Fei Long option selects



Are there any option selects I should be learning as a neophyte Fei Long? I use the o-s crouch tech and jump in chickenwing o-s vs teleporters but those are the only ones I know.


If you are super ballsy you can OS chicken wing on jumps to catch people with escape moves. Chun-Li’s annoying backdash and Akuma’s teleport for one.

12 frames of invulnerability is a lot to blow through some reversals… not sure how good it is though.


Yeah OS jump in into CW is pretty good for people that like to backdash a lot. Really useful vs ibuki.

I’ve never done it but I’ve seen people do cr.LP option selected into U1 to catch back dashes too.

Jump in > EX flame kick will beat out DPs and stuff on wakeup. Loses to backdash depending on character though.


anyone know of any other OS for Fei?


I have been asking about this for weeks. How do you do a OS CW? These videos show a few but its not in english





not sure man im new to the whole option select things. only ones i know how to do arecrouch tech and jp hp > srk with Ryu/Ken


Jason, you do a jump-in and right as you’re about the make contact, you do the CW motion. If the opponent does a move that makes them invincible, your jump-in attack will whiff and give you a faster landing–this will cause the CW to come out. If the opponent does NOT do an invincible move (or run away or whatever), you make contact and the hit/block stun from the jumping attack makes it so that the CW doesn’t come out. You can combo off of that if you’re quick enough.

I often do this with neutral jump HK; if the opponent moves into it or does nothing, I get the HK and can combo into Rekkas or a s.HP. If they back off, I can chase them down with CW. If they attempt to hit me as I’m coming down, my CW invincibility takes care of that as well. This is probably best done with a forward jumping attack though since it threatens the opponent and makes them want to either avoid it or launch some invincible attack.


do these jump in OS’s have to be performed with negative edge?


Thanks for the input. I will work on it.


Nope, not at all. When you do a jump attack take note of how much time you get between the kick/punch coming out and when you land. That’s how much time you have to do the CW motion. (BTW, it’s a lot of time).