Fei-Long and your BP/PP

I can’t believe we haven’t started this yet! In honor of “Fei-Long and your BP” and “Fei-Long and your GP,” please post your current BP/PP here and feel free to update at significant milestones. Please also post who your main is if you are not a native Fei.

I’m currently hovering around 3400PP and 5500BP. I haven’t been playing much online due to being busy/moving around a lot this summer. I also took some time to practice offline just to get my stick play up to par.

When I first started, I was hovering around 2300PP and just got frustrated with playing online without really knowing how to use a stick. After I returned from my hiatus, points just grew and grew. I’m currently trying to learn the new match-ups and re-learn or re-apply my strategies to old ones. Hoping to break 4000 sometime this week or next.

3600 bp, 1300pp(my lil bro likes to play ranked, and hes not that good, but watever )

2524 BP and 2378 PP my BP would be higher if i only played fei in ranked but i use Bison and Guy as well

5240 BP and 3452 PP

I think I get on at the right times when people are either waking up or first getting on lol.

3800 bp with fei

3100 or 3200 pp with a little bit of rog, and honda, and lots of gen, and fei

im trying to play online more, but its kinda hard to work my mindgames on the mentally handicapped. i still win 65% or more (honda is at 77% lol) but playing rushdown fei gets boring sometimes

1400PP and 2900BP

Still learning the matchups, If I could play normally and not at midnight when having a drink, I’d probably be a lot better!!

Mines is 41% (Would like to get this above 50%)

2040PP 29xxBP. Exclusively Fei Long for Ranked.

I haven’t touched Ranked for about one and a half month. I feel the C+ accurately reflects my current standing in skill, once I can tighten up and be more consistent in execution, then I think I’ll be B worthy material. I would like people to take the grading Ranked gives a little more as a personal progress report of sorts, people seem to care a tad too much about just how many points they can accumulate, as if it were to make them a better player. It’s disappointing when that match with someone Ranked A, thinking you’re going to have to play it smart(er), only to beat them quick and comfortable.

True, but BP is one thing and PP is another. I’ve found that PP is much harder to raise since you’ll drop down sharply if you start losing to people (especially if the person has less PP than you). BP seems more inflated and more to show your frequency of character usage/hours of play. For instance, if you’re 3000 PP but only 1000 BP with Fei, I can safely say that Fei is not your main and that you gained that PP from another character(s). Likewise, if you’re 1000 PP and 5000 BP with Fei, I know you play a lot of Fei, but you’re still lacking certain fundamentals.

I have so much BP, british petroleum wants it. And trust me, my PP is gold.

Around 3800 PP and 5300BP. My highest PP with Fei has been 4038, but that was when I was at about 2k BP with him. I haven’t used Balrog in ranked since using Fei.

^ This is pretty much me, 1,350pp and 4,000bp with Fei. Breakthroughs are great when you get them, but most of the time it’s just slow and steady learning. I feel this shows well in the PP:BP ratio for myself.

I’m slowly increasing my average PP whilst playing against ‘higher skilled’ opponents, but it’s a very slow process of learning. I feel you can learn a lot more through finding much better skilled opponents in Endless that you can repeatedly play and learn from, rather than finding better players who dominate you once in Ranked and give you no chance to analyse and slow down the mistakes you’re making, or to spot the tendencies that they have that are obvious to better players, but at lower levels are difficult to identify.

My BP hangs around 3.5-5k with Fei, my PP is all over the place cause Fei is not my main. Gouken is. But my love for Fei is slowly eating in to my Gouken time, while my Gouken hangs in at 7500+ BP ill use him to drag my PP back up from a loseing streak with Fei and start over again.

7233bp 5523 pp with Fei Long! Woot!

Right now my PP is hovering around 4450 and my BP is 13,100+ I think. The highest I ever got was up to 4800 almost 4900…ugh that didn’t last very long though lol. Sometimes it can get really frustrating when you lose to someone who has less PP than you and then you lose like 200 points…you try to find that person again but then the game won’t let you connect. Sometimes I have to lose a lot to get myself motivated again…one time I dropped from 4700 PP to 3500 PP all in one sitting…I was super discouraged and had to take a break for awhile but then came back fresher and was able to gain all my points back and even surpass my last PP score.

Oh so true!! Hard times when you get heavily deducated especially if you lose thanks to the connection being slightly off (Everyone knows you can’t play your best fei under conditions that can’t have you react to bad pokes and what not)

Tsua i thought your name was familiar, i’ve seen your name on the leaderboards previously.

My PP is 4200 and BP is 15,600 approximately.

The most i’ve reached is 4400 and 15,790 or so, then you lose a match or two and you get such a heavy deducation :arazz: + running into Alioune Sensei = Nothing but pain and tears. His Cammy is beyond belief, i need to reach/surpass his level within 1 month.

Who wants to help me achieve this? :rofl:

**EDIT Nowadays i hate hitting 3900 again, it’s seriously demoralising to work hard and reach that 4000 standard just to lose a couple of matches due to shenanigins or moments you knew you could have one. Falling back to 3500 must have been heartbreaking from 4700

Oh, I meant 3553 with now 7549bp! Woot! And the wins seem to be getting easier.

Lol, I was about to say! Mago is that you :rofl:

rough night last night. lost 4 in a row off the bat, played the rest of the night reckless and angry, which meant more losses, fell down in the 2400 range on my PP.

That happened to me too – I swore to not sleep until I worked my way back up. Lemme tell you, it’s much tougher to play when you’re frustrated. It was like the angrier I got, the worse I did; it wasn’t until I gave up in my mind that I actually started winning again :rofl: I think having ranked mode with its addictive points system really helps you learn to take losses better and stay loose. Whenever I see my points drop I just take a deep breath and move on now.

This thread is cursed, this happened to me too a couple of hours ago lol i’m back in the 3000 department and lost once or twice to the worst players yet lol i’ll have to try fix my game up again tomorrow.

On a lighter note i came across Starnab + Momi ZL, sick fei longs without a doubt.