Fei Long changes in arcade test



Fei Long’s Hard Kick Chicken Wing no longer has any invincibility. That sucks, thats all that was noticed for Fei in the arcade test. Thats just not good news.

UPDATE: No changes have been reported to Fei. I assume the HK CW lost invincibilty was just hearsay. We shall see.


I think I agree with this nerf. Chicken Wing is a really good special if you space it right. I just hope Capcom makes other positive changes or then I’ll be mad.


Removing the invincibility frames at start up is stupid. Fei needs a few improvements not nerfs.


Actually, he doesn’t need improvements. He just doesn’t need nerfs. That one I didn’t see coming, to be honest. I thought they’d nerf his normals or something. Maybe they have… it’s harder to notice hitboxes/frames on a loctest.

Still, I see no reason to buff him. I love him as is. Zero matchup issues apart from punishing blanka balls, who are now getting nerfed. Fei Long is now officially more awesomepants.


Punishing Blanka Balls is easy as hell if you’re willing to settle for MP Rekka reversal instead of dash> LP Rekkas (115dmg vs 148 is not a huge difference). Fei doesn’t really need anything per se, but there are always ways to make him better.

IMO this nerf doesn’t do much to Fei. Where do you guys use HK CW anyway? We lost 1.5 things from this nerf:

(1) Throw teching, link into a combo

(0.5) Cross-up escape (we still have MK and EX for longer range, LK for better recovery, and plain old blocking too)


I don’t actually see the reason for this nerf, the invincibility frames on HK CW weren’t that good to begin with…nothing compare to vanilla. And its not as if HK CW can’t be punished via DP, normals, air throws…etc. Just doesn’t make sense guess they felt the need to tweak everybody just for the sake of saying new improvements/changes have been done across all characters for “rebalancing”. I feel there are a few opportunities to improve Fei, maybe look at his forward dash recovery, make his EX rekkas useful ie. absorb one hit or make them last hit wall bounce, and maybe improve his overhead. Them messing with his CW was definitely something i’d never thought of them screwing with its kinda pointless really only if the purpose was to allow Fei to be thrown out of startup then this really sucks.


I wonder if it still retains throw invincibility?

This is kind of a bullshit nerf though, the move wasn’t even that good to begin with. Scrubs bitched about it a lot but honestly, there’s lots of ways to counter it at a range where the invincibility would have came into play.

I don’t really see a use for HK CW without invincibility, honestly. IMO Fei needed some slight buffs, not a random nerf.


It’s still good for:

  1. st.MP xx HK CW combos on specific characters
  2. Corner cross-ups/frame traps
  3. Certain punishes (i.e. Gief Lariat at range)
  4. Fireball hopping at the right range
  5. Beats Boxer’s rush punches if you don’t rely on the I-frames (you shouldn’t)

Possibly some more things too. Invincibility was almost superficial when you consider the ranges where it’s useful/where we currently use it. At ranges where the I-frames can be utilized, you’re probably better off using Rekka then anyway. The only two factors it affects are the two I posted before.


I didn’t even know it had invincibility…I’ve always went OVER projectiles and not through them.



The shaft! That’s what Fei is getting. I main Fei. In fact, it is the only character I play. It sucks to hear so little info on him, and what little we hear is that he is being nerfed. Personally, I think he could use his old :r: + :hk: from super, or hd remix, but that will never happen.
In the end, I am not asking for buffs, just don’t nerf him.


meh, this seems like an unnecessary nerf if only because invinc frams on HK CW aren’t a big part of his game at all. Who uses CW for invinc at all unless you’re using EX? A nerf to Fei that seems more reasonable would be to lower his damage since he hits harder than alot of the cast, so let’s be glad that didn’t happen.


ive only ever intercepted rogs dash punches with the invincible part, im very confused with your saying nosone lol


its fine. only time i really utilized those i frames was against boxer. i can still dp him, or use mk. i just liked getting combos while blowing thru his moves


I use the HK for reversals at times. I have been able to use it when a player trys a kara throw and it opens him up to a big punish if i land the full 3 hits, i then have the option to rekka link or st HP to a FK ex cancel into another CW. I could end it with a U1 if I have it. But it is invincible to any cr punch or kick.


I like the invincibility because it beats throws and cr.LK meaning it always wins out in mixup situations vs some characters such as Abel who tend to mix up cr.LK and throw. Also as stated I loved it vs Boxer and honestly don’t see it working against rush punches without the invincibility.

Actually the only reason I even use the move is for invincibility… as a move it’s actually kinda shitty, easily countered by most characters once people have experience vs it. Also it was great as an escape option.


I’m saying that there’s a difference between trying to capitalize on invincibility frames and capitalizing on the massive hitbox CW has. When beating Boxer’s punches, the hitbox seems to be the major player (for me at least). In Vanilla when you had 19 frames of invincibility, its use was much more apparent for absorbing the hit; nowadays my preference is to launch earlier rather than later and use the hitbox to my advantage. To each his own I guess–scratch that one off if it makes more sense for you guys.


One little thing that I wish for is for his Ultra 1 to finish completely if it connects. Nothing better than pulling it off at the exact moment of say… A fireball and seeing your first punch connect and your opponent flies back far enough to recover and block while Fei’s still swinging his arms and screaming. Is there really any other character’s ultra that connects but can’t finish even if you get they get the first hit besides Fei? Just a small annoyance for me in my opinion.

It probably won’t happen though. :sad:


Hmm to hit them that early then you probably aren’t doing the chicken wing reactively. I don’t think it comes out fast enough to hit the straight / uppercut / swing blow without the invincibility. Unless your reaction time is like… 00.


THIS. (beat me to it)

You shouldn’t need to be under the opponents nasal passage for this to work (because who throws plasma from 1 character length?). It either connects or doesn’t, so nerf it or upgrade it.(pretty please)


Well one caveat is that I typically only do it when it’s a 3/4 or full screen-er. If I’m only a few lengths away from Boxer I don’t use it.

[edit] Lol maybe that’s why I don’t need it :razz: