occupied with escaping your air exchange to prevent meter build up, then Thor can use that to his advantage and theoretically reset into his air to air grab for ANOTHER combo.

But Syke is right–Thor needs to get in lol. I think it’ll be especially hard during the first few months when everyone is gonna whore keepaway (bet it). However at least it’ll be a learning experience. :rofl:

What teams you guys plan on using? Anyone entertaining the idea of Thor on point? All the teams I plan him on are some straight fanboy/dreamteam shit, and willl be heavily susceptible to keepaway but I don’t give a fuck. They’re characters I actually like:

She Hulk (torpedo) / Thor (Mighty Smash) / Hulk (Gamma Wave)
-Gonna be my main team. Hopefully Gamma Wave assist will help She Hulk and Thor get in a little easier. Mighty Smash assist will benefit everyone. Torpedo assist will benefit everyone. Big problems? Zoning/Keep-away derp. Lack of Chip. Lack of safe DHCs on block. Strengths: All seems to have good & high stamina. Thor–>Hulk should have really good DHCs on hit. Thor and Hulk should easily have 100% combos, maybe without the use of X-Factor, but with the use of DHCs. I think She-Hulk will be a reset monster. I’ma play that team, tier ranking be damned. I think Thor may be able to manage on point sometimes too.

Thor (Mighty Smash) / Hulk (Gamma Charge AA) / Phoenix (TK Shot)
-I thought of them for lulz. Will probably fail horribly, but I just threw Phoenix in there cause of the stuff I posted above, and Thor / Hulk can stay alive a long time due to health. You build meter even when blocking, so if they are getting fucked due to chip then at least Phoenix will still get some benefit out of it. Mighty Smash is a great assist for damn near anyone. It will be killer for Dark Phoenix if Thor is still alive. Gamma Charge anti air assist will benefit everyone as well because of the super armor, and both Thor and Phoenix seem to lack AA. That’s definitely not the best Phoenix team, but I may play them due to laziness during the first few weeks/months. I don’t feel like trying to learn so many characters, and I want to fuck around with Phoenix :rofl:

Against zoning Lei Lei’s gong will be invaluable for Thor. IMO, that will allow him to get in. Rushdown, you need to make them fight when you want to fight.

So OP, you said thor got some buffs in the later builds, so he isn’t complete ass anymore I take it? And if you don’t mind what buffs did he get? His normals still seem a little shitty, I haven’t seen enough of him to have a proper opinion but I think super armor might actually help him out a bit, without making him cheap. I do think the problem is that he can do so many things but none of them really well, he can fly, I heard he has an 8 way dash, has a projectile, and has a command grab. But I am interested in him and I hope he isn’t complete shit.

I plan on using Thor with Felicia and Super Skrull. I feel that Mighty Smash will be a great assist for Felicia rushdown shenanigans. I’m hoping it be good for Skrull to land some easy slams. I’m not confident in using Thor as a point character at the moment

Well the buff of importance is the fact that his CG range is actually pretty good now instead of utter ass. That will make all the difference. His normals don’t have to be that great, because at the most, they’re just a distraction so you can nail Mighty Hurricane or Mighty Punish.

UltraDavid said all his normals are multi hit I believe. They do good damage, his Mighty Smash was improved to help set up his launcher now.