Fei Long Theory Fighter/General Discussion

For when you dont know where to post stuff, and or random Fei related info, like tier standings or whatever

so i was screwin around in training mode and found out you can get counterhit setups, and force a standing jab to get blocked by jumping in with short and not allowing it to hit deep

usually it happens when i dont want it to and i get DPed from hitting too high with jump ins. but you can just hit the button early when you jump. you can get counterhits by using close MP as your follow up. obvious advantages and setups from close mp

if you use jab as a follow up, it wont link to the jump in. like almost never. you could use that to set up tenshins

Why is Fei vs Dhalsim evenish while Fei vs Seth is 6-4 Seth’s favor?

Seth has a DP and better escape options. Also Mike are you talking about like… jump in with j.LK and then frame trapping with cl.MP or force a blocked st.LP? Never messed with that… I always thought if they blocked a j.LK and you did anything it was DP city.

so is the general consencus now that Fei vs Dhalsim is in Feis favour ? , or is it just that Mago completely mind fucked Mochi . I personally think it’s still an even match but after watching Mago obliderate Mochi in such a convincing manner im starting to believe otherwise. oh and bad news for all you guys that were hoping to play with UBER Fei anytime soon as it’s looking like DLC will not be coming to consoles for a while yet .

Is it possible to ever make lp rekka + frames on block like if its max range and the opponent is crouching?Sagats tiger knee turns from -10 to +1.The reason i ask this is because right now i feel that i am giving away momentum when i do a lp rekka when they are in the corner or blocking and its risky to frame trap with delayed 2 hit of rekka.

No Rekka only has 2 active frames so if you timed it meaty for some reason. Your frame disadvantage would only be better by 1.

sagat can do that because tiger knee knocks down, and has a ton of active frames. id imagine that the 3rd rekka could be made to give frame advantage on block, but it would be near impossible to do because you have to move like a full screen length performing the first 2, then hit with the last active frames only of the last rekka

and Sam, all frame traps are DP city if you try them on the wrong type of player

Impossible. Looking at both the frame data and hitbox. Feis active hitbox only becomes active at the end of his dash forward and theres only 2 of it so the best case scenario is to time it meaty and get +1 on the frame advantage so first hit of LP rekka would go from -4 to -3. If we did what you said meaty then the 3rd hit of rekka ken lp version would be -18 instead of -19. /nerd

look at the frame data on tiger knees. they become safe at certain ranges. you cant always read the frame data at face value. even if you are correct about this scenario, the numbers are always calculated from point blank range. meaning they dont take into account distanced attacks or standing or crouching block

moves that cause blow back knockdowns have wierd properties in this game. same with rose doing soul spirals

I already know that. You have to look at the active frames. Hitbox data would even be more helpful but taking the tiger knee example. Tiger knee has 12 active frame on the 2nd hit meaning if you space it on the last hit, you would get +11 on the -10 on block if it hit on the first active frame making the once before -10 on block now +1. Feis Rekka only has 2 active frame so no matter how perfectly you space them it would only be +1 more then what it is. If you watch the hitbox data its pretty much impossible to do this except as a meaty instead of spacing it.

oh. makes sense then

Err yeah I meant like… there’s a frame tight option there? I thought there was always a gap between j.LK and any other attack.

there is, but youre leaving it on purpose so that you either make sure that the stand jab is blocked, or you score a counterhit cuz the opponent is pressing buttons.

most frame traps in this game leave large gaps. bison cr.lk, cr.fp for example, is a 9 frame gap. adon cr.lk, close fp is a 6 frame gap. rose cr.lk, close rh is a 6 framer. sagat cr.lk, cr.fp is 5 frames. i dunno the rules for frame traps in other fighters, but in this game 5-9 frame gaps work better because of crouch tech timing.

i dunno the frame gap on the jump in to a close mp, but it works from the same concept of leaving the gap on purpose so you can catch the startup fames of a tech attempt

Why is it that I cannot chicken wing, no matter what I do…and yesterday, I even had trouble with the 3 hit rekkas. I never have trouble with the 3 hit rekkas!!

What’s up guys? Any other fei players going to represent at season’s beatings?

i was supposed to go, but im gonna have to work

Thanks for explaining,it makes sence now.So how come some moves are punishable if blocked standing and not crouching?

What do you guys think will change for fei once/if cr.mk to rekka is possible?(other than combos)

It’ll make Fei more threatening from the crouching position. Fei’s biggest (overall) weakness is having to defend low. Other than our cr. LK, Fei has no way to initiate a combo that forces the opponent to block low. Our best pokes are j. rekka, cr. mp and cr. hp all of which hit mid. Even when I look at pro match-ups, not many people capitalize on that fact and just block high instead of crouch block when outside of Fei’s cr. lk range. Perhaps they are unaware of this range weakness Fei has. Mind you cr. mk > rekka doesn’t really fix this weakness as cr. mk is still short range, it will help reduce Fei’s hitbox when countering some moves (due to cr. mk low hitbox). What this does is force an opponent to guess cr. mk or overhead more. If only we could do a target combo from an overhead to knockdown…

I’ll be there.