Fei long DP OS against Rose?



I was playing casuals the other day against an out of town Fei player, and on my wakeup he did Cr. Lk Os(supposedly) flame kick and it beat out my EX drill. He told me that it was indeed an option select, but I could not go into training mode and reproduce the same results. When I attempted it, the cr lk would constantly get beat by ex drill. I am aware that Fei can do safe meaty shorts where he can block ex drill in time if it comes out, but still giving me the opportunity to FADC to safety. Basically I am just wondering if cr. lk os flame kick is legit against EX drill, or was it just a fluke?


Well I think the OS flame kick should only come out if the c.lk whiffs and the only way it would whiff against a wakeup EX drill is if he was actually doing them too early, so essentially he was just doing flame kick on your wakeup rather than truly option selecting. mk flamekick definitely beats EX drill easily. So does his c.mk which would be even safer for Fei. If the c.lk hits or is blocked or beaten, no flame kick should come out because c.lk is not special cancellable.