Fei Long @ EVO

Just watched a Fei player give Gootecks’ Balrog a little trouble on the stream.

http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1823112 around 55 minutes in.

Anybody know of some Fei Long beasts that might be there?

You guys haven’t seen this crazy canadian Fei Long named RPGV2 he beat JS master in a tourney and then left he was nuts.

The guy who played Gootecks tried to use the CW Cross up on him way too much. It’s a good move to frustrate an opponent with and occasionally do some poke damage but he was using it like it was the only way to deal damage. I thought he should have done nuetral j.HK a few times or gone for more j.MK cross up / mix up games.

I have never heard of RPGV2, is he gonna be at EVO?


Just watched it even though he could of done some things differently or punished better at certain times I still think he done well. You could see he wanted to do with the crossover cw, by doing that it would throw off the charge but unfortunately he overused it and got punished.
Yea I’m surprised that there was barely any overheads, neutral jumps or standing fierce (I believe this is a great move against balrog)

anyway it’s great to see someone go to evo and represent fei

Edit: also lol it seems like seth doesn’t play fei very often

That Fei Player almost had Gootecks. Though my cricitism for the Fei Player during that match is that he over used the chickenwing crossup and when ever he missed it he would get punished

Pretty funny to see Gootecks lose 2 rounds against random (both player and playstyle) pad Fei Long.

Sorry guys. I was nervous so I wasn’t playing like myself. I do know I overused CW, but as MaaZa said I was trying to cross him up with it. I should’ve used mk or lk CW and just blocked afterwards to see what he would do.

Omg… you guys just don’t know… Since this was my First evo it was hard to shake these nerves lol.

There is a lot of stuff I should have done in those matches against gootecks. when we met up in losers brackets, like one away from semis, I played a bit smoother, but was still kinda nervous, and ended up missing some links I truly believed ended up costing me the match.

I’ve played many casuals here at the rio, and many people have called me the best fei they have played… So that the video doesn’t truly show my fei -_-

But next year…EVO IS MINE lol

EDIT: I just watched my match… all I can do is smh…

Are you the only Fei at Evo? Also I’ve heard a lot about Gootecks getting really upset over that match, did something happen or are people just trolling?

dude posts in here sometimes. mostly in the early pages of the threads, and occasionally he drops in from time to time

as far as the match went, red played alright. jumped in a little bit too much, and it was clear gootecks didnt know the match that well. headbutts, and standing jabs crush CW all day. he also didnt know which cw he could punnish which allowed red to get some throws in.

i can see how nerves could get you to do some things out of character. maybe you start to panic and get a little more sporadic when playing in front of all those people. but good shit taking some rounds from one of the best.

Good job at your first tourney, man. You made a nice little splash with a good showing against 'tecks. Hope you come back strong with more Fei in the next one. The Chinaman is underrepresented.

I agree with nb2 you done very well for your first evo also I’ve heard some funny troll stories about your game, did any of your other games get recorded?

You did a good job representing Fei at Evo this year.
I loved those crossover chickenwings when they landed. :lovin:

If I was playing in the tournement I would probably be shitting myself scared. :sweat:

Next year I want to see your Fei go all the way. :rock:

BTW does anyone have the videos for ATL_R3dd’s other matches he played at Evo?

EDIT: Does anyone else think Gootecks is going to go home and study the Fei Long matchup now after playing against ATL_r3dd?

From what I saw, I think I was the only Fei at Evo. Unless there were a few in some other pools. But everyone that I played in matches and casuals said I was the only fei they played there. And people are just trolling, he didn’t smash his stick or anything like that.

Hell yea, I definitely won’t be nervous next time. and I’m definitely hitting top 8 at least.

Thanks man, and I saw a couple of people recording my 2nd match against gootecks. That one was a loooot closer, but again, I missed some links I believe cost me the match. so if it’s not on youtube already, it’ll pop up sooner or later.

Thanks man :wgrin: but I did one 2 many lol. Usually, I wait until boxer does a rush punch, then use the invicibility frames to punish that shit every time. ughhhh man what was I thinking lol.

But I’ll definitely do better next time… So expect some upsets :wgrin:

yo, good shit Red. There was a lot of Gootecks jokes after your match with him.
You have a pretty good Fei. I’ll hit u up for some matches on PSN . Hopefully the lag won’t be too bad, tho :lol:

I dunno about top 8 but next year u should think of getting of pools and then moving up in the semi’s and hope for the best.

You don’t have to know- he already does…Great job out there man! I was nervous for you!

Did u not see the event, did u not see how hard it is to make top 8

Sure I saw it Jacket. We all did. I don’t think it was possible to get a fight online cuz of it. If he thinks he can make top 8; he can and HE WILL!! :slight_smile: After all… Hitenryu is invincible…or something to that effect.

Yeah good shit red. I didn’t mean to sound like you played poorly. The nerves add a whole new dimension to the gameplay. You still did work on him and the crowd had your back, which was sick.

Let’s try and get some more Fei’s next year :slight_smile:

Evo needs more Fei.