Fei Long


How the frickin hell do you play as him?


I recall a pretty damn good tutorial of him by video …but I don’t remember where the link is. Could someone help him out?


low fierce



Hahaha I saw BKB’s Fei Long against JayWang on youtube. He threw out SOOOO many of those low fierces and got away with quite a few of them. It was funny. :rofl:

But yeah, how exactly is Fei Long supposed to be played in the Alpha games and what ism is best for him?


When I was screwing around with him, he had some pretty solid CCs starting off the qcf+P combos that got some juggles. Plus, his supers kinda suck.


Yeah, his supers really aren’t that great. What are some good strategies for him in other isms? It seems like his s.fierce, cr.fierce, cr.strong are all pretty good pokes because of their range. Are the rekka kens as good as they were in ST?


i like his flame foot super, it seems to do good damage on almost any jump in, unlike most anti air supers where is is usually important to hit them when they are practically inside you for maximum damage.

i also like his regular flame foot dragon punch dealie because it works as both an anti air and an anti crossup.

his overhead (f.fk, i think) is really, really fast, floats over low attacks (iirc), and has almost 0 downtime so if they block it you can usually go into like a cr.jp into rekka kens and generally snuff whatever they threw out, which really seems to annoy people.

for poking i think primarily his cr.fp, it seems to be really good in terms of priority, and it also works as an anti air on a shallow or mistimed jump in. (make them land on your forearms) his standing fierce also has pretty good range/speed, but i find his crouching fierce superior in almost every way. also, his standing short has pretty good range for a standing short, but i don’t even remember is it’s useful at all. in any case, it’s hilarious looking.

if someone is going for a crossup and you’re not going to have time for a dp, instead of blocking one thing i enjoy doing is using his f.rk to travel under them while they’re in the air, or even do rekka kens under it. beats getting tick thrown.

i don’t really know what to use in the air, it seems his air attacks are all kinda bunk. his j.fk works for a crossup, although it’s not the easiest to space. for a non crossup jump in i’d probably use his j.fk or maybe his j.fp, since generally i’d just link into cr.jp -> rekka ken, so i don’t think you really need to hit them with something with alot of hitstun (which is good, because none of his stuff has alot of hitstun in the air) i like his j.rk for air-to-air, but in general i try not to get stuck in the air with fei long because it’s definetely not his forte.

that’s all i can think of right now, i hope it helps/isn’t all horribly wrong. :wonder:


i think he got a new vertical jumping mp.


Fei’s the only one I haven’t seen VCs for, but if he’s got that bicycle kick, I’m sure he has a few good ones.


He has a VC for practically every situation. But, they do very little damage for the most part, and are difficult to do.

But maybe I’m missing something. meh.



So much low fierce. :lol: He should use the “handshake” punch a little more.


Somehow I don’t think the handshake is as good as it was in ST. Slower? I dunno.



Handshake punch does look a little slower but it still has its uses I’m sure.


As above really, abuse that crouching fierce, this works as a decent air defense at range and is low enough to reach under any air attack that would hit high.

I use him in A ism, his dragon kick super is most usefull, excellent antiair and can suck in slightly when thrown out, combos nicely off a crouching forward.

Rekka kens are useful to chain off his jab at close range, mixed with his overhead as it will float over low attacks. Generally i find his mixup play to be good at short range corner trap, air throwing them back into the corner, mixing up the overhead and rekka ken combo and then ripping in a super when they jump out. Use his speed to change the height of the attack constantly and then combo off anything you hit with low or walk in throw.

You can stuff or at least trade with his crouching fierce a lot of the time.

Aside from that fierce rekka kens can catch off advancing people from 1/3 screen range, just adjust the timing on the final hits if blocked off to allow you to get back without getting a pounding.

Late dragon kicks work well as anti air, combined with the cr.fp for keep away. Jumping forward does cross up but it’s not overly effective.



I think low fierce can only juggle/antiair against A3 characters?


Fei Long has VC potential, but he’s been designed rather restricted. Unfortunately his rush punches can’t be canceled between each successive hit during V-Ism, so it kind of ruins his chances of full screen VCs. If you could cancel them you could do things like qcf+px3, s.hk, qcf+p, s.hk, qcf+p, s.hk etc. But since having to do all three rush punches it moves you too far out and causes too much randomness for it to be easilly successful.


A and X are best for Fei Long as I telling Shinjigohan the other day. V has some nice things but his VCs are, like demon dash said, restricted. They get 35 to 40% at best. =/ I was honestly surprised, I thought he would be beast in V-ism. Its nice to have characters better in other isms though.

I’m surprised there is cofusion on playing Fei. Especially since his reakkas are qcf instead of dps like SFII, playing him is relatively simple. He has good tools and decent normals…sorta like a more straightfoward karin but gains a AA special.

As always cr.HP is a good poke. So is cr. mp. Cr.mp is not special cancelable, so no reakka confirms BUT is super cancelable so super reakka hit confirm is delicious. To combo into reakkas, its as easy is cr. lp (x2) or standing fierce. There’s your bread and butter. His lks (both standing and crouching) are good pokes. The standing variation is special cancelable (rekkas) but the crouching is not (super only). For AA normal, you will have to settle with standing Roundhouse. I prefer lk dragon foot myself though.

His supers are basically just enhanced versions of his specials, so those need no explanation. His new one is a autocombo where he ends with a flying dragon kick. Its like Balrog’s level 3 A-ism only in that its his most powerful super and hit confirming it is easy. However, I still find lvl. 3 Rekka super better because you can combo after it (again just like Boxer’s).

I played him a bit on my meet for Upper on 23rd, I can upload the matches is anyone is interested.


The Rekka command has always been QCF.

counter hit crouching Strong-> Rekka can be useful as a hit-confirm. The Rekkas are also extremely fast, so Fei gets to punish normally safe moves such as Guy’s standing Forward among others.

As you may or may not know, this move has two versions - regular and max damage - activated in a similar way to Ryu’s Level 3 Metsu Shoryuken.

Yep, please go ahead.


Seriously? I could have sworn there was this one version of Fei where it was all dp motions. Oh well.

I’ll upload those Fei matches on my HD in a bit.


Uploaded, just check my account.

I’m actually the Rolento in these matches; I have one of me using X-Fei versus V-Cody somewhere here.