Fei Long and Training Mode

So I was wondering what everyone does in Training mode to get better at Fei Long. Right now I practice

Ultra execution- I play on a pad still :looney: So I still miss it sometimes
cr.LP canceled into Rekkaken
CW linked to cr.LP canceled into Rekkaken
Tenshin linked to c.HP cancelled into Rekkaken
Hit confirming Rekkakens- set the Training dummy to "Random Block"
Flame Kick FADC into CW or Ultra

bnb (cr.lk>s.lp>cr.lp>rekkas)
cross-up>lp (blocked)>ex.Tenshin>cl.hp>rekka/fk
hk/ex cw>bnb (damage scaling is ridiculous for this one, especially if you’re unfortunate enough to stun your opponent, still, it’s flashy)

to be honest I’m still struggling to get any of the above done, especially the last one.

I practice:

HK/EX CW>HP link
learning what beats what vs. whichever character i choose

20 successful bnb combos from the left. (cr.:lk:, st.:lp:, cr.:lp: xx Rekka Ken)
20 successful bnb combos from the right. (cr.:lk:, st.:lp:, cr.:lp: xx Rekka Ken)
20 successful bnb combos from the left. (cr.:lk:, cr.:lk:, cr.:lp: xx Rekka Ken)
20 successful bnb combos from the right. (cr.:lk:, cr.:lk:, cr.:lp: xx Rekka Ken)
(:u:knowing to do both is always a good option)

20 successful EX CW > HP > EX CW (I keep going over and over til I get the HP link to hit every single time fluently) from the right side and do the same on the left side.

record the 2nd player side to repeatedly jump and playback. So I can practice AA normals instead of relying on flamekicks all the time. Not to mention I’ll go for different setups after the normals hit and see what my possibilities are.

And on certain times, I’ll practice corner frametraps. They’re not really corner frametraps but they sure as heck look it. Push the opponent into the corner and practice cr.:mp: > cr.:mp: > :r::mk: > cr.:lp:xx :lp:rekka > cr.:mp: > FADC > cr.:lk:, st.:lp:, cr.:mp: > :lp:.rekka > cr.:mp:, cr.:lp:xx:lp:rekka…etc, etc.
I’ll do this over and over for a good 15 to 20 minutes. The whole reason I do this is to get into the hang of getting Fei to move from one normal to the next with no frames in between wasted. (Caught a G2A Honda player with these moves and it was hilarious as heck due to the fact that I kept stuffing anything he was trying to start up. :rofl:)

Yeah, I spend alot of time in the training room. Probably the reason why I don’t play in CE Mode. I’ll take like two wins in CE Mode and call it a night after that. lol

I actually do the same thing, except I spend a little bit more time on CE Mode hah hah. I figure the best way to get practice is to train then go for the real thing, keep your mind open for you mistakes.

Since I’m playing on the 360 controller still, I don’t really play Fei Long to my fullest potential. I practice moves I’d love to do when I get a new stick. Right now, moves I practice are canceling his Flame Kick into a Chicken Wing. The only way I can seem to do this is by HK Flame Kick then FA Dash Cancel into the an EX CW, this causes me to have nearly a filled EX bar and I’d much rather save an EX bar for a super or EX rekka’s whenever I FA an opponent down.

I finally bought an arcade stick. So I have been practice just doing the special moves. It is frustrating relearning everything. I have also been practicing
1.Tenshin linked into cr.mp cancelled into super
2. cl.mp linked into cr.mp cancelled into super

i wish i can buy a stick :frowning: went to one gamestop lastweek i didn’t even see a box :frowning:

Buy off the internet. All I did was type “arcade stick” in search box on Amazon
I buy alot of stuff from the internet since in most cases (like video games) it’s cheaper.

yeah but i want to inspect the item first though

Like I said, I have bought a hella’ alot of stuff from online, used and new. Never had any problems.

I see a lot of people do the c.lk c.lk c.lpXXrekkas BNB.

Is it really worth it to learn this instead of the variation I normally do? I do c.lk scl.lk c.lpXXrekkas, and I can get it way more than the other variations. I can do c.lk c.lk s.lp c.lpXXrekkas, but that doesn’t hit ducking. Is it just easier to hit from a distance with the double c.lk/c.lp?

whatever works for you. your variation is a one frame link, the other is a 2 frame. thats the only difference

as far as this thread goes, im putting a lot of time into learning to hit confirm from rekka 1 via random block on the dummy. fight the cpu version of fei lvl8 to see how nasty it can be

Actually the other difference is that since scl.lk can’t chain, you can’t press the c.lp too quickly after it, making it the pattern of choice for people trying to mash out a link with autofire instead of timing…

Hmmm. Well, I do tend to take advantage of everything that SFIV gives me, but with my BnB combos, I only hit the buttons as necessary. I just find it easier to hit, unless by tapping and releasing jab after scl.lk it is letting me get two jab inputs for the actual jab. That, and I practiced that variation after I found out that scl.lk had 3 frame advantage, and just dropped the other one because I didn’t like having the possibility of messing up in two different ways.

I almost always go for 3 HP rekkas in a BnB, so hitting too early could royally fuck me by throwing a super out on accident. I do just “go crazy” on the pad most of the time if I know I’m hitting a comboed-in HP rekka, unless I try to EX tenshin after two hits. It’s pretty much guaranteed all 3, so no timing required which makes it easier on me because I get time to think while just slapping the pad like a retarded seal. I didn’t think that c.lk c.lk c.lp was a two frame link either. I fact, I would have sworn that it was a 1 frame link…is there a discrepancy in the frame data charts?

The bob-n-weave motion that the scl.lk variation does also is just more natural to me, because I play Bison and that’s the movement he makes during his BnB. I just get more accurate when comboing like that now.

Alright, that answers my question. Still wondering about the frame data now, though.

heavy chicken wing into cr.lp rekkas
cr.mp cr.lp rekkas
cr.lk st.lp cr.lp rekkas
standing close HK into super
cr.mk into super
jump in HP st.mp rekkas

That’s about it. I’ve heard people using cr.mk after they crumple focusdash to go into super. Why not standing close hard kick? It does more damage. Is there less frames to put them togeather or something?

well for me the difference is that cr.lk x 2 > cr.lp xx rekka has WAY more range while always working on ducking opponents and is therefor more viable as a bnb.

personally when i’m intraining mode my most practiced combo is tenshin close hk xx super.

its rather difficult but when you plink 3 kicks for the roundhouse and then plink 3 punches for the super its alot easier.

and it does a wopping 520 damage which is basically the same as getting hit by a full non scaled ultra.

other things i practice are my “fei flow” if you will and bnbs’s to keep them fresh in my muscle memory… AA’s on the recording dummy etc.

beating up on the computer training mode dummy is a good way to relax, for me.


Please explain how you do this, and what plinking in general is. I have 2 different definitions in my head.

basically i piano right to left… because this is sf4 some of the inputs get plinked sometimes.
but i’ve NEVER gotten anything but a roundhouse to come out which means that i’m definitely plinking.

my motion is:

hk~mk~lk, qcf x 2, hp~mp~lp

dont have to worry about ultra coming out since it cant cancel the hardkick, plus the inputs are staggered anyways.

there is a sticky about what plinking is on the front page of the sf4 thread.


Great then, I have already been doing this.
I supposed there’s 2 ways to plink? One way where you leave the buttons held down as you plink from right to left, and another where you release as you press the next button, giving you 6 inputs counting negative edge.

Gotta leavem press for RH to come out huh. I’d try it myself and not ask dumb questions, but I’m no where near a machine that plays the game atm, lol.