Fei long chicken wing kick



i still can’t figure out what the proper way to stop feis that chicken wing kick alot i think? standing jab is suppose to work but it hasn’t been working for me most of the time maybe its the timing but i was wondering if there is a more reliable way to stop it cuz its annoying how its safe on block


This really didn’t need it’s own thread.

If you’re far enough away just c.hp it. If you have charged stored, headbutt it. Jab headbutt works at the same range you c.hp at, and fierce headbutt works from far away.

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Can’t say too much more than the above but will throw it in anyway.

FS.Jab isn’t just to prevent CWing Kings but can also stuff Rekka’s so it’s good to pepper them in when advancing forward but it’s very hard to do this on ‘reaction’ at anything equal or shorter than midscreen so you have to be careful as they can lead to you being hit as well. If you DO see a CWing coming from a mile off, you can stuff it midway with a DashStraight, Headbutt, Super, Ultra or if you’re in the right place, neutral jump fierce and combo - TAP can also work on the last kick but it’s not that viable and wouldn’t recommend it.

Up close a good Fei will know CWing can crossup a crouching Balrog so be ready for that. On that note if you’re looking for fast pokes that can stuff it, C.Strong, S.Strong, S.Fierce, S.Roundhouse will work but at that range Fei will be looking to hit you with footsies so be careful and avoid C.Fierce as that is one slow-ass normal up close and is begging for punishment.


chicken wing can be focus attacked as long as the first hit doesn’t connect.


crouching attacks make it whiff and not crossup too. Haven’t had a lot of time to test it, but i’ve seen it happen point blank at least once and i think during the Canada cup when Gootecks was playing against mago. This may allow a whiff and punish, otherwise lp.hb is the way to go.