Fei Long: Safe Jumps / Unblockables / etc setups




Back Throw

  • Slight step back, Jump Foward HK ( 4 Frames )
  • ST MP, Jump Foward LK ( Beats 3 frame reversals)
  • Dash Foward > Neutral Jump HK ( 4 Frames )
  • ST LK, Neutral Jump HK ( 3 Frames ) (Ken HP DP will beat this)

Foward Throw

  • Slight step forward/ back, foward jump HK ( 4 Frames )


  • Very slight delay jump foward HK ( 4 Frames )

EX Flame Kick (Must tech Wake Up)

  • Imediately jump foward normal ( 4 Frames )

Ultra 1

  • ST LP, Jump foward HK ( 4 Frames )

Ultra 2


Foward Throw

  • CR LP, Jump foward MP ( Corner)

Back Throw

  • Walk back slight, whiff jab, jump foward mp

Sagat Social/General Discussion Thread

Unblockables will fix when the site is properly done >>


Anyone who contributes to this thread by posting safe jumps, unblockables, etc i will update this thread and add them.


Hitenryu did you see some of the safe jump videos neville posted up? If not check it out and post those vids on here for better organization :smiley: http://forums.shoryuken.com/t/lab-findings/105219page-4


Thanks for that bud, it’s really well organised.


I found a pretty cool trick, after a forward throw, it beats pretty much every normal in the game if they try to tech and throw a normal they still loose out, basically after forward throw you hit over head bring you in range for EX Tenshin which 95 percent of the time will get everyone in the cast providing you dont read that they are jumping or executing a special, if you sense they are blocking eching\ or hitting any button, its a free command grab :smiley:




Updated thread

Also new unblockable against Ryu from Mago

Skip to 27:45 for it!


I really don’t understand how or why on earth people stay on the outside when they jump in and the opponent are still laying on their back. It’s always been one of the great mysteries for me.

I’d definitely use that setup, if I could actually figure out that jump in HK staying in front part.


The unblockable only works if they dont tech after the srk fadc cwing, then you do a deep foward jump hk immediately whiff st mk when you land and then foward jump mk.


It looks like a mk.cw after the fadc what do you think?


Yes its mk cwing ive gotten the unblockable too work too bad i dont have a capture card or anything to record if you guys can record ill post it in the thread.


It’s a legitimate unblockable, not just a really nasty 50/50? It’s strictly only for Ryu, or have you figured out if it might work on others?


Yep its a legitimate unblockable works on Ken and Evil ryu aswell.


And Makoto, she has the same frames on wake up




Updated thread with 2 new unblockables i found on cviper and elfuerte and another against Juri and Ibuki, hopefully someone can record to demonstrate it!


LOL I’ve discovered 3 unblockable, one agaisnt Seth and two agaisnt Gen

Fei’s unblockable vs Seth

This one is so simple, I cannot understand how anybody can’t discovered before me

Fe’s unblocable vs Gen

This unblockable is so hard to timing, Gen can escape if he keep the stick in neutral position



note: this unblockable can also be done with c.mk instead of s.mp

note: seth escape options are exactly the same as the other video

I might as well post the following here as well since this thread is nicely organised plus it might be helpful to others.
This is a setup on t hawk that has to be blocked as a non crossup
and this is similiar to nevillebams sakura video



this one is a good one as it hits even if they crouch


Updated thread

Good shit on dr sub maaza havent seen you post here for a long time lol