Fei Long AE2012 changes

Yea, it’s either 5-5 or 6-4 but fei can handle akuma for sure.
Just to build on the low forward option:
The low-forward will make akuma whiff his demon-flip throw and palm but not his kick, but that option soon changes ones you have U2.

the thing about it is that its really hard to come across actual good akumas for the most part, so its hard to gauge the difficulty of the match up. most of the ones you run across commonly just jump back fireball and rh/sweep. then they dont even run the true vortex

i find it really hard to maintain proper spacing against akuma due to his walk speed

I play some top akuma’s , although I’d say it probably is 6-4, it doesn’t feel like 6-4 because Fei can counter a lot of Akuma’s derp.

Of all of our supposed bad matches , I’d take Akuma everyday of the week. It wouldn’t even bother me, not like it bothers me when I have to face another spamming Bison or poking Vega.

Thanks for the tips, but i still think this match up is terrible, only thing we had was damage to scare akuma, now it’s gone.
For me it’s 6-4 if not worst, the guy has everything to counter fei’s game, he walks very fast, that stupid rounhounse is free on us(and it kills pretty much our focus game), he really has to space it poorly if you want to punish it which won’t happen with good akuma player. His demon flip kick stuff fei’s dp most of the time, it’s really hard to anti air him properly(and ex trades and it’s not in our favor), and standing rounhounse loses to demon flip kick as well. He has fireballs and air fireballs(ok you have ex wing, but it’s not the best tool to punish fireballs), every combo he does can be finished by untechable knockdown which is bad for us(but i’m gonna try out the tips you told me, maybe i’ll feel less free now). And if you knock him down, you have to deal with the best teleport in the game,(hard to os) a 3 frame dp(hard to safe jump), and ultra1( no safe jump on this) , i mean the guy has much more tools to deal with fei pressure than any other char, i’d rather fight vega, chun or balrog even though they are difficult match up, once you get a knockdown on them or you corner, they are in big troubles, they really have to guess more than akuma.

I dunno maybe it’s just me, but this is the match up i suck the most, i don’t have as much as a hard time against bison,chun, balrog or chun, only charge char that gives me real trouble is vega(but i know his weaknesses, he has no anti air and no way to get out of pressure, and i focus my gameplan on those things)

Now only if we had video of these games.

Np bro, glad I could help. Man if you have tips on vega let me know I hate that match-up.

The thing with Akuma is you can’t let him get away demon flipping. Neutral jumping to tag him will keep him honest. Then the akuma is most likely gonna use his ex fireball in the air to control that space. Also just walking / dashing under his air fir ball really messes with akuma’s.
As far as AA flame kick is risky as you mentioned, using fei’s normal attacks are better. I recently am experimenting with st.mp as an AA and its a pretty good normal. The range is slightly closer than lp rekka range.
cl.hk although slower than cl.hp has a huge hit box you can use that too. But the thing that changed the match-up for me was st.hp tagging his demon-flips. Just remember if you eat block-string up close and the akuma flips resist the urge to hold down-back and do stand hp.
The mindset in this match-up I have had success with is a pro-active defensive approaching fishing for openings and baiting by just walking back (when your in his face). Back dashing in this match is a bad idea as akuma’s can OS the sweep, U1, st.hk. That also goes for the focus for the same reason.

ps - learn from the enemy:

this place had a vid from KGthelegend about akuma setups where the dummy was set to fei but he took that vid down. Still this thread helped me alot.

Lucky us then. Good to have 2 top Feis still being competitive.
One might say that’s a bad thing but I don’t see Fei receiving any more nerfs.

Yeah we need to get a spy in those arcades.

I fought a oni and wow i did not know how to punish his stupid ground back this dude was just mashing it out everytime i tried to punish it i got counterhit was mindfucked, didnt know the frame data of the move lol, is there better way to deal with it rather than focus?

The stomp?? You just block high then punish with crlp xx rekka. Only the Heavy is safe I think, the EX is quite punishable. I’ve hit him out of it with standing fierce a few times, but I’m not sure if that’s because he activated it late or what. Or you could just backdash I guess.

Only thing I don’t try and punish with Oni is his LP SRK, you can bet your ass there’s another mashed one coming straight after. Both his sweep and fierce you can reversal rekka. Basically the same as Akuma.

Mago is using Fei Long in the Topanga League, get hype.

Im so upset with myself, last night against Chris G I could have eliminated him from the Big 2 event but I messed up on a read and it cost me the rnd in turn was the match. I forgot Sakura ex tatsu ends with the high kick. I went to punish the landing and i ate the kick into a Ultra. I should have won that match. Oh well maybe next week. Im glad my skills have gotten better. Played many casuals against NYC best and I won a good amount of them. I also landed my coutnerhit set up a few times and heard right after “thats so cheap” LOL

Where did you get those match results?

Not getting hype for $45 dollars! LOL

Fuudo vs Diago


The OS at 2:46 is weird cause it seems that he mis-timed his meaty. What do you guys think?

yeah he was early, but daigo hit a button so ultra hit

sup with mago droppin an 0-2 in round 1? is his fei rusty after 30k+matches?

also. i officially dont like it when people ask me why im not CW’ing thru fireballs.

cuz the shit dont work like that. i think fuudo jumped thru 1, and it was after a blocked low forward

Not nerfed enough? GTF outta here… I still play well, but damn I definitely notice the changes.

Fuudo won LG league and Mago and Fuudo are both doing very well in Topango with Fei. He’s def still a great character and probably top 6, for sure top 8.

video was taken down :frowning: