Feel or Function? A Joystick Question

I hope some of you guys can help me with my small dilemma. I have a Sanwa JLF with the ultimate mod in my custom stick. I want a stiffer stick to more closely match a Happ, so I put an LS-32 spring in it rather than an LS-33 spring. The problem that I am having is that my JLF FEELS much better to me with the LS-32 spring in it, but it FUNCTIONS better with the LS-33 spring in it (e.g. moves like the SRK and QCF come off a lot easier). What should I do? Do I choose function and adjust to the feel of the stick, or choose feel and work more on my technique and getting the stick to function like I want it to? Any help given would be greatly appreciated…

I’d say function > feel.

Personally the ultimate JLF mod felt like crap to me.

I have both (one Happ stick and one Japanese stick), I wanted one of each, but just wanted my JLF to be a bit stiffer…

Interesting, as I was just about to PM you on the issue before you posted this thread …

Function is definitely better. I’m on the same quest as you in trying to get a Japanese stick to feel more like an iL/Happ comp. Now you have me wondering how an LS-32 spring combined with an LS-33 spring would feel. Possibly 2 LS-33s?

I have an Arcade In A Box with an iL comp for my American set up (which given a non lap play environment, is hard to beat…amazing build), but the box is so large, it’s hard to use for lap play…which seems the case with most iL/Happ based sticks.

My Japanese stick is an Ascii Optical, but is about to be replaced by a JLF (selling the optical), which is why I’m interested in what you find.

Thanks for the info Imitrex, currently I am using a JLF spring with a LS-32 spring over it (feel), but it sounds like I should switch back to the LS-33 spring (function). I never thought about using 2 LS-33 springs…or an LS-32 spring with an LS-33 spring…those may be options too…I may test those ideas to see what I can come up with…

I’ve got my HRAP3 modded with 2 JLF springs, took a few hours of play but now it feels great. Not as stiff as a iL/HAPP stick but that wasn’t really what I was going for as I think they are too stiff.

Anyone else have any advice/ideas?

Is there a reason you’re not just using a Happ / IL comp stick?

I had replied to jeenyus that I do have both a custom Japanese joystick and a custom Happ joystick (I use them to play different games). I am not necessarily trying to make my JLF into an exact Happ clone, I just want to replicate some of the feel of a Happ joystick while using my JLF, if that makes sense…

Function > Feel
I say as long as it works how you want it you can get used to the feel.

Thanks man…that seems to be the way everyone is saying to go, maybe I’ll do one last spring switcharoo and start getting used to the somewhat softer feel…thanks again everyone…

In my opinion Feel > Function.

One common pitfall in trying to emulate American sticks with Japanese ones is to forget about the square gate. While the JLW is available in circular (and is probably the closest to American sticks), the JLF does not have one. And many will say that the octagonal is not any easier to get used to.

So no matter how stiff you get it to be, the square (or octagonal) gate will still take getting used to. What I’m trying to say is getting used to gates is more important than the stiffness of the stick (in my opinion). If you want a circular, then you have to use the Seimitsu LS-32 with the replacement gate.

Try an LS-56. It has the stiffest spring of all the Semitzu I played on. Slagcoin on his site has a measurement of stiffness of spring and this one ranks as one of the stiffest.

If that’s the case then I should change it to the softer spring because the gate isn’t the problem for me. The octagonal gate on a JLF is heaven for me, it’s just that a stiffer spring makes certain moves harder, but the stick itself feels a lot better overall. Going by what you’re saying, the stiffness of the spring is something that I should adapt to as long as the stick functions the way I want it to.

Haha well, I wouldn’t say it’s that simple. I guess I was just saying that you should consider other factors in order to diagnose your specific problem. But in this case, you have and you know what the problem is. So go ahead and try the spring mods out. Here is a neat picture:

And oh yeah, I think I misunderstood your first question. So you’re saying that you like the “feel” of one version, but another “functions” better? That sounds strange because usually the one that feels better is the one that functions better. I thought you were saying something like “I like the JLF mod, but I know the regular JLF is supposed to be better.”

In the end it comes down to what makes your moves come out consistently.

Thanks for your help VPT, that graph/table you posted is very helpful! Yes your reply that I quoted here is spot on as to what my issue is. I know it sounds weird but that is exactly what is happening to me, the better “feeling” stick isn’t translating to better “function” and vise versa. I will probably take yours and everyone elses advice and stick with the version that allows me to smoke you guys on XBOX Live easier (oh yeah, it’s on…ok, actually I’m not really that good, :rofl:). Thanks again guys!