Fei Long Combos and Glitches


  1. fp xx Rekka
  2. c.lk -> c.lp -> c.lp xx Rekka
  3. c.mp -> c.mp xx Super
  4. hk(ex) chickenwing -> s.hp xx lk. chickenwing
  5. hk chickenwing -> s.hp xx hk chickenwing (infinite loop)
    ** Seth and Abel only


Normal 1: (Normals)

  1. Forward throw (f+mp+mk)
  2. Back throw (b+mp+mk)
  3. Overhead (f+mk)
  4. Double Kick (f+hk (confirm))

Normal 2: (specials/super/ultra)

  1. Rekkas (qcf+p x3)
  2. Flame kick (rdp+k)
  3. Chickenwing (hcf,uf+k)
  4. Tenshin (overhead throw) (hcb+k)
  5. Super (qcfx2+p)
  6. Ultra (qcfx2+ppp)

Normal 3:(special cancels)

  1. c.lp xx qcf+p x3 (ducking jab to rekka)
  2. s.mk xx rdp+k (ducking forward to flame kick)
  3. s.hp xx qcf,uf+lk (standing fierce to light chxwing)
  4. s.hp xx FA (level 1)
  5. c.mk xx qcfx2+p (ducking mid to super)

Normal 4:(basic combos)

  1. j.hk -> c.lp xx qcf+p x3
  2. j.hk -> s.hp xx hcf,uf+lk
  3. hcb+k -> s.hp xx rdp+k
  4. j.hp -> d.mp xx qcfx2+p

Normal 5:(linking)

  1. c.mp -> c.lp
  2. s.mp -> c.mp

Hard 1:

  1. hcf,uf+k -> s.hp xx qcf+p (x3)

Hard 2:

  1. j.hk -> c.mp -> c.mk xx qcfx2+p

Hard 3:

  1. j.hk -> s.lp -> c.mp -> c.mp xx qcfx2+p (for some reason the instructions say fierce super, anyone know why?)

Hard 4:

  1. hcf,uf+hk -> s.fp xx rdp+k(fadc) -> hcf,uf+hk

Hard 5:

  1. j.hk -> s.lp -> s.hp xx rdp+k(fadc) -> qcfx2+ppp

Special throw, Ultra doesn’t combo.
(?) Ultra doesn’t juggle properly.


So now after command grab, ultra is possible?

Its is done [media=youtube]K1wjaFxQ0c4&feature=channel"[/media] at 2:39, dont know if the Sagat player is blocking, but looks like its possible.


^It was counterhit. It’s not possible in the trial build. We’ll see come retail.


No. They already said it was because the other player was trying to mash out or something.


I’m really wondering about that…

was it;
a) Seth was just full of crap.
b) Its supposed to work, but is bugged not to
c) It originally worked but was patched out because they thought it was too good…


d) Could be that we all just suck at SFIV with Fei


Sadly, no one on SRK would ever admit to this. Ever.




For those who already have the game on consoles, is this possible:

Flame Kick -> FADC -> Ultra (but do it where the first hit misses and the second connects).

Now I know the ultra doesn’t juggle properly if the first hit of the ultra connects, but is there a way to do the ultra early enough where the first hit misses and the second hit connects?


Nah, unfortunately if you even manage to time the second hit to be the first hit to land, it won’t ground the opponent and continue the ultra like say, Abel’s punch. Really looking like there’s no way to juggle it.

But I don’t think that’s gona break Fei’s chance of being good at all. In-fact, I don’t think it’s needed at all. His FA is reliable enough to use that as a setup for his ultra, even if it tapers the damage a bit.


Bummer - I thought that if the second one hit, it would flag the cinematic to appear that finishes the ultra. :frowning:

Edit: I know I’m a bit hard-assed about this, but has anyone actually tried to intentionally miss the first hit of the ultra when doing the FK -> FADC -> Ultra combo?

All the videos I’ve seen so far from that combo has people hitting the first hit, juggling the body causing the second hit to miss.


How are his tick setups into the command grab?



^ Based on what Magus and Max have said/done, it looks like standing jab, possibly standing short, are the only viable options into it, but there’s still a big gap of exposure.


Well theres been some of discussion too about trying to kara-throw out of some of his other moves (ducking FP and his f+mk overhead were both mentioned). As far as I know tho, it hasn’t been tested at all, and probably isn’t viable due to the short input window vs the hcb motion.

Part of the problem too is the exceptionally short range of the throw, makes it hard to do it after anything.


I want to find a block string into save strike -> dash outside of throw range but inside cmd throw range, that might be a cool setup :confused:


CAPCOM hates Fei Long and 3s


F it, just do 5 c.shorts into FA. lol

I have a bet with Crack that within 6 months, the tier list for console version will list Fei above half the cast. Calling it already.


Godly and safe Focus Attack, normal health, fast speed, good normals, very good AA, decent to pretty good specials.

Just by those alone he’s already easily middle tier to upper middle tier.

If he can combo an ultra from a FK FADC combo, he’ll probably be in upper tier or more.


Does the Ultra combo off anything in the corner even?


Standing close FP into EX Chicken Wing does combo. At least on taller characters. This means you can loop it as long as you got meter haha :smiley: