Fei Long = Daigo?



Anyone else notice that the 3D characters model face viewed from the side looks like Daigo and that Fei Longs hands, when the model is idle, look like he is performing combos on a fight stick. Beyond the obvious Bruce Lee references I think they threw these in as easter eggs.


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Mods, I request a deletion of this thread. So pointless and irrelevant. We don’t want the Fei forums to turn into something like the Sagat/Ryu Forums.

Keep this kind of garbage out of here and in your diaries only.


Hah! ya’ll gave it to him!


You do see the way Fei Longs hands move when hes idle though, right? Looks like hes performing combos on a fight stick.


I usually don’t post in threads like this but I am overwhelmingly compelled to express me belief that the OP is a jackass.


Wasn’t meant to be taken that way. Simply pointing out something I noticed with Fei Long. From the side you could mistake him for Daigo and his idle animations look like hes performing combos on a fight stick. How you get jackass from me pointing out that observation I don’t know. But nobody said opinions had to make sense.


Muahahahahahahaha!!! I actually thought he was playing the piano. Muahahahahahahahaha!!!


Should this be posted here? … fei’s hand movement looks like everyone when they are doing a combo on a stick not just daigo idk


I dunno, Gouken’s hands move too when he’s idle. So what?


dude i think i found an easter egg. sagat looks like me except he has no hair an eyepatch and he’s like a foot taller than me. and when heis idle, his hands kind of look like mine!!!


help me


well at least nobody mentioned anything about all asians looking the same.

oh wait…