Fei Long Q&A: Ask simple questions here!

You know what to do here Fei players.

It’s very easy to combo (or is it a link?) j.HK into Fei’s Ultra - works for forward and neutral jump (neutral j.HK -> Ultra won me quite a few matches…).

Unfortunately it doesn’t work for the Super though. And since I’m not dexterous enough to reliably cancel a c.MK into Super, I have this question:

What’s a similarly easy way to combo or link into Fei’s Super?

first off you can actually j.hk>super. aside from that the best ways to land super are off a command grab or just activate using the invincibility to get through an enemy projectile. hit up training mode to get that cr.mk>super down.

Thanks - yes, I need to learn this c.mk -> super…

What about far s.HP -> Super, cl.HP -> Super and c.MP -> Super - do they work, too?

Could it be my Super never “comboed” after the j.HK because I use the HP for the Super? Is it faster with LP?

cr.lp, cr.mk, close st.mk, close st.fp, close st.hk, and cr.mp super cancel, but its silly to learn cr.mp when cr.mk will hit them if their not blocking low, add to the fact cr.mk isnt that much harder. as for all your other options, well most of them are close and the other 2 have less range than cr.mk and do no hit if block standing. jumpin hk>hp>super works fine but you gota be really fast to super cancel off st.fp. try jumpin hk>st.hk>super next time, easier\more dmg. if your too far though you can just do a deep jumpin hp\hk(attack them as late as needed) straight into ulta or super.

That’s almost everything I wanted to know - thanks again.

Last question: is there a difference between Fei’s LP Super and the HP Super?

lp\mp\hp all push him forward more or less. lp being the least range covered and hp being the most.

What about the startup time? Is it the same for jab, strong and fierce Rekkashinken?


So there’s no difference (assuming the table is correct). Thank you! :tup:

I think the automatic armor-breaking properties of reversals really adds to Fei’s RekkaKen poke game. Almost makes focusing vs him at mid-screen a problem. Now just have to figure out more on how that actually works. What makes a special move qualify as a reversal? The number of frames in between when you start a move versus when they started their own? (But if that is the case, why are we able to focus versus Fei at the start of a match if he does RekkaKen at the start of a a match?)

edit: Ok, did a search and a reversal is…

"the ability of a character to go straight from a non-hittable frame (such as being knocked down), directly into an special attack, with no delay or events in between. As an example, if Ken is knocked onto the ground, the player may enter the command for a shoryuken as he is getting up, which Ken will then execute in the very first frame after getting up from the ground.

There are four situations where a character may perform a reversal attack.

  1. after getting up from being knocked down.

*wake-up lp rekka vs spaced focus attempts

  1. directly after exiting a blockstun state.
  2. directly following your character landing from being hit in the air with a non-knockdown move. (The first frame after landing will be the special.)
  3. directly after exiting a stun state. (Although technically a stun state isn’t a non-hittable frame.)"

source: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.php?board=943709&topic=46518061

see 4:59 of [media=youtube]9zpu9YYx-ek&feature=channel[/media] for reversal RekkaKen…here, Fei applied 4 to get a reversal (after leaving hit-stun from the hadoken)

so…you can counterhit a focus; you can focus a lvl1/2 focus; you can armor-break a focus; and, similarly, reversal a focus (all stuff outside of throw range or plainly avoiding). Also, you can use an armor-bearing move through all levels of focus? <-- not Fei of course since he has none

What’s up with people getting swept out of Focus attacks?

Why is it that sometimes when you focus a focus attack, and let go of focus, your character sometimes just stands there instead of releasing their own counter focus attack?

my guess is that you have to wait a bit longer to release rather than letting it go the instant you focus their focus?

see 0:32 in [media=youtube]9zpu9YYx-ek&feature=channel[/media] Ken obviously holds his focus just a little longer after counter-focusing Ryu; if you have the habit of automatically releasing focus after absorbing focus, you may have also noticed the above ‘glitch’ that I ask about.

I actually have one…

Is there any difference in lk, mk, or hk tenshin? I haven’t seen anything noticable in training mode.

Will c.mk link after tenshin like c.mp?


is there any use for jp.mp. i heard it has high priority

Its hitbox is better than j.HK for some occasions. And it’s a bit faster while doing also good damage (j.MP does 80, j.HK does 100).

from what ive seen in most occasions you can use j.mp, j.hp serves just as well in terms of priority and does more dmg.

what is particularly neat about j.strong is the removal of having to worry about whiffing a jump-in…the air-2-air hit, dash under which has them jumping up and into it’s df hitbox…it’s slightly longer active hit frames

I use J.mp against Chun Li selectively; I don’t know why, I just feel more comfortable jumping at her with that…

So, if you end up on the defensive end of a blockstring, do you stay in auto block until there is a hole, or do you have to actually hold block until you see the gap? Im asking cuz I’m trying to figure out if you can buffer in a backdash while in autoblock(if it exists) to avoid throw mix-ups.