Fei Long Q&A: Ask simple questions here!

If you’re caught in a blockstring, I’d suggest timing a FlameKick to FA cancel, but let the FA crumple them, it works more often than not. (As in do the flame kick, cancel with FA and continue with the FA). That’s good for corner defense anyway.

As for Blockstun, where you can let go of the controller, I’m not sure if you can buffer into a backdash, I wouldn’t suggest trying it anyway…

this is exactly how you survive gouken. autoguard in this game will block through the entire blockstring for you. so yea you only have to block the first hit then mash back and your fairly safe. a balrog or bison type ultra\super will still get you though. :notice gouken strat:

How come every once in awhile Shoryuken’s switch sides on my cross-up (go one the side that I know they didn’t put the input for, because my friend has done it) and nail me since it has priority over my MK?

I’ve gotten to the poin that I don’t even do it anymore against characters that have Shoryuken’s because of Shoryuken > Ultra from Ryu or even just the random scrub that throws it on wake-up and it ends up switching sides.

Is my timing just slightly off or something?

No. Just more of Capcom/Ono-san trying to make the game more beginner friendly. If their last input for srk, or whatever is at the precise moment you cross over the mid point of their char, they get auto correct, you eat srk.

Is that true? I’ve been practicing against my own reversal timing (I’m Ryu), and it seems like the trick is to still be in front of them during their reversal window, but behind them after that time has passed. It has helped me very much, since if I see someone srk the other way without a reversal signal, I know they’re too good for that and it’s time to mix-up.

What is the most damageing combo you can do after a FA crumple. i usually go with.dash forward cl.hp into rekkas. but i have a feeling theres something more i can be doing

i would guess these take the top:

  1. combo into hk cw…
    …s.fierce xx ex flame kick
    …s.fierce xx mk/hk flame kick xx ex dash cancel f xx hk cw

  2. super

  3. ultra

actually, this is an essential area I would have to strengthen to level up my Fei…maximizing on damage/stun options…more combos into hk cw and links/mix-up off of

I’ve checked on sagat and i’ve never got the mp into CW to work after a crumple, it seems to go over him for some reason shrug

Oh and I know I’ve said this before but cl fp into hk/ex fk seems to not give all the hits on some characters (sagat again, akuma as well i think? a few others) so i just do rekkas on everyone now. Not ideal, but at least I don’t miss.

even when you substitute mk flame kick for hk?

People can test this to see if I am right or wrong, but when I was playing around with Tenshin, using it after FA resets that damage scaler or w/e that makes bigger comboes do less damage.

So as long as you are good with timing and such, you should always be doing that. If I am wrong, it is also good for playing around with the opponent switching sides and such to safe force them in the corner with HP > Rekkas.

:u: already tested multiple times by multiple people and posted up even with the result of: wrong

would be nice tho…

but once you think about it, the only thing you would really be resetting is damage off of Focus…I don’t think Fei has any combos into Lvl2 Focus like, say, guile, rose, or dan who all get more charge time off of fbs

in a stun situation, lvl3 focus vs an opponent who is just recovering from dizzy is always cool tho

well if i do mk flamekick instead of hk then won’t it do less damage than fierce rekkas anyway?

that really depends on 2 things. the first is if the hk gets one or 2 hits, if its only getting 1 use mk. secondly are you going to combo after? basically this clause is reserved for the end of a match where if you happen to get a traded AA flame kick or fadc a flame kick AND YOU KNOW adding a CW+ULTRA will make up the damage and kill em… why the fuck not right? you *could * use the super also but i would NEVER suggest it. his super does more dmg than ultra in a full ground combo, connects of most of his attacks, and doesnt require focus. save it for round 3, granted if your already there and its for the win, take your opportunity.

is there anyway to get all 3 hits on a crossup CW i cant seem to find the distacne i usually only get 1 sometimes 2

no the first does armor break and the second 3rd does crossup, between the 2 dont get stuck on what you cant do, get creative.

Not sure if I have seen this asked in already existing threads, but:

CH flame kick xx fadc f, ultra

full ultra?

i doubt it, but it would be nice if he shared this similarity to Ken

Unfortunately, Fei can’t catch an opponent in the full animation unless they’re upright. Juggles seem to work as such:

1st hit> 3rd hit> (5th hit, if you time it right)
2nd hit> 4th hit

Ok, as I thought. Cool.

Why are majority combos with Fei into Rekkas? Can he not do:

low short, low jab, flame kick?

…and still maintain the oki advantage afterwards?

the main thing i do after a KD from Rekka is usually force them to block another Rekka on wake-up (given how far it knocks them away). Surprisingly, some people just eat another Rekka (thinking there was no need to block at that range?)

also, after a Rekka knock-down, why not just HK CW and play off the +0 on block at the least?

things to fear would of course be
-wake-up focus (possibly)
-wake-up reversal
-wake-up super/ultra (possibly)

Well, against 'Gief it would be pretty risky, considering that his favorite move (SPD) has a startup of only 2 frames; this can catch you even if you try to jump, and it doesn’t even have to be an exact reversal. His super/Ultra are also even faster (1 frame).

Considering that characters get an Ultra about half-way through the match, I think there are too few “safe” chances to try this.

What’s so special about Fei Long’s Ex Command throw?