Feeling Down

So I am new, still learning, bought a new fight stick, getting better, combos, muscle reflex coming; then my ps3 decides to die (YLOD). Why, Why now, why when I have chosen to become a really good competitor in the SF/fighting game universe, the fighting gods have conspired against me. I have been putting in the work, reading on frame data, learning to calm myself, and putting in them combos. Now Its all Gone.

OK, so now my rant is over, can anyone give me tips to help build my muscle memory and reflexes until I find an alternate solution to this problem. I can go to the arcade but my budget is tight so I will only be able to get in one or two hours. I can’t go on a regular either. Not working so I can’t afford a new Ps3 slim right now. Maybe after taxes.

I am really disappointed as I was really aiming to become really good at this game.

If you have access to an arcade, then definitely go to the arcade.

The only way to get better at muscle memory (when relating to specific things) is to practice, and if you can’t practice, then you obviously have a problem.

yea kinda figured, i was just hoping there was something out there. maybe like a reflex program from the PC. I can practice kara throws or something. You know something, anything.

get a job and buy a ps3 or get vanilla sf4 for pc

i’m assuming your ps3 is past it’s 1-year warranty, and you didn’t buy the protection plan?
similar thing happened to me, mine decided to die and it was only a year and 2 months old. sony was no help, nor any other companies that did ps3 repairs. i didn’t want a 360, so i bought a new ps3 and will be sure to get the protection plan when the time is right.

you have a xbox usertag, do you not have ssf4 and sticks for the 360? i’d just recommend selling your ps3 stuff and replacing it with xbox. you can even sell your broken ps3 on ebay for like $70 or so.

Jogging everyday can help you improve in focus, concentration, and reflex.

Oh I am atcually working out. While playing soccer

i see you have a xbl tag. play on xbox. or go to friends house and use there console. and ps3 has a 2 frame lag btw so i suggest u play on xbox either way.
also i doubt jogging will improve reflex. im pretty sure it will keep you mentally healthy and what not but jogging and SF are two different things. reacting in SF requires very subtle movements. its not like ur training to become a ninja and you have to catch flying arrows with your bare hands or something. keep playing and ur mind will get used to certain situations where you can react accordingly. and if you cant react properly to certain situations in a real match just recreate it in training mode and practice handling that problem

staying fit does help aid reaction time, read up on it.

and I know staying fit won’t improve it DRASTICALLY but when you start using all the little tricks that improve reaction time, you actually see quite a change. IMO, you would want to take max advantage of that as a player, I know I do.

what do you want from us

Get your PS3 reballed

No, actually the benefits are quite substantial.

Exercise is the best thing for your brain and reflexes.

Get MAME or GGPO and play some older Street Fighters.
3rd Strike and Super Turbo are good choices, a lot of people play them on GGPO too so you there is no shortage of competition.

are you able to play at one of your friend’s houses? time for some PC(GGPO/MAME/FBA) action!

I have a xbox live gamertag but i dont have an xbox. I only play if i go to philly by my cus. Yea I don’t have anyone that I can go by and play for hours like that. So I guess the PC is the best bet. I will be on GGPO. I didnt know SF on it, I only got it for KOF.

Sorry for making you waste you time to comment. It was not my intent. My request were stated in my first post, I apologize it was too long for you to read. It was a short rant. Plus a request for anything suggestions, since I am in the middle of learning. thanks for your time.

I’d say definately some GGPO SSF2 or SF3 (PC)… probably SSF2, because you wouldnt need to learn parrying.