Feelings About In-game Macro Use

Alright, so here it is:
Obviously this is more of an issue towards pad players. I grew up playing pad, I don’t enjoy playing on stick competitively and I still suck at it after 2 or more years. I really don’t want to hear “learn to play stick, or stick is better such and such.”

Do you guys think it should be illegal to use in tournament (I know some local tournaments still don’t allow them), or do you see the use of macro buttons as in terms of “dishonorable” or “cheap.” For example, it’s really easy to roll cancel on CvS2 with them…but then again using macros in-game is “playing to win” and I should take full advantage of it, right? In 3S, it wasn’t a big deal because you only needed 2 buttons for EX moves, but now Ultras have to be done with 3 buttons in SF IV.

I can’t decide if I want to use them now, since EVO allows them, and even the crummy SF IV Gamestop Tournament allowed them since it was default controls. If I remember right, the Tekken and Soul Calibur community was the first one to open up on using them, which I never really played 3D fighters. Plus I never liked the idea of my friends that sucked would always using them. Right now I’m leaning more towards using them in SC IV and SF IV for EVO prep.

I just want to know what you guys think.

Go for it. They’re default settings, you’re on a pad, and they don’t really give you a huge advantage in SF/SCIV like they do in CvS2.


Home version of SFIV is already different for having new characters, not being allowed to use the macros which are part of the default settings would be like banning the console exclusive characters.

Personally I only use Macros on pad, and the Stick I had built only has 6 buttons + Start and Select. But really, it is the default settings of the game so go nuts.

When you say macro it makes me think of inputing a string of inputs with one button (let’s say, a hadouken for example. or a whole combo).
I wouldn’t put “multiple buttons simoultaneusly with one button”(needs catchy name) in the same crowd as those shifty characters.

I was thinking that too.

anyone play cvs2 for gamecube?

gawd that “Easy Operation”/“GC-ism” stuff was such crap.

macros are DUMB.

Instant charge moves 4tw.