Fei Long player looking for sparring partners, advice, and people to observe videos and critique etc

Hey guys -

I am an old SF player from way back when. I was heavily into SF2 (whole series) and some SF3, and used to hit local tournaments. That was ages ago lol. Now I am hardly a good player. I recently began getting back into SSFIV and I am looking for people to play against, practice with, etc. I have been back at it consistently for about a month now. I have a youtube channel if anyone is interested in checking out my videos for discussion, feedback, or anything youd like. Here is the link. If anyone is interested shoot me a message on here or on xbox live. My GT is Noodie5.



Hi just picked up fei long and was looking for some people on psn.

heres my psn id: cheesedoodles408.
im also gona get it for pc when ae comes out. also my steam id is the same as my psn one

feel free to add me, I’m currently not on AE n my ps3 bt whthehar copy drops im getting it. I am do have AE on XBL though. hit me up.

Yer man - if your on xbox feel free to add me there (Its just my name here)
Also a recommendation for your youtube, its great that you are uploading and I sub’d , but I think you should slow the pace of your uploads a bit.

Undaunted. They are going to slow now. I just had a few I had to get up. Now that it is done, Ill probably do it every week, or 2 weeks or so. I figured that it would be easier for people to get an idea and provide any sort of constructive criticism if there were more than 5 of 10 videos. The 2 uploaded recently were matches from tonight.

Now, they wont be coming so frequently. Thanks for the suggestion bud.

Add me on psn (NewEra07) I need help getting option selects down. Thanks

add me on xbl OG Swiizy pretty good fei player looking to help ppl out & get better

gmarr87 is my tag need partners too

Go to the match up threads and post videos as well for feedback. Depending on your skill level, everyone can see where you’re at.

… Not that I’m back by any means, but I need some help. Just trying to get back to a place where my game is tolerable (not laughable). If anyone is willing to help, I’m available around 6pm EST and later. I don’t think I can devote enough time to being competitive for awhile-- too busy between work, studying, and the GF. Just hoping to get some games in and re-learn how to not be a scrub.

If you’re on Xbox, holla @ me. I’m sure you’re not as bad as you’re making yourself seem lol.

GT: Stakes Are High

Also, watch youtube for match up advice.

No I’m pretty bad now. It’s been almost two years (wow thats long) since I last played competitively and at least a year since I devoted serious time to my couch/stick.

Wish it wasn’t that way but consider me garbage from where I was before. If you can play different characters that would be great practice.

You’re never as bad as you think you are. The whole point of these forums is to help you get better, regardless of skill level.

I personally play all the time and still lose to ppl who I think aren’t on my skill level. So I’m still trying to improve too. We’re all works in progress.

Anyway, holla if or when you’re ready. Or just play endless to get back on the ride again.

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Always fun to play ya. I’ll hit you up when I am playing. I believe I have you in my friends list, Kobrakun is your GT right?

Kobrakoun, yessir. I’ve been grinding in Ranked to put some stress in my life. Would be good to get some endless in so don’t hesitate to invite me.

Next time I’m on I’ll probably invite aight?

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Sounds good dude

Hey new to Fei I’ve been trying to get some good practice in but Im just not sure what it is that is making me lose so much so add me if you want to play any advice is welcome
PS3- FunkSauce

Go over your replays and if you can post to the forums.

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Also just keep working on your execution. Like everyday lol.

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