Fei Long Avatar Request.

I had posted this in a wrong thread, taken from there.

I kind of have a steep request, and I don’t know how tough it would be to do, but damn, if someone is able to/willing to, I would love this idea:

-Regular sized avatar.
-Have the word K R S J I N on the middle to right portion of the avatar. Preferably in a bold, basic text in red.
-Fei Long gif in his Roundhouse (grey pants) outfit from ST.
-Have Fei Long come in from the left side of the avatar doing his 3 punch rekka.
-For each punch of Fei’s, have it break the first three letters in K R S J I N (So K for first punch, R for second, S for third.)
-Then end his pose after the third punch with his fist out, standing next to the Jin. Stopping there and beginning again.

If someone could pull this off, mad props, and much thanks -

I bow out to this one…


Impossible w/o prem.


You sir, are both a gentleman, and a scholar. And a bad ass m’n’f’er.

Fking awesome choice of a background too man. I dig. Thank you so much -

I’d rep if I could.

Your current avatar is fresh too lol.

Glad you like it.


I was about to edit my post saying “Unless .dub. decides to take it…that nigga’ is a genius”

But…he beat me to it and made one.


Where’re my digimon ava’s, mutha fucka’. :rofl:


dub is too…good

Did you just pick this up as a hobby .dub. or did you learn it through another means?

not bad.

Thanks for the kind words, sirs.

:sweat: On it’s way bro… but you’re right to pester me. My minds like swiss cheese.

Just a hobby. Learned stuff as I went along, but been into animation since I was a kid. Fighting game sprites are just so gorgeous that I love messing about with stuff like this.
Real easy to make stuff too when all the art is already pre-made :wgrin:

Damn nice. :tup:

Easier than creating it all from scratch, sure, but don’t discredit yourself too much man, still takes talent/knowledge and the eye/mind for it all.