Fei Long Video Thread

I’m more than done. The post above is precisely why i dont care for his opinion, that’s how it is in every forum on this site w him. Thanks Jason, highland, nooks and nova for the help. I’ll remove my posts and seek help elsewhere. I may suck but at least I don’t pass other people’s matches off as my own and insult people.

Take care guys.

Noodie stick your vids up again mate. I’ll have a look. Fei forums have always been a friendly place so lets not go letting it unravel at the tail end of the game.

Gracias, you must understand from noodie’s point of view. It wasn’t that long ago you were asking how to do basic Street Fighter inputs. Getting advice from someone who is also new to the character can be misleading or perhaps he doesn’t have confidence in you just yet.

Chill fellas.


Was hoping for some Bison tech from Starnab but he looks like he has as many problems as I do. God I hate that character. He really takes you out of your comfort zone as a Fei player.

Yeah i can understand that, and it wasn’t so long ago when i was asking for help, but my game has gotten way better since then, and my uploads show that. He didnt have to rant about old post, or even care how many Gametags i have. HE couldve just said i appreciate your help but i perfer this person opinion. But on another note highland you were the main person that helped me level up my game and i wanna thank you …

I wasn’t going to respond but you know what, I changed my mind. You want to play this game, here are my closing remarks on it.

I simply pointed out why I don’t care for your opinion. Nothing I posted was a lie. Nothing I posted was rude, or insulting or wrong. No matter how you try to seem cordial and respectful here, your little act is becoming tiresome. Nothing I said warranted that rebuttal however a ruse can only last so long.

You were infracted recently for this very same behavior, and your rebuttal to me explaining why I don’t care for your input is indicative of your usual behavior. The inconsistencies of moderation on these forums is incredible, however I am not going to sit around and listen to you essentially lie to me and insult me simply because I posted the fact I am not interested in what you have to say.

I am not going to say I appreciate it because I don’t. I don’t appreciate the input of someone who has in the past mf’ed and cursed at multiple members, or whom has stole other peoples posts, literally, word for word, and passed it off as their own. Here…Nor do I care for the feedback from someone who has insulted other members here with epithets deriding their nationality. You don’t need to know “how the forums work” to do that. Every forum you’ve posted in you were run out of it by other members because of your abhorrent behavior.

http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.ph…e-latif-double-fierce-tk.153391/#post-6439123 ---- this is where you hijacked someone else’s info and got called out.

Iperu SUcks ! – insulting others

http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.ph…rte-matchup-thread.150009/page-2#post-6348933 — insulting others

Finally I don’t want the input of someone whom I know for a fact is using other peoples videos as his own, because I have spoken directly to one of the people on the gamer tag in those videos after playing with them about 2 hours a few nights ago by random chance, and they had no idea what this forum was, who you were, or why their videos were posted here. Reason it came up is because I introduced myself to them as one of the people they were talking to in this thread, and they were absolutely clueless. You didn’t know basic terms, you still don’t understand some basic terms, you didn’t even know what footsies were, I don’t find you credible or trustworthy. High level Rog? You don’t even know his frame traps.

Hey, but you know what, you are right, I suck “ten dicks from sunday” while you are clearly elite, and people as bad as me shouldn’t be here in the first place. Its typical behavior I have come to expect from people around here and this community in general. I won’t bother wasting the time of the people in this thread so they can help more worthy people like yourself. Lord knows I am hardly good enough to even warrant anyone paying attention.

This conversation is over. Go ahead and get back on topic. I would hate to get in your way any further. Thanks for those who actually took time to give credible help, highland, jason, sosage, nooks, send master . I am done. Take care guys.

He doesn’t like the Bison matchup but he lost due to the PS3 I could see it in his face every time a PC went without a full punish.

I could definitely sense the frustration. Poor guy, to travel so far and then get beat due to that PS3 crap. For me it’s not the 1 frame difference that screws with me, it’s the constant frame rate drops. Also on that note, after weds. I should be coming back to play more as I will be out of school for a few weeks before starting up again. Gotta get back on the wagon! So I will be looking for some help from others to get better. Hook a brother up! hahaha

Never heard of constant frame rate drops.

Do you regularly play on a PS3 and not play online? The main reason you see most players playing on the training stage is because of the framerate issues that plague the PS3 version of this game. During combo’s/ultras it tends to slow down drastically happened to me last EVO on the Africa stage. Even in the training stage it can rear it’s ugly head. (my setup is PS3 slim, on “lagfree” asus). It’s 10x worse while playing UMvC3 and is again why everyone plays on the training stage during competitive play.

Is it due to sponsorship they use PS3?? Funnily enough, I had forgotten they used PS3 until I watched your replay’s. I didn’t catch any EVO this year apart from top 8 which where all on the big screen.

Personally I’ve got a PS3 and a TE (because my Mrs bought me the wrong stick). I’ve played SF on it about 3 times in about 2 years. It’s horrendously different for me and my internet connection. It doesn’t even feel like the same game. I just use my X-box.

Whats going on guys i just recently like literally 4 days ago started o pick up fei. I have a match here that would probably be really boring to you high level guys but im just looking for some input. Im an ex rog player, so i got some really bad habits in pressing buttons when i dont really have to, and im really impatient you can probably tell lol. For one i can see that i need better execution on my rekkas and i should really be using LP rekka. Again sorry for the long/boring match lol but any input would be great!


Very good. You have nice footsie’s (probably from Rog) and excellent patience, you’ll make a good Fei player.

Can’t really fault your overall game plan. I’d dump neutral jump hp (Rog thing?) for hk, larger hitbox and hits both sides. You’ll need to get your cr.lp xx rekka down but that’ll come. You could have countered a few times there (Gouken palms). AA needs a little work, didn’t see you attempt many there although gouken can be a tad tricky sometimes with his Armour. Perhaps a little more cr.lk (hits low into bnb’s) pressure also to keep him locked down.

Probably a tad more focus pressure in close and through fireballs, Fei’s focus is one of the best in game and I would be pressuring Gouken heavily in close due to his poor wake up game although that’s more match specific.

Overall I def think you have the right base to build a good Fei. You eventually cracked him and he pissed a whole stick away on a guess which leads to the win. Something I try and drill into some of the new guys. Make them make mistakes.

Thanks very much for the response! Another problem i have is knowing whats punishable and whats not. Blocked palms can lead to a full punish???What would you use to punish it?? And my Anti Air is really bad also because i keep forgetting i have an uppercut lol!! Most of the times i just stand there and let them jump in. As well as my focus game, balrog’s focus IMO was pretty bad so its not really in my bag of tricks yet lol. I really have to learn how to use it and the best ways to utilize it to get in because as of now if someone can stop me from jumping in, idk how else to get in. =(

You can punish palms with cr.lp into rekka. All versions I think but you’d have to check the frame data. Perhaps not the light.

Getting in is what kills a lot of Fei players, you get in by doing exaclty what you were doing here, walking forward and taking him back to the corner. Most players will naturaly back away from Fei Long within rekka range. Fei Long is boss in the corner and most characters will find it hard to escape. Rekka hit confirms are your main way of closing ground as is focusing through fireballs(if they have a fireball). 1 x LP rekka is your safe chip against most characters which leads to the hit confirm. Fei’s dash is also excellent.

A lot of Fei’s spary the chicken wing out at every possibility but I didn’t see you abusing that here which is good. It’s easily dp’d on reaction or even Ultra if the opponent is buffering. CW is fine from close range though. Check out what happens when you get frisky with CW… talking about it reminded me of this old video.


4 days ago? You’re pretty good man for only 4 days. You’re well beyond myself and some others who have been at this character almost a year, lol.

Because he’s good at the basics. If you understand the game and how it works coupled with good footsie’s you can be good with any character in a short space of time. It’s usually why most beginners are encouraged to take up a character like Ryu because he teaches you the game.

I’d add in the gouken MU its really good to mixup with empty jump cr lk and hit confirm to your bnb, this is because gouken players use counter to beat safe jump attemp this will confuse them and make them 2nd guess whether to use low or high counter next time you knock him down, this is pretty much same strat for any character facing gouken lol.

Yup Sony sponsors the event and the donate the systems. I knew it was going to be hell when I seen Ricky Ortiz play and almost lose to a unkown player. He dropped every combo with Rufus. If it werent for the fact Ricky is an amazing player he would have lost. The unkown seen Ricky dropping his links, he then decided to mash during DP during Ricky’s blockstrings. Oh the unkown was using Akuma.