Fei Long USF4 Combo Thread



Not really sure if this is noteworthy, but I’ve used it a few times in a match, and it’s worked. I tried looking around, and I didn’t find anything on this particular combo.

COUNTER HIT EX CW (LAST HIT ONLY), LK Flame Kick, FADC MK CW Ultra 1 (419 Damage, 383 Stun)

I’ve only been able to achieve this by mashing out the LK Flame Kick after the last hit of the EX CW lands, but I’m sure someone can figure out the timing.

The only reason that I think this strange combo is relevant is that it’s a way to combo into Ultra 1 without having to worry about the link after the CW, but anyone with proper execution can capitalize on said link no problem. Also relying on a counter hit is also a gamble.

However, I do believe that it should at least be considered in case you really need a win and happen to get lucky with that counter hit, and you don’t want to risk it with them punishing a failed link.

I was able to capture a video of it too, so please feel free to take a look.



I might have been hallucinating, but this seemed to work on crouching Sakura as well when I tried the combo in training mode earlier.


Confirmed. Also c.LK > s.LP > s.LP , c.LP xx Rekkas works on her - but only if she isn’t blocking. If she blocks the first s.LP whiffs so she’s a special case.
Updated first post.
edit: But if you hit her with c.LK > s.LP you should always link to cls.HP against Sakura.

@blad3s7: That combo might be practical if the opponent throwing a projectile nets you a counterhit (does it?). But no reason to use LK FK instead of MK FK. Both have 5 frames startup.


Why medium flame kick is used when fadc instead of heavy?


Because HK flamekick has 2 hits and you can only cancel the 1st hit.
With both hits a HK flamekick does 100+50 damage. But when cancelled you only get the 100 damage of the first hit.

MK flamekick is one hit only but that one does 120 damage.
So you get 20 damage more in FADC combos with MK flamekick.


So I just saw Fuudo doing this at the most recen Topanga A League matches:

At the 0:03 second mark, did he link a MK Chicken Wing on counter hit and then linked a standing fierce? Or what am I missing here?


cr.lk > st.lp, cr.mp, cr.lp xx hp.rekkas hits T.Hawk and Hugo both crouching and standing for 206 damage.


Thanks - added to character specific combos.


Also cr.lk > st.lp, cr.mp, cr.lp xx hp.rekkas should be your BnB vs standing Sagat and Gief since cr.lk > st.lp, cl.hp xx whiffs on them standing and you have enough time to confirm they are standing off the cr.lk > st.lp, also possibly useful vs standing Rufus too but st.lp will whiff on crouching Rufus so maybe only off empty jump low if you know it will him although even then it’s kinda iffy so maybe not worth using.

Aaaanddd it also works on Abel BUT you have to use st.lp xx rekkas instead of cr.lp xx rekkas if Abel is standing but cr.lp still works on him crouching.


Confirmed. The combo also works against crouching Hakan btw…

Also works against other characters - but against those you can just link into cls.HP.

Updated first post.


Does anyone have any tips for canceling cr.LP or st.LP into HP Rekkas?

I was trying to do st. or cr. LP into LP Rekkas and kept getting a st.LP when it should be Rekka (guess I’m not completing the stick motion and hitting LP too fast?) or the Rekka would be blocked (doing it too slow)? Is cr.LP or st.LP easier with HP Rekkas? I had heard it was a finicky cancel.


Are you trying to do the cancel raw or from a combo?


Both. Mostly cancel raw for Punish purposes.

Also trying to do cr.LK, cr.LP/st.LP xx HP Rekkas for practice. I am aware that chains don’t cancel into Special Moves, so I’m avoiding cr.LP, cr.LP (etc) xx HP Rekkas.


c.LK also chains into LP. Definitely sounds like you’re not linking. Just hesitate for the fraction of a second before you do the final c.LP then it’ll cancel into Rekkas.


Do cr.LK and st.LP chain? That’s not a link? So, to the untrained eye (like mine) I have to figure out how to link cr.LK to st.LP or cr.LP and then cancel into HP Rekkas? That’s going to be tough, especially since it can still combo (chain) and I’ll never know if I did it right or not.

What about raw st.LP into HP Rekkas? That would be the best thing to practice to get that cancel down, right?



For the link you hesitate, for the chains you don’t. It really isn’t hard.

c.LP xx Rekkas is easier to do. Just learn that.
s.LP does 10 more damage, but doesn’t hit all crouchers.