Fei long


My latest masterpiece. Fei long. What do you think? Hot or flop?


crazyness, I love the Fei Long masterpiece. SFMC, that must be your best work yet :clap: :tup: :rolleyes:


If I didnt know any better, I’d swear I drew that. :lol:


I guess in that case than SFMC’s “beast-o-meter” just raised quite a few points if he were able to match deon’s supurb drawing technique^^


Damn it! You got me! I was really expecting some badassitude. :rofl:


I like to Draw drunk sometimes too.


reminds me of that guy from Perfect Blue



Man! :mad: I was not expectin that. of course no one was that knows your works anyway. If you do “do” a fei long pic, I’d like to see face off against geese. I’m doin a similiar pic of my own but i’d like to see your version if you’d choose to do so.


LMFAO :lol: I STILL draw like that, hahaha!