Fei Longs 2/1?

I briefly read about 2/1 in the prima guide while at a GameStop and I didn?t pay much attention to it. Lately I have been hearing 2/1 during streams. My question is this, what is 2/1? Can someone please explain it?

Also what option selects does Fei have and how do you execute them? I seen some videos on youtube and there are no inputs on screen to get an idea how to execute them or it?s not in English. I have a strong Fei but I want to improve more and have every aspect of his game covered.

a 2 in 1 is one of the most basic fundamentals of the street fighter engine. Its simply just cancellingone move into the other for example hp into shienkyaku. The most widely recognized 2 in 1 is the cr.mk hadouken that ryu has.

Thats it? I thought it was soemthing similar to option select where the game picks the best option or plinking. In that case I do that all the time with Fei. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

That’s not quite it. A 2 in 1 is a special cancellable move but with 1 button press. Cr. mk > hadouken is not a 2 in 1. Cr. HP > hadouken or shoryuken is a 2 in 1. That is you only press an attack button once but get 2 moves for it. Can be more technically referred to as negative edge. 2 in 1 is real old school language.

Ok thrown off again. So let me take a guess here. So Ken/Ryu cr HP>hadouken. So the player does cr HP holds down on HP then follows with fireball motion and then he releases the HP button. Is this is or close to it? I guess 2 of Fei’s 2 in 1 would be cr LP> LP Rekka or cr MP> MP Rekka

You can’t cancel MP into Rekka.

But I was correct with the cr LP to LP Rekka?

Ok I think I get it now. So when I do a standing HP to a HP Rekka this should be a 2 in 1 same as standing MK to MK flame kick. Am I correct?


It’s outdated terminology that somehow made it’s way back into the loop. Pretty much like… any special cancel is a 2 in 1 lol.

So if I cancel a normal into a special into a super is that a… 3 in 1?

Interesting, maybe I’ll start doing LP xx Rekkas using a 4 in 2 technique ;D

I would assume so.

That’d be 3 moves in 2 button presses! You crazy?

Ok since I got great feedback from my fellow Fei players. Do you guys know of any option selects?

2 in 1, 2 moves by using 1 button.

You can do a special move, for example Fei Long’s Rekka, by pressing Punch after QCF or by releasing Punch after QCF, so if you were to do a 2 in 1 with Fei long it would be:

s.hp [press and hold] x QCF P [release], which is only 1 button press. (2 in 1)

Most of us do like this though, s.hp [press and release] x QCF P [press and release], which is 2 button presses. (2 in 2)

Yeah I do the second option as well. I have been doign this forever but never knew there was a term for it. I now what to know some option selects.

^while this is a good idea, i feel its best just to get your button presses down for the rekkas rather than rely on negative edge.

I do press down on the buttons. I used the 2/1 method with Ken way back in the day. Fei requires more accuracy on his cr LP>Rekka then Ken does on his clHP>DP

lol i think u misunderstood me. i just think its best to try and get better execution with your rekkas eg qcf+p qcf+p qcf+p when ending a combo rather than relying on negative edge. Fei has pretty advanced execution compared with a lot of the cast so if you practice this it will make you a better player imo.

I guess you misunderstood me. I have no issues with my rekka commands. I can crLP into Rekka with ease. I just needed a better understanding of 2 in 1 thats all.

if you can do ure rekkas with ease then why are you using negative edge?