Fei Long Q&A: Ask simple questions here!

It really depends on the type of knockdown that you get. If you’re thinking about doing it from a sweep, it’s manual timing since you don’t have time to whiff something and then jump in safely. From a throw in the corner, you can whiff st.LP/LK and to set up a “safe” cross-up attempt, but it’s the button press timing that would determine if you cross up or not.

If you press early, the hit will be towards the front and you’ll land in front. Delay by a couple frames and it’ll cross up. When Mago does it, it doesn’t seem like he readjusts spacing from an unteched or untechable knockdown, he just gets the timing of the press at the right moment so that Fei’s j.MP hitbox doesn’t allow him to move past the opponent’s (if he wants a frontal hit), or once he’s moved just behind the opponent already (if he wants a cross-up). That seems to work well for myself too, but it takes practice to get it down. Maybe there’s also a set-up that I’m not aware of though. Hoping someone can enlighten me if there is.

To be fair, I think they’ve actually changed j.MPs hit box. Mid-screen I’m finding it a heck of a lot easier to cross-up with it now than in Super, or maybe I’ve just changed they way I’ve been doing it…


No worries mate, just remember you have to learn the distance’s from which rekka’s are safe - that’s most important. So if your close or using it as a blockstring then you have to bare in mind that you’ll get punished using the wrong strength.

Also if you’ve hit confirmed your rekka’s, you can 360 the stick to make it easier (if you want), you can’t leave the ground in the rekka animation remember. I used to do this when I started because I had trouble ending the rekka’s facing right (I alway’s played arcade on the P2 side when I was young! ).

Of course these are all not “pure” way’s to input commands, just alternate solutions, but believe me, even the pro’s use the system to give them the edge through plinking or double tapping etc etc… Everyone’s different, just find what works for you.

the thing is it seems like his j.MP isn’t crossing but the first hit he makes when he lands does. Like i was mentiong with akuma’s j.LK mixups that tokido does. They jumping with a normal and you always block it at the front. But then when he lands it’s behind you or in front and it’s like so hard to tell. I think i can get j.MP to crossup but not like say mago does. I need ot get a vid of it so i can show. Or maybe i don’t understand the properties correctly. Thanks for the info though.

There is a video floating around of the j.lk corner mix-up after knock down, but I can’t seem to find it. Maybe if someone can find it for ya. Also, I always thought that in corner the mix up was dependent more on the jump timing more than the button press, but I can totally see how both of them can influence the position of the landing.

It’s a bit of both, but there’s an obvious affect that the button press has on the set-up, especially in the corner. You’ll notice it most when you do an early press; the jump arc looks like a cross-up but the j.MP hitbox keeps you from moving behind the opponent, making it look super ambiguous. That’s not the set-up that Fox is looking for though :-/

Fei’s j.LK can probably do the Akuma trick easier since the hitbox is wider.

Hey guys -

I decided to pick up Fei as my main and had some questions.
I’ve been practicing his basic rekka bnb’s and I’ve been hitting them pretty consistently, at least in training mode. It’s an entirely different story in matches haha. But granted, I know those will come naturally as I get more match experience. Now my question is, what should I do now? I’ve been trying to do the CW combos, and it’s definitely a work in progress, but considering that I’m such a new player, should I simply be playing some more matches online?
Also, what exactly is the approach to play Fei Long? I’ve been watching a lot of Mago’s matches and he plays and extremely patient Fei.

Anyways, let me know what you guys think.


Hit confirming rekka’s, safe chip damage with rekka’s and solid footsie’s would be my 3 but others may have a different opinion. Everything revolves around his rekka and footsie’s , so much that only really Mago and a few select players can play him to his potential (IMO).

I play a patient Fei also, but you need to be prepared to go for the mix ups once you knock someone down. The problem I find playing patient Fei against better players is that sometimes I can get very predictable. To counter those predictable moments I’ve found using tenshin set ups really help, it opens up your opponent for 200-300 damage which can turn a match.

He takes a long time, I’ve been playing him for about 12-18 months and am still not happy!

The only other thing would be cl-mp, it’s a great part of his game, and something I don’t use enough of.

Thanks for the input.
Like I said, I’ve been watching *a lot *of Mago’s matches and it’s amazing to watch how patient and efficiently he plays. GODLKE, indeed.
I’ve been in training mode hit confirming my rekka’s and it’s getting consistent by the day. So I guess that’s a good thing. Of course I’ve got a lot more to learn but I feel like if I overload myself with all this information, I’ll barely make any progress. Taking everything piece by piece.

Hi guys, what do you do after the new combo st.lp -> cr.hk ? Is there a safejump setup?

I seem to only be using it against characters that will have a real dis-advantage. Like Guile and Rog, otherwise I’m sticking to rekka’s most of the time.

Nosone came up with the idea that if your in the corner, you can then sweep, jump over and put them in the corner.

Apart from that I’ve just been using the usual j-mp cross up. Having trouble on Yang though, his dp seems a bit good (like every thing else - Rekka FADC ultra…WTF)

You can do a safe jump off of sweep, but I feel a better option is to do a very ambiguous j.MP on their wake up, as that will make most reversal DPs whiff, so against bad players you get a free punish, and against better players who know they can’t DP it you get to apply pressure and a mixup from it.

You can also add option selects to it to improve the overall effectiveness of it. If you were looking for a specific safe-jump setup after sweep, you have to time it yourself I think as you have to jump almost immediately, so you can’t whiff a normal for the timing.

hey guys, how exactly do you guys play out the Ibuki matchup? (mainly dealing with jumpin kunais reliably and how to block the vortex.) Is there a particular AA you guys use more to not trade or get hit by the kunai? thnx =)

Hey guys i was able to land the j.MP front block landing crossup that i was talking about. I just need to find a legit setup to do it all the time. When i find that i’ll post a video.

As Spartan mentioned, a safe-jump is manual timing from a sweep, and you also have access to an ambiguous set-up. There’s also one meaty set-up that I’d like to point out:

Sweep > f+MK (whiff) > cr.LK

This is safe from slow-to-start reversals like Rose’s EX Spiral, or Balrog’s Headbutt, among other things. This is also posted in the “Safe-jump” section of the Every Answer Here thread.

I wouldn’t try to AA the Kunai during a vortex unless I was sure that it was coming from the front. If Ibuki’s just throwing Kunai, you can time a normal I guess or just jump/focus.

Blocking the vortex is tricky but if you watch Ibuki’s body as she does it, you can see which way to do it. If Ibuki is still in front of you when she throws the Kunai, block it normally (in front). If she is crossing over when the Kunai comes out, block it like a cross-up, and then block Ibuki’s string following that normally.

Ibuki has trouble getting in on Fei without a knockdown, so I like to make it really boring to start. Keep your distance and watch for her super-jumps. When she does that, you can try retreat jumping or anti-airing, but don’t let her get a blockstring going or it’ll get confusing. At mid-range she likes to poke with her spin kicks. If she ends with the normal low spin kick, you can reversal that with Rekkas. If it’s EX, don’t try as it’s safe. At mid-range and closer, her Neck Breaker slide is also punishable, though you can never really be sure how punishable, so stick with cr.LP xx Rekkas or just Flame Kick.

Ibukis sometimes play footsies with cr.MP xx Neckbreaker which will knock you down into a vortex. Be wary of this and don’t play that game with her. If she’s footsie-minded, she may not be looking for a jump-in or an (airborne) overhead to come out. That could lead to a mistake on her end, so take advantage of that.

oh i was referring to the jumpin kunai as when they just do it outside of vortex, similar to how Akuma does jumpin EX fireball to get in but takes the risk of getting sweeped by say, Ryu. Just want a reliable way to stop Ibuki players from randomly jumping in on me without me having to walk back to much.

Hm, I don’t see that happen too often vs. jump-back Kunai, but in that case, it’s a matter of having a good hitbox. st.LP/MP have the best hitboxes/speed for their range, and st.MK has a slightly longer range and more specific angle. If Ibuki’s about to cross you up doing it, try cl.MK as she comes overhead; it’s super fast and has a great hitbox on it.

I’d stick with those unless you can read the jump and do a CW. The CW would/could simultaneously AA Ibuki right out depending on her jump angle too.

No use in maining this “ASS” tier character, can’t beat guile no matter what, and yea… NOT EVEN MAGO!

what do you do to counter bushin izuna drop?

How are you getting hit by it? Are you jumping? getting hit while doing a CW?

The best option is to no stand. croutching is the best option to get around the bushin izuna drop, so then it leaves you open for elbow pressure. To deal with the elbow pressure, use fei’s cr.mk. This normally causes the elbow to either whiff, and leave him at a disadvantage (not much but enough to back up or throw) or it will hit him (awesome if you have super).

So once the guy player sees you croutching all the time they will run>overhead. your cr.mk will also cause that overhead to whiff (outside of a point blank block string) again leaving them at a disadvantage, good for a throw > safejump setup.

Hope this helps!