"Feel the power of my fist!" - Akuma Video Thread



I know the game isn’t officially out, but I’m trying to make research on characters I’m interested on so I can have basic knowledge once I play it.

Does anyone have links to actual match videos???
Ive only found videos to show gameplay ([media=youtube]ZVCvRMEPyFc"[/media]) but no actual strategy


Isn’t this just like that one other guy’s thread? To me, Akuma is enough but from what I see Wesker, Zero, Viper, Dante, Taskmaster have a good chance of being the assist.


OTG Super is lookin’ good.


I don’t know what turns me off from buying this game. I never really got into the second. Maybe it’s the combo system or something. I will assume some of you own SF4.

Is the timing required to pull off these combos anything like sf4? 1-2 frame links etc? Akuma is doing an SRK after a hard tatsu here… only short for SF4.


Not really gameplay, but it does show off his X-Factor loop.
[media=youtube]jx3YIcvZ1v0]YouTube - Akuma || X-23 || C.Viper MvC3 Practice: Team Fragile [Bonus: Akuma X-Factor Loop[/media] =]


Yeah, it will replace your HK > LP > HK > LP from street fighter, thx ExC. ^^


Man, that loop looks so dumb yet cool at the same time.


lol that shit is too funny
i think he has a jumping loop too.


That’s sick, does it work on everyone?


Haven’t tried on everyone yet, but with level 3 XF it should work on everyone. Level 1 and 2 XF may only work on big characters.


Lucky guy with the game already :smiley:



Maybe not the kind of videos your looking for but still pretty awesome.


sickkk cant wait for this game




Screw yo Resurrection!



Funny little combo I made. Every launcher followup pretty much had to be what I did as the combo progressed. At the last launch theres so much hit stun deterioration that even a jumping jab won’t connect in time, but since air tatsu comes out pretty fast it’s not too bad. And if you get a high launcher (like they’re in the air cause of sent assist) then just jump tatsu and it’ll always connect in which you can cancel into zankuu.


^ Very nice. Gave me some ideas for my own combo options.


Since i dont see much for akuma be put up i thought i would post some corner resets for akuma with spencer assist that ive been working with

Demon setup. If they arent holding up before the hyper flash it connects

These ones are just a couple different mixups


I would like to see some good Akuma gameplay.


me too, the closest we can get is probably tokido.

though i wondered why i didnt see any neutral demonflips from him… demonflips seem to be good if setup/ranged right.