Fei Long AE2012 changes

Ok I started this so we can keep all the talk in one topic. So we can’t cl.mp>CW anymore on those 8 characters


And it looks like the CW change isn’t that it won’t cross up - it’s that it will but it won’t hit.

I understand the combo dealt equaled big damage when full combo but it work against less then 10 characters, whatever. Corner cross ups are gone so that’s why they buffed the overhead I assume. DP is still safe after a FADC -1 is like a ex tiger knee which is safe.

Sagat matchup is now 5-5 I feel now that we can’t deal that big damage. I’m not over reacting I just have to adjust my game like we all do.

it says no combo after it does cross up

Well cl.mp>mk.cw still combos leaving us at +2 on hit so we can still get some counterhit setups or grabs in

Damn an i was actually hoping for something good amist all of the senseless nerfing. Still HK CW doing shit damage with no invincibility, making ex meter more important. I not really understand the cl.MP into CW nerf, does this mean its not special cancelable anymore for CW’s or it just won’t combo. i hope they don’t touch this game anymore after this, shit is getting ridiculous.

The way I read it is that the first hit of the HK/EX won’t hit. So they will block it leaving us “00” on block. LK/MK still combo after CL.MP

oh i see

" Stopped hit connecting after cross up for all versions." I guess I only skimmed it (that’s what I get for reading it while playing kof) but yeah “after cross up” might imply it still hits.

Ya. I read that as in, you can’t connect a cr.lp into rekka like you can now. It’ll still cross.

I know Fei will still be good, there’s a little bit of anger/sadness in me though. Like why’d we have to be the one’s to peak 1 game early? Looking at what the like’s of Guy and Cody get, what’s to say those characters won’t be the next herp derp “fuck this game” characters?

Akuma and Sagat for top tier? So Capcom, we are basically RIGHT BACK WHERE WE STARTED…

Yeah Cody was already strong under the right hands. He only got better as did Guy. CL.MP>CW can still be done but only with lk/ which still do more damage then the HK. lk/100 mk/110

Funny this thread now has only the small band of us that used to post here before the apocalypse…

I’ll put the kettle on and we can all have a nice little chat like old times whilst the crowd move’s on to the next cute girl in town. Fei’s been banged up and used like a pregnant hooker!

Well guys! Look on the bright side! F+HK can be… FADC cancelled… nevermind. There is no bright side.

Damn, was hoping the rekkas had their frame disadvantage reverted but now he has less chip damage. At least increase meter gain from 10 to 15 per rekka Capcom. Since Fei can’t use 2nd rekka on block for scrubby reasons, give him a little more meter to spend. Still Fei will be strong, not S tier but nonetheless if Capcom expects Fei players to have more Bruce Lee like reactions in order to play his clone, so be it.

Oh man, without the threat of cl.MP xx Heavy Rekkukyaku, a few of my worst match ups (Sagat, Juri, Chun-Li and Cammy) are going to become an even bigger pain in the ass.

Been getting st.LP > Sweep out of my system for AE2012. Looks like I’m gonna’ have to put this longtime love to rest, too.

Given how hard they nerfed the twins, and how little they did to mess up Fei’s awesome normals… he really might still be top 5. It’s early to say. Regardless, this game should be more fun.

Since hk chickenwing has kept its nerf of dealing only 100 damage raw, whats the use of it now over mk chickenwing?

Yeah we have our first troll. Apart from the CL.mp>HK/EXCW Fei is almost 95% the same character. Yes forward HK>super is a good addition as its a way to chip out a win with super. Once you master hitconfirms with rekka you no longer throw 2 on block any more. He still has his 3 frame LP that can go into rekka and punish whiffs and moves on block. DP does a little less damage. It still has its invincible frames and FADC option (-1 is still safe on block)

Lots of players will drop off the Fei wagon and the true diehards will still win with him. Well the other good news about this update is once its live I will stop getting hatemail for using a “S tier” character like this one http://t.co/sguYVqWP

It’s still safe and if hits we still receive +4. We can still CL.mp>MK.cw for +2 which is now a reset to a grab. St.lp>Tenshin for added damage. Everyone knows I was a troll about the Fei nerfs but truth is the more I play and improve the better I become and realize his core game is still the same. Comeback factor is a bit more difficult but he is 90% the same character.

It’s the changes made to his matchups now that we have to work on.

Don’t know what tool Cody has would qualify as derpy. There’s a reason only Momochi has done anything with him in tournaments. You have to be incredibly solid. His damage is good but you have to have good execution and reaction to counterhits to get anywhere with him, and if you don’t have good footsies, you can’t land any damage.