Feeling like I get outpoked all the time in SFxT


As the title say. Can someone please explain to me what should I do. Right now im using Poison/ Abel and they have good footsies and all but when I go online and fight sometimes It feel like their footsies is ass. Like I’ll sit there blocking all day and I decide to throw a hit but it always get stuff and all I see on my opponent side of the screen is counter hit. I really like this game but im not understanding when I should throw a fucking attack out cuz even a jab gets beat. I hate feeling like nothing punishable. I was just playing this guy who was using Paul against my Abel and I couldn’t use normals too much cuz the shit always get stuff. Can someone help me out ? Im not new to this game but this has always been a problem for me.




What TV/monitor are you playing on? if you are playing on a laggy monitor and then you add online lag maybe by the time you are throwing out your poke the moment has already passed. I had the same problem, all my TVs are Vizios and the lag is terrible. I got an EVO monitor and it makes a huge difference.


Better judgement on your spacing for attacks? That’s all I got.