Fei Long Theory Fighter/General Discussion


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Can someone translate French? Just want to know if anything relevant was said.

Looks like Starnab is getting better with the cl.HP link too.

at 1:19: "one day, this wont work anymore hehe
at 3:23: "dont attack dont attack, he’ll chicken wing you

its all friendly talk

I found it surprising that Starnab was still hitting those HK Chicken wing, regardless of the invincibility loss

Starnab should have went EX rekka for the chip. That said Fei friends I need some advice on the Bison matchup. I am getting killed even by the worst Bison players who spam same moves over and over lol. I am so FREE!


Let’s get these match-up threads rolling then. Which move(s) are these Bison players spamming? If you have some video, I think we can sort of digest what’s going on.

SK pressure then when I am in the corner I eat a hk trying to get out. Online play makes you develop so many bad habits. Lower level players spam moves then when you face high level players you get footsies battles. I am free. I need a good plan to apply pressure on bison after a knockdown. That’s where my game suffers. Keeping that pressure on, then again I suck.

Okay, Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma look both awesome and terrifying. I’m gonna call it now and say they’ll be 4-6 for Fei. (lol, just to make this ‘on’ topic :P)

Ohhh there’s a stream now :slight_smile:

Link to the stream!!! These guys will probably be S tier with 750 life/stun. I’m pumped :smiley:

[edit] They’re soo crazy… This’ll get the sheep off of Fei’s nuts for a quick minute lol

Fuck it. I’m considering dropping Fei! Their models look so sweet.

Edit, how did I triple post? And why can’t I delete them!?!?!?!

First time I have seen a triple post.

And yeah, Oni and Evil are going to take the spotlight once AIR DASHES and TELEPORT OVERHEAD SMASH attacks take priority.

Evil Ryu looks like a buffed version of normal Akuma in some regards, whilst Oni Akuma looks visually more like gouken and like he plays more like a MvC character than anything.

they look pretty dope

Love both Oni and Evil Ryu UC2. They look absolutely beautiful, makes Fei Long’s ultras look almost mediocre. :<

Evil Ryu seems a lot like Akuma, minus aerial hadou. I wonder if his Axe Kick is an armor breaker. It seems like a move I could react to with UC2 if it’s not. Mmm.

Oni looks pretty scary, that palm slash being able to cross up at close range? Oh man. My impression of him is that once people figure him out more, he’s going to be a tough one. E.Ryu seems fairly solid, and the easier one to pick up and play.

I was thinking of using Fei Long as my main until AE dlc comes out. Would that make me seem like I am jumping on the bandwagon?

who cares? it’s just a character in a game, play who you want

Provided you use the proper threads to find stuff out, who cares if you’re on the bandwagon?! Seriously, use the threads, there’s been a lot work put into those over the last month.

Please use the threads, pleaaaaaaasssssseeeee :’(


Just bought one, thanks for the tip :wink:

So um, he doesn’t come up very often, but it seems El Fuerte is my worst matchup in the matchup stats. No question about, I have no idea what I’m doing against him… with any character really. I guess Fei Long probably has the advantage in that match?

There’s no matchup thread for him yet I think. Can anyone give me the general idea of what I’m supposed to be doing against him? The funny thing is, even though I can escape from most knockdowns with chicken wing, I still end up losing somehow. If I knock him down, I feel like I have nothing I can do to him; he can just EX run away, or dash back or ultra or throw or OS tech or EX dp. If I get him to the corner he does some wall jump thing to get out, or he EX dps over my head. Then it’s back to randomly flailing around which often ends up with me on the losing end.

Brian, really good catch on the missing Fuerte match-up. I just added it to an existing section. I’ll post there later with some ideas on the match. A good Fuerte screws me up too.

I just want to say… screw all this oni akuma, evil ryu crap… I’m more excited about tomorrow when fei gets his suit!