Fei Long help?

I’m not exactly a newbie, I can hold my own on the Hard difficulty. But I don’t call myself a “good” player either. I’m not very good with FADC, especially with Fei Long. I have a lot of trouble trying to pull a Flame Kick FADC.

Also, a combo I’ve been trying to do a lot lately, but have only pulled off a few times, is c.lk x2, c.lp, rekkakens.
I just can’t seem to get the rekkakens in. I always end up with either c.lp or lp.

I also rely on jump-ins a lot too. :\ I’m very aware of how bad that is, but it’s a habit I don’t know how to break. I’m not very aware of any other approach options with him.

Tips would be a real help. :b

  1. You learn FADC by practicing it
  2. You’re probably not linking the 2nd c.lk but cancelling into the c.lp. Don’t mash, get the timing down.
  3. You break that by remembering not to do it. Other approach options would be walking, Chicken Wing, FocusDash, Rekka.

Also the Fei Long forums might quite possibly be the better place for this.