Fei Long - Proximity Blocking OS (Capcom, please remove from USF4)


cr.LK POS Flame Kick is practical as part of a blockstring. If they tech or reversal after a cr.LK, they get DP’d right back. The game decides it for me. And if they do nothing, nothing happens. Fei is still in your face and gets an almost guaranteed throw. You can even do two cr.LKs so that you are outside of throw range, and if someone tries to Karathrow to counter it, the Kara activates the proc block, and they get DP’d.

cr.MK and cr.MP with POS Flame Kick buffered in is practical in footsies. Even Ryu can do cr.MK on it’s own as a poke with POS DP, and if anyone tries to poke back (as Ryu is -3 here), they get DP’d and take 160-200dmg. For no reason other than just because they pressed a button.

It’s all practical, because it’s an OS. There is no risk, just a small execution barrier which I overcame in a day. If I can do that, then other players will. I have no doubts there are more, even scarier uses for it than this but I can’t be bothered recording them.

This should NOT be part of the game. It takes away from so many parts of (this particular version of) Street Fighter and adds nothing back.

I’m surprised this stayed hidden for so long. Seems like such a simple mistake to stumble across.

It is horse shit, the game is playing itself.


I may be missing it, but have any Fei Longs been pulling this off? I haven’t heard much about it since it was first well known and Alioune said he’d use it capcom cup, even though it didn’t seem to make the difference I thought it would for him.




I can deal with option selects, I think they’re totally fine, but this crap is so dumb and ruins the game. I remember watching a shoryusengan video showing this and he thought the exact same thing, this needs to go capcom. We can only be glad that this is extremely uncommon.

After the initial hype I haven’t heard much complaints about it. I wonder if they have been considering it a priority or if there’s anything they even could do about it if they wanted.

The timing has been kind of hard for me but I’m going to try and learn this.

You haven’t heard much about it because no one has sat and practiced it, and then used it in a tournament setting.

It’s also harder to work into your game without it affecting other parts of it.

Its hard to work in because you’re focusing on inputting it correctly or the proper spacing to use it?

I think he means it’s hard to concentrate on footsie’s when you’re trying to bypass them completely with mechanics. I think this stuff may be extremely useful (or broken depending on your view) in corner situations when you need to lock someone down but other than that it’s sort of like fishing for something whilst abandoning your over all game.

It’s sort of like the dude online that always try’s to land an Ultra once stocked or the player that try’s to sit and buffer through a fireball. You’re not actually playing the game, you’re just waiting for a series of events to unfold which you have already pre-determined.

To be good at Street Fighter you have to be unpredictable and this Proximity stuff sort of goes against that thought process for me.

It’s difficult because you’re adding another set of outcomes to any situation, and you have to be ready for it. It’s not braindead.

Applying it to your counterpoking game is the first step, and perhaps the easiest as Fei’s cr.MP is too good. You can just spam it and correctly whiff punishing it is hard, and by that I mean reacting to the whiff and not just pressing a button and passing it off as one. You have to be ready for:

A) Did it hit? - Nice!
B) Did it counterhit? - Confirm into cr.HP/Rekka.
C) Did it whiff? - What did the opponent do?

The fact that there is a third outcome and that your POS could potentially come out mean you will always have that in the back of your mind as a potential outcome if they mistime a whiff punish. If you just whiff normally, you’d just expect either to be whiff punished or not whiff punished. On top of this, you also gather information on whether you can or can’t get away with using it freely depending on whether you are punished on the whiff. And for anyone that’s fought players that use it, you have to be ready for them to bait out the POS.

It adds another element to the game at the very least, and one a lot of players will consider bullshit until they understand how it works or the repercussions of it’s misuse.

Combine this with the rest of what you’re already concentrating on in neutral, as well as any character matchup knowledge you need to apply, AND player knowledge that you have to apply then and there - it’s not easy at all.

But that’s only one element of it.

Using POS as part of Okizeme and in blockstrings is the next part, and provides a whole new set of outcomes that you would need to be ready for. Using it on the opponent’s wakeup means you’re forgoing any other safe Oki you could have used in place of it. You also have to be ready for the OS not to activate, and be able to keep the pressure on, whilst inputting the POS correctly in the first place.

In blockstrings, you have to be aware of the correct strings to use on a per character basis. You need to know, that after a certain string, which of the opponent’s options are completely stuffed by the POS. Which button is the opponent likely to hit after this string? What is their best/safest option? The opponent could just do nothing, and you again have to be ready for that while at all times inputting the POS correctly on the normal you ended your string with. They could have been hit by your string, so then you have to change it on the fly to convert damage.

Then there’s working it into your CH/Throw game…

There’s a lot more to it than it just being a system quirk.

Hi!! i have a lot of time looking for an explanation about how to do Proximity Option Select but i cant find it. PLEASE, i want to do this. if some knows a video for “dummies” explaining the timing and the inputs? on youtube there are many videos with this topic, but no one show the inputs.


Check nev’s (the guys who posted above you) youtube vids or dig through Ultra Chens vids. Good luck.