Fei Long Combo Compendium (Updated: SSF4 AE)

So I decided to make this thread helping newcomers wanting to mess with Fei. Hell, I know most of things here are already known, but those informations are spread in various posts.

Note: This is a WIP. Anyone wanting to help is welcome, especially with frame links. If most people think its a useless thread, I will delete it.


, : chain
-> :link
(xf) :frame link
xx : cancel
dmg : damage (really??)
stun: stun damage, not frame stun
ST : standing
CL : close
CR : crouching
J.: jump-in
Character specific: work on Ryu, doesn’t work on Ryu

Usefull links:

Fei Long SSF4 framedata. Pretty accurate one. Credits to Thirteenthdi for the link.

How to not suck at Fei Long: An Advanced Fei Long Guide by xS A M U R A Ix. Vanilla SF4 based, but still pretty valid.

How you read it:

CR.:lk:, ST.:lp: ->CR.:lp:(4f) xx rekkas

crouching low kick chain into standing low punch, link (4 frames) into crouching low punch special cancelled into rekkas

So here we go…


ST.:lp: ->CR.:mp: (3f)

ST.:lp: ->CR.:lp: (4f)

ST.:lp: ->ST.:mp: (2f)

ST.:lp: ->CR.:hk: (1f) 130dmg 200stun —> Note: untechable knockdown

CL.:lp: ->CL.:mp: (2f)

CL.:lp: ->CL.:mk: (3f)

CL.:lp: ->CR.:mk: (2f)

CL.:lp: ->CL.:hp: (3f) 130dmg 250stun

CL.:lk: ->ST.:lp: (2f)

CL.:lk: ->CR.:lp: (1f)

CL.:mp: ->ST.:hp: (1f) 190dmg 300stun —> Note: high stun

CL.:mp: ->CR.:lp: (5f)

CL.:mp: ->ST.:mp: (3f)

CL.:mp: ->ST.:mk: (1f)

CL.:mp: ->CR.:mp: (4f)

CL.:mp: ->CR.:mk: (3f)

CL.:mp: ->CR.:hk: (2f) 170dmg 250stun —> Note: untechable knockdown

CR.:mp: ->CR.:lp: (3f)

CR.:mp: ->ST.:lp: (3f)

CR.:mp: ->CR.:mp: (2f)

CR.:mp: ->CR.:mk: (1f)

CR.:mp: ->ST.:lk: (2f)

Rekkukyaku (chicken wing) links:

EX/:hk: CW ->ST/CL.:lp:(2f)

EX/:hk: CW ->CR.:lp:(2f)

EX/:hk: CW ->CL.:lk:(2f)

EX/:hk: CW ->CR.:lk:(2f)

EX/:hk: CW ->CR.:mp:(1f)

EX/:hk: CW ->CL.:hp:(1f)

EX/:hk: CW ->CL.:mk:(1f)

Cancel Combos:


CL/ST.:lp: xx rekkas :lp:162dmg :mp:171dmg :hp:180dmg EX196dmg 175stun

CR.:lp: xx rekkas :lp:152dmg :mp:161dmg :hp:170dmg EX186dmg 175stun

CL.:mp: xx rekkas :lp:202dmg :mp:211dmg :hp:220dmg EX236dmg 225stun

CL.:mk: xx rekkas :lp:207dmg :mp:216dmg :hp:225dmg EX241dmg 280stun

CL.:hp: xx rekkas :lp:232dmg :mp:241dmg :hp:250dmg EX266dmg 325stun

Shienkyaku (flamekick):

ST/CL.:lp: xx FK :lk:150dmg :mk:170dmg :hk:190dmg EX230dmg 250stun

CR.:lp: xx FK :lk:140dmg :mk:160dmg :hk:180dmg EX220dmg 250stun

CL.:mp: xx FK :lk:190dmg :mk:210dmg :hk:230dmg EX270dmg 300stun

CL.:mk: xx FK :lk:195dmg :mk:215dmg :hk:295dmg EX275dmg 300stun

CL.:hp: xx FK :lk:220dmg :mk:240dmg :hk:260dmg EX300dmg 400stun



CR.:lk:, CR.:lk:, CR.:lk:, CR.:lk:, ST.:lk: 94dmg 205stun —> Note: Blockstring

CR.:lk:, ST.:lp: ->CR.:mp:(3f) ->CR.:mp:(2f) 148dmg 250stun

CR.:lk:, ST.:lp: ->CR.:mp:(3f) ->CR.:mk:(1f) 158dmg 250stun

CR.:lk:, ST.:lp: ->CR.:hk:(1f) 130dmg 220stun -> Note: untechable knockdown

CR.:lk:, ST.:lp:, , ST.:lp: ->CR.:hk:(1f) 145dmg 244stun -> Note: untechable knockdown


CR.:lk:, ST.:lp: -> FK(2f) :lk:146dmg :mk:162dmg :hk:178dmg EX210dmg 260stun ----->Note: Flamekick additionnal hits can whiff if not cornered

CR.:lk: -> ST.:lp:(1f) xx FK :lk:146dmg :mk:162dmg :hk:178dmg EX210dmg 260stun ----->Note: Flamekick additionnal hits can whiff if not cornered

CR.:lk:, ST.:lp: -> ST.:lp:(4f) xx FK :lk:158dmg :mk:172dmg :hk:186dmg EX214dmg 280stun ----->Note: Flamekick additionnal hits can whiff if not cornered

CR.:lk:, ST.:lp: -> FK(2f) XX FADC :f::f: :hk:CW 260dmg 365stun

CR.:lk:, ST.:lp: -> ST.:lp:(4f) xx FK XX FADC :f::f: :hk:CW 256dmg 340stun

Rekkukyaku (chicken wing):

CR.:lk:, ST.:lp: -> ST.:lp:(4f) xx :lk:CW 144dmg 245stun —> Note: Neutral 50/50

Rekkas, standing position:

ST.:lp: ->CR.:lp:(4f) xx rekkas :lp:161dmg :mp:169dmg :hp:176dmg EX190dmg 205stun

ST.:lp:, ST.:lp: ->CR.:lp:(4f) xx rekkas :lp:179dmg :mp:186dmg :hp:192dmg EX204dmg 230stun

ST.:lp:, ST.:lp:, ST.:lp: ->CR.:lp:(4f) xx rekkas :lp:177dmg :mp:183dmg :hp:188dmg EX198dmg 250stun

CL.:mp:, ->CR.:lp:(5f) xx rekkas :lp:201dmg :mp:209dmg :hp:216dmg EX230dmg 255stun

Rekkas, crouching position:

CR.:lk:, CR.:lk: ->CR.:lp:(1f) xx rekkas :lp:151dmg :mp:158dmg :hp:164dmg EX176dmg 230stun

CR.:lk:, CR.:lk:, CR.:lk: ->CR.:lp:(1f) xx rekkas :lp:149dmg :mp:155dmg :hp:160dmg EX170dmg 250stun

CR.:lk:, CR.:lk:, CR.:lp: ->CR.:lp:(1f) xx rekkas :lp:149dmg :mp:155dmg :hp:160dmg EX170dmg 250stun

CR.:lk:, CR.:lp:, CR.:lp: ->CR.:lp:(1f) xx rekkas :lp:149dmg :mp:155dmg :hp:160dmg EX170dmg 250stun

CR.:mp:, ->CR.:lp:(3f) xx rekkas :lp:196dmg :mp:204dmg :hp:211dmg EX225dmg 255stun

Rekkas, crouching start, mixed:

CR.:lk:, ST.:lp: ->CR.:lp:(4f) xx rekkas :lp:161dmg :mp:168dmg :hp:174dmg EX186dmg 230stun

CR.:lk:, CR.:lk:, ST.:lp: ->CR.:lp:(4f) xx rekkas :lp:157dmg :mp:163dmg :hp:168dmg EX178dmg 250stun

CR.:lk:, ST.:lp:, ST.:lp: ->CR.:lp:(4f) xx rekkas :lp:167dmg :mp:173dmg :hp:178dmg EX188dmg 250stun

CR.:lk:, CR.:lp:, ST.:lp: ->CR.:lp:(4f) xx rekkas :lp:157dmg :mp:163dmg :hp:168dmg EX178dmg 250stun

CR.:lk:, CL.:lk: ->CR.:lp:(1f) xx rekkas :lp:161dmg :mp:168dmg :hp:174dmg EX186dmg 230stun ----->Note: Hits all crouchers

CR.:lk:, CR.:lk:, CL.:lk: ->CR.:lp:(1f) xx rekkas :lp:157dmg :mp:163dmg :hp:168dmg EX178dmg 250stun ----->Note: Hits all crouchers

Standing low punch hit and miss list on crouching opponents:

Abel, Adon, Akuma, Balrog(Boxer), Blanka ,C.Viper, Cammy, Chun-li, Cody, Dan, Deejay,Dhalsim, Dudley, E.Honda, Evil Ryu
El Fuerte, Feilong, Gen, Gouken, Guile, Guy, Hakan,
Ibuki, Juri, Ken, M.Bison(Dictator), Makoto, Oni, Rose, Rufus, Ryu, Sagat, Sakura, Seth, T.Hawk, Vega(Claw), Zangief, Yang, Yun


CL.:hp: xx FADC 148dmg 280stun

CL.:hk: xx FADC 168dmg 280stun

:mk: FK xx FADC :f::f: :hk: CW 280dmg 350stun —> Note: assuming 3 hits :hk:CW

:mk: FK xx FADC :f::f: :hk: FK 200dmg 300stun —> Note: keeps corner positioning

:mk: FK xx FADC :f::f: EX FK 240dmg 300stun —> Note: keeps corner positioning

CL.:hp: xx :mk:FK xx FADC :f::f: :hk: CW 352dmg 520stun

Chicken Wing juggle 3 Hits and 2 Hits:

Abel, Adon, Akuma, Balrog(Boxer), Blanka , C.Viper, Cammy, Chun-li, Cody, Dan, Deejay, Dhalsim, Dudley, E.Honda, El Fuerte, Evil Ryu, Feilong, Gen, Gouken, Guile, Guy, Hakan, Ibuki, Juri, Ken, M.Bison(Dictator), Makoto, Oni, Rose, Rufus, Ryu, Sagat, Sakura, Seth, T.Hawk, Vega(Claw), Zangief, Yang, Yun


Raw super 370dmg

Note: thanks to new 6 frames startup, super is now comboable from j.:mk:/:mp: (middle hit) and j.:lk: (has to go very deep)

Super cancel:

ST/CL.:lp: xx :s: 400dmg

CR.:lp: xx :s: 390dmg

CR.:lk: xx :s: 390dmg

CR.:mp: xx :s: 435dmg

CL.:mk: xx :s: 445dmg

CL.:mp: xx :s: 440dmg

ST.:mp: xx :s: 450dmg

CR.:mk: xx :s: 450dmg

CL.:hp: xx :s: 470dmg

CL.:hk: xx :s: 490dmg

Hit confirm super:

Note: those are common ones, I wont post bnb’s hit confirm into super since there is so many.

CR.:lk:, ST.:lp: -> CR.:mp:(3f) xx :s: 361dmg

CR.:lk:, ST.:lp: -> CR.:lk:(4f) xx :s: 325dmg

CR.:lk:, ST.:lp: -> CR.:lp:(4f) xx :s: 325dmg

CR.:lk:, CR.:lk:, ST.:lp: -> CR.:mp:(3f) xx :s: 332dmg

CL.:mp: -> :s:(3f) 440dmg ----->Note: Fei’s new raw hit confirm into super

CL.:mp: -> CR.:lp:(5f) xx :s: 386dmg

CL.:mp: -> CR.:mp:(4f) xx :s: 431dmg

CL.:mp: -> CR.:mk:(3f) xx :s: 470dmg

CR.:mp: -> CR.:mp:(2f) xx :s: 426dmg

CR.:mp: -> CR.:mk:(1f) xx :s: 441dmg



Ultra1 (Rekkashingeki): 363dmg Half meter / 495dmg Full meter

Ultra2 (Gekirinken) : 337dmg Half meter / 470dmg Full meter


j.:hk:/:hp: -> Ultra1 394dmg Half meter / 496dmg Full meter

FA Level3 :f::f: Ultra1 398dmg Half meter / 491dmg Full meter

:mk: FK xx FADC :f::f: Ultra1 368dmg ----->Note: 3 hits full ultra

:mk: FK xx FADC :f::f: :hk: CW Ultra1 364dmg ----->Note: assuming 3 hits :hk:CW, 2 hits full ultra

CL.:hp: xx :mk:FK xx FADC :f::f: Ultra1 440dmg ----->Note: 3 hits full ultra

CL.:hp: xx :mk:FK xx FADC :f::f: :hk: CW Ultra1 424dmg ----->Note: assuming 3 hits :hk:CW, 2 hits full ultra

CR.:lk:, ST.:lp: -> FK(2f) XX FADC :f::f: :hk:CW U1 320dmg

CR.:lk: -> ST.:lp:(1f) xx FK XX FADC :f::f: :hk:CW U1 320dmg

CR.:lk:, ST.:lp: -> FK(2f) XX FADC :f::f: U1 333dmg

CR.:lk: -> ST.:lp:(1f) xx FK XX FADC :f::f: U1 333dmg

CR.:lk:, ST.:lp: -> ST.:lp:(4f) xx FK U1 315dmg

CR.:lk:, ST.:lp: -> ST.:lp:(4f) xx FK FADC :f::f: :hk:CW U1 304dmg

Advanced Combos:

Chicken Wing:

Into BnB:

:hk:CW -> CR.:lp:(2f) xx rekkas :lp:271dmg :mp:279dmg :hp:286dmg EX300dmg 305stun

:hk:CW -> CR.:lk:(2f), ST.:lp: -> CR.:lp:(3f) xx rekkas :lp:277dmg :mp:283dmg :hp:288dmg EX298dmg 350stun

:hk:CW -> ST.:lp:(2f), ST.:lp: -> CR.:lp:(3f) xx rekkas :lp:287dmg :mp:293dmg :hp:298dmg EX308dmg 350stun

Into Untechable knockdown:

:hk:CW -> ST.:lp:(2f) -> CR.:hk:(1f) 250dmg 320stun

:hk:CW -> CR.:lk:(2f), ST.:lp: -> CR.:hk:(1f) 254dmg 345stun

Into Close Hard Punch:

:hk:CW -> CL.:hp:(1f) xx rekkas :lp:351dmg :mp:359dmg :hp:366dmg EX380dmg 455stun

:hk:CW -> CL.:hp:(1f) xx flamekick :lk:336dmg :mk:352dmg :hk:368dmg EX400dmg 510stun

Flamekick FADC:

:hk:CW -> CL.:lp:(2f) xx :mk:Fk FADC :f::f: Ultra1 453dmg —> Note: Easier link, assuming 3 hits full ultra

:hk:CW -> CL.:hp:(1f) xx :mk:Fk FADC :f::f: Ultra1 523dmg —> Note: assuming 3 hits full ultra

:hk:CW -> CL.:hp:(1f) xx :mk:Fk FADC :f::f: :hk:CW 450dmg 615stun

:hk:CW -> CL.:hp:(1f) xx :mk:Fk FADC :f::f: :hk:CW Ultra1 2 hits 508dmg , 3 hits 587dmg

3 hits Ultra1 chicken wing juggle:

Dhalsim, Deejay, E.Honda, Rufus

Counter hit:

CR.:mp: -> :lp: rekkas(3f) 214dmg 250stun

:f:+:mk: -> CR.:lp:(2f) xx rekkas :lp:206dmg :mp:214dmg :hp:221dmg EX235dmg 280stun

:f:+:mk: -> CL.:hp:(1f) xx rekkas :lp:253dmg :mp:294dmg :hp:301dmg EX315dmg 355stun

:f:+:mk: -> CL.:hp:(1f) xx FK :lk:271dmg :mk:287dmg :hk:303dmg EX335dmg 485stun —>Note: FK additional hits can whiff if not cornered

:f:+:mk: -> CL.:hp:(1f) xx FK XX FADC :f::f: :hk:CW 385dmg 590stun

:f:+:mk: -> CL.:hp:(1f) xx FK XX FADC :f::f: :hk:CW -> U1 445dmg 590stun

:f:+:mk: -> CL.:hp:(1f) xx FK XX FADC :f::f: ->U1 458dmg

EX Rekka x1 -> Cr.:lp:(2f) xx rekkas :lp:213dmg :mp:221dmg :hp:228dmg EX242dmg 218stun

CL.:mp: -> U1(2f) 484dmg

Character specific:


CR.:lk:, ST.:lp: -> CR.:mp:(3f) -> CR.:lp:(4f) xx rekkas :lp:195dmg :mp:201dmg :hp:206dmg EX216dmg 290stun

Akuma, Cammy, Dhalsim, El Fuerte, Gouken, Guy, Juri, Oni, Makoto, Rufus, Sagat, Seth, T.Hawk, Yun, Yang, Zangief
—> Note: Tested with, j.:mp:, Can whiff if character is not standing

Close medium punch into HK CW special cancel:

CL.:mp: xx :hk:CW -> CL.:hp:(1f) xx rekkas :lp:385dmg :mp:392dmg :hp:398dmg EX410dmg 500stun

CL.:mp: xx :hk:CW -> CL.:hp:(1f) xx flamekick :lk:374dmg :mk:388dmg :hk:402dmg EX430dmg 550stun —>Note: FK additional hits can whiff if not cornered

CL.:mp: xx :hk:CW -> CL.:hp:(1f) xx :mk:FK FADC :f::f: :hk:CW 472dmg 640stun

Cammy, Chun-li, Dudley, Juri, Makoto, Rose, Sagat, T.Hawk, Zangief

Notes: No combo nor Tenshin into CL:mp: xx :hk:CW for T.Hawk and Zangief, due to strange stun frames.


:f:+:hk: -> CR.:lp:(1f) xx rekkas :lp:281dmg :mp:289dmg :hp:296dmg EX310dmg 355stun
—> Note: 1rst hit must go deep, focus break will give you +6 frames adv., making it easier

Akuma, Bison(Dictator), Blanka, Cammy, Cody, Dhalsim, Dee Jay, Dudley, E.Honda, El Fuerte, FeiLong, Gen, Gouken, Guile, Guy, Hakan, Ibuki, Makoto, Oni, Rufus, Sakura, Seth, T.Hawk, Vega(Claw), Yang, Yun, Zangief


Both normal and EX tenshin gives you +7 frame advantage. Ex version is faster and has a bit more range.

Tenshin cancels:

CL.:lp: xx Tenshin

CR.:lp: xx Tenshin

Note: Both CL.:mp: and CL.:hp: are tenshin cancelable but unusable for now since it pushes your opponent too far and/or still in a frame stun state, making the tenshin to whiff.

Tenshin setups:


On hit:

MP/HP Rekkas x2 > EX Tenshin

CL.:hp: xx :lp: Rekka x1 > EX Tenshin


Blocked CL.:lp: xx Tenshin

Blocked CR.:lp: xx Tenshin (on certain characters only)

Blocked CL.:mp:, pause, EX Tenshin


Blocked j.:mp:/j.:mk: > Tenshin/ EX Tenshin

Blocked j.:hp:/j.:hk: > Tenshin/ EX Tenshin

Blocked neutral j.:hp:/j.:hk: > Tenshin/ EX Tenshin

Blocked cross-up j.:mk:, CL.:lp: xx Tenshin/ EX Tenshin


Forward throw, :f:+:mk:, Tenshin/ EX Tenshin

Backthrow, jumpin cross-up, Tenshin/ EX Tenshin


CL.:hp: xx FADC :f::f: Tenshin

Experimental/blockstring/hit confirm:

Hit confirm :mk: CW> ST.:lp: XX EX Tenshin

Jump-in (hit or blocked)> ST.:lp:> Pause > ST.:lp: xx EX Tenshin
Jump-in (hit or blocked)> CR.:lk:> Pause > ST.:lp: xx EX Tenshin

Frame traps:

Normal cancel into CW for frame trap, cross-up and anti throw, by Kobrakoun

[details=Spoiler]What it is: Canceling from a normal into HK CW for…

  1. Frame trapping.
  2. Cross-up combos.
  3. Anti-throw teching.

Where you can use it: In the corner, with the opponent’s back pressed to it or with a slight gap before the wall (situation dependent on the character, but most characters can be hit in both situations).

Why you’ll use it:

– It’s safe in many situations since HKCW is +0 on block.
– Gives you an option select against many scenarios INCLUDING MASHED REVERSAL DPs WHICH IT CAN BEAT CLEAN. Some restrictions apply.
– It’s essentially freebie damage if the opponent is trying to block or throw tech.
– You can combo into cr.LP/cl.HP xx Special from a hit, giving it a Tenshin-esque appeal.
– It will beat certain offensive tactics (as mentioned above).
– Crosses up, giving you a secret weapon against uber-turtles that leaves you less open than naked Tenshin and will not require EX to make worthwhile.


– Opponent blocks the X-up and gets out of the corner.
– You drop your combo following it and the opponent gets out of the corner.
– The opponent has a normal/special which can stuff this on reversal and gets out of the corner.
– Unlucky timing (but lucky for your opponent).
– Mashed Ultra.
– You use cl.MP and it hits while your opponent is crouching, causing your opponent’s stun animation to force a whiff… Untested property. Please check this, otherwise stick to cr.LP (easiest to sneak in) or cl.HP (possible force stand with less whiff potential since the opponent will not be in stun when the HK CW begins its hits).

Full list of comboable situations:
Green Shows characters this crosses up on reliably if the opponent is in the corner or a little off from it (3-4 small squares in training).
Blue Shows characters this crosses up on if there is a space between the wall and the opponent for Fei to squeeze into. May hit in front and cross over to the other side if opponent is at wall.
Orange Shows characters this will only hit/cross-up on in one reliable situation.
Red Shows characters this does not work on reliably.

C. Viper
Dee Jay
Fei (X-up with a gap b/w opponent and wall. If standing, hits X-up but stays on same side)
M. Bison


El Fuerte (corner X-up only)
Guile (corner X-up only)
Hakan (corner X-up only)
Seth (corner X-up only)

Adon (X-up with a gap b/w opponent and wall)
Blanka (X-up with a gap b/w opponent and wall)
Cammy (X-up with a gap b/w opponent and wall)
Chun (X-up with a gap b/w opponent and wall)
E. Honda (X-up with a gap b/w opponent and wall)
Sagat (X-up with a gap b/w opponent and wall)
Sakura (X-up with a gap b/w opponent and wall)


[edit] Ugh, typed this long paragraph on beating the SRK and testing data only to lose it due to pressing ctrl+c instead of ctrl+v on this message text… In a nutshell, it was tested on crouch blocking opponents only. Against standing opponents, use cl.MP as it’s un-interruptible once it has been canceled into HK CW. Messiah Kick is one move that will hit Fei once but doesn’t give Rufus any real advantage. cl.MP xx HK CW is the clear winner if you’re gambling to avoid an attack, but cr.LP has some situations and cl.HP gives the force-stand property which can work in your favor even though it won’t combo. This property works because Fei moves to the backside of the opponent while the opponent is still in block stun. Obviously this movement is best shielded by a high-stun move like cl.MP, but if cl.MP hits… That needs testing.

Could use a hand with testing this one–there’s a lot more to run through than just comboability like above.

[edit2] Here was the original thread on it started by Pasqual, although I did my own testing for this one:


He provides mainly X-up situations from mid-screen as opposed to the corner, which is different from what I’m prescribing (mine is a simpler rendition, updated for SSF4 hitboxes). Mine is also combo-oriented, made for maximum damage potential in mind. The good thing about Pasqual’s is that it details standing cross-up situations and cross-ups with LK/MK CW as well which I haven’t tested yet (and am not going to).[/details]

This is an important one that I like to use:

cr.LK> s.LK> cr.LP> Rekka. the s.LK>cr.LP is a 1-frame link, but as far as timing goes, its got the same rhythm as the regular BnB, so its very easy to pick up–plus it hits all crouchers.

Thanks Kobrakoun, thread updated

I really appreciate this because I’m too lazy to dig through all the other threads.

That’s a 2 frame link. The third hit confirm super is a 5(!) frame link. Fourth is a 4 frame link. 5th one is a 3 frame link. 7th is a 1 frame link. I’m using the frame data here:

Thanks for the help! thread updated

I don’t know if you want to include it, but you can “link” his crouch jabs and end with rekkas. You just can’t chain them

Well, you can chain at least 2 I think, but yeah, the last jab has to be linked. It’s a 1 frame link, but sometimes you can’t do st. lp so it has some use.

He already has it up there in the BnB section though.

thing about Fei’s BNB’s are i have my off days with them. There are days when i have the Rhythm and can hit it 7-9/10 tries and theres those days where im lucky to hit it once or twice.

I haven’t seen crMP crLP rekka listed within the Rekka or BNB combos…why?

I don’t think you can ATi , only on CH can you link an cr.mp with rekka.

You can do a cl.mp>cr.lp>Rekka

Lol, he said cr. MP> cr.LP> Rekkas. It’s definitely possible, but best done from a jump-in since its not much of a hit-confirm on its own–especially since you kinda have to be close. The better option is still the cl.MP IMO since it gives more damage and more stun.

Will you be doing a section on “conditioning” and Tenshin setups?

Exactly. Anyway yesterday I began to try the BnB, as I got my stick recently (was with keyboard before). First step was to master crLP rekka, then I tried with the classic crLK, stLP, crLP rekka. Believe it or not, crLK x2 crLP rekka feels MUCH easier to me. Tried also to introduce the stLK in the combo but that just mess up my timing for some reasons lol

Conditioning’s kinda free-form I think. People react differently to certain tactics and such. There are no guaranteed ways to land a Tenshin so how and when you use it is going to be up to you.

Some ways I land it:

MP/HP Rekkas x2> EX Tenshin
Blocked LP XX Tenshin
Blocked cr.LP XX EX Tenshin (on certain characters only)
Blocked j.MP/j.MK> Tenshin

Lol that’s really about it. I guess punishing DP mashers is the first order of business. Afterward, setting a rhythm with jump-in to BnB/Throw gets them to block/Option Select more. It can be a real guess since a jab that HITS will not allow you to grab them from a canceled Tenshin (even if you use regular Tenshin). That means free combo for your opponent. One setup that also works for me is:

Blocked jump-in> cr.LK>> delay>> St.LP XX EX Tenshin

The delay should be small, as if you’re trying to do a link instead of a cancel; the larger the delay, the more opportunity your opponent has to option select (and get hit by your jab).

Just notes on safety: EX Tenshin is safer since the cancel from st.LP gives only a 2-frame window for reversals, whereas regular Tenshin leaves 4 frames. 2 extra frames is enough for the opponent to pull an invincible reversal if they’re mashing, or to catch a lucky option select. It’s too small to catch with the eye though.

I’ve also used j.mk crossup > st.hp > FADC > tenshin as well. I find alot of people freeze for some reason when they get hit by a st.hp for some odd reason. And I can almost swear that Fei’s awkward pause from his dash disappears when you do a FADC > Tenshin. It comes out almost fluently. Just thought I’d add this on to the combo as well.

Is cr.mp not crouching Medium punch ?

I’m gonna update this thread very soon, with new damage, specific character and counter hit combos.

Here’s a nice tenshin setup: backthrow, cross jump, tenshin

Be carefull vs onliners with reversal everything :frowning: