Feel like a scrub

How do you get past those points in time where it feels like there is no reason to play anymore?

I stop playing :smiley:

But after a while the abstinence pulls me back.

Walk away, exercise, play a different unrelated fighting game, watch your replays to see what u did wrong, poke a homeless person with a stick, anything else fun :slight_smile:

Try harder.
Look up matches online or better yet IRL of other people going at it and learn.

It’s all about learning and application.

Walking away helps a lot. Cool off, take some deep breaths, get some food/drink, generally calm down. Once you’re feeling level again, give it another go. You’ve always gotta get back on the horse, as the saying goes.

Don’t take it so seriously. You are supposed to be playing for fun. If it stops being fun stop playing… My advice is to limit playing with randoms online, build a network of online friends and spar with them. It’s less stressful/more fun + if they are more skilled you get free advice. Feel free to add me, i’m pretty trash but I always have a gooood time.

edit: gt is my name

Yeah man, don’t make this game a burden, it’s just a game for having fun. If you’re not having fun anymore, why should you still be playing it? If you feel like giving away, then stop it. Maybe you will want to play it again later, or maybe not. In this case, just find another game :slight_smile:

This helped. A lot. I just needed to walk away and level my head. I went into training mode, practiced some combos, and won a couple games. :F

Thanks for all the positive feedback guys.

  • Online friends is a must have. Some fun matches or sparring after the “serious” stuff is a great way to cool down.
  • Read the forums. Learn new stuff.
  • Watch matches on Youtube/streams. See how people implement the combos/techniques you’ve read about on the forums.

Think about this: even if you’re pretty mad at some point, you will pick up the game again another time. You simply can’t miss the fun! :smiley:

You shouldn’t feel pressure to take this game as seriously as a lot of competitive players. Everyone’s interest in something has a limit.

Just find decent players you can fight and enjoy the game with. Once you have comp that you enjoy playing the game with, you’ll find yourself getting better.

sometimes a break is necessary. sometimes frustration can make the game stale and its nice to walk away and do something else and come back. heck, i have times where i break away for days before i pop the game back in.

remember, stuff takes time. how long have you been playing? i find myself learning new things everytime i play. so there is no way you should set your standards so high for yourself that you only feel good when u play like a pro.

keep it up, take breaks when necessary, understand what skill level you can play on and learn/ grow and maximize your potential accordingly.

…this is like the third post about how much someone is feeling like a scrub today. New record? Can’t say that I could not relate. In fact I got so frustrated at SSF IV: AE last year that I totally went on hiatus as I thought I was going to quit for good. Guess what? That did not happen. I can’t stay away from this game. It is like a black hole that keeps sucking me in. An addictive drug that keeps giving me my high if you will. I found that the break was well worth it as I am pulling off things i could not pull off before. A break is worth taking b/c your mind needs to clear out the current mindset that may be hindering you from enjoying the game. Also, it has changed my perspective on how I veiw the fighting game scene.

Everyone on this forum who find the urge to up there game have had there fair share of ups and downs. But they look past this and push themselves to try as hard as they can to get good. They practice there combos, go to live events, study video, study match-ups, and on top of that, have fun. Also they may take there fair share of breaks, but as I stated previously-it clears the head. The thing that we tend to forget in a game that brings out the competitive side of us is to have fun and learn. We get so frustrated when things are not going the way that we feel they should go that we get ‘salty.’ If more gamers who love FG’s took there losses as lessons to be learned, they may find that this game is not so much about how many victories you obtain, but rather how you went about getting those victories. Gaining that level of personal acheivement is the most fun that you can get from the game.

Theres other threads like this one. the short answer is if it stops being fun, stop for a while (thats why I stopped playing sf 4) cause you won’t get better if at your core you aren’t enjoying yourself. Plus you’re probably not a scrub if you say you are. Scrubs don’t even attempt to learn the game they just derp and think they are god-teir. You sound like you’re learning the game and getting bodied. Which happens a lot when you learn stuff. If all fails then play james chen. EVERYBODY can beat james chen.

I totally agree.

Whenever I’m frustrated I switch to an RPG for a while.

I watch about a million videos a day of my characters I play (Viper,Doom,Strider,Morrigan,Chris,Swagneto…)
Youtube is like heaven, seriously. Watch the Break Weekly, subscribe to “Jaxelrod” because he puts out tourneys and stuff.
I think you should figure out your absolute favorite characters, find out who’s really top with them, and watch them play (IRL or Youtube obv.)

Also taking a break it good. I just took a break because I’m all the sudden having horrible execution issues after a few hours. It happens ^^

C vipers hard. You need to keep grinding. Feel free to give up and become a loser but really you should keep grinding c vipers top tier and if you get good you could be really dangerous.

Not necessary. Bear in mind that this is NSD. People are here for friendly advice, not…erm…un-friendly advice.