Fei Long's Combos not worth it?



Got damn. How many other characters combos have timing input this strict with timing windows this short? Seems like 90% of the combos they’re showing me in the trials can be blocked and punished if I input the next move at 0.5 seconds instead of 0.4-0.45.

If a character, like Sakura, doesn’t have as strict timing and forces the opponent to guess Tech/Cross-up/Normal after every knockdown it seems there’s not much reason to bother with Fei unless you happen to like skin tight speedo briefs on male asian bodies and the WAAAAAATAH sound.

If his combos are this strict, do pitiful damage and leave you unsafe then you would think that his normal game is top 5 preferably top 3. Reading some of the other posts suggests otherwise though. Having watched the entire 2k9 Evo Championships I only saw 1 Fei Long and he was only able to win one round in two matches before being eliminated.

What I’m asking is “What does Fei Long do better than another character with his same basic design”, that design seeming to be high speed low damage and supposedly low tier. Characters like El Fuerte, Cammy, and Sakura, all of which while low Tier have easier to use ultras and mixups where 1-2 wrong guesses wins them the round and have proven themselves to be relatively viable at top level play, at least compared to Fei Long.

Thanks in advance for reading that all.


dude, seriously. you created a brand new thread just to cry about combos. how about ask about execution tips, or ask somebody what fei’s strengths are in comparison to the other characters in one of the 7 stickies listed at the top of the page.

you could easily have voiced your opinion in the discussion on tiers thread, the simple Q+A thread, or the moveset/attributes thread. take this type of foolishness elsewhere, as it is not appreciated here


Whoops! Off to post in 3-4 different topics, each 10+ pages deep, instead of consolidating it in my own common thread covering each topic in one easy to read format so I can make the HNIC happy! Nobody wants new topics posted on a FORUM! BLASPHEMY! I’m off to skip to your lou, yes’m MASSA sur!!



Yay more whining '09ers with no idea what they’re talking about. You guys are more common then ken scrubs online.


Are my eyes decieving me or is an 09er finally getting it?


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Not just getting “it” but got “it” 03’er. thanks for 10-1’ing my 10-6. 10-4, 03’er?


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I suspect most people who refer to another poster by their date joined rather than their user name “dont get it” and when confronted by many situations respond by saying “Im confused”


Desert, if you don’t think Fei is as use friendly as the other 24 characters, its because you’re a scrub, and you’re a scrub because you registered in 09. Duh.


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Samurai, look at the date Tundra joined and read through his post and mine one more time. There is also a word in the dictionary called “sarcasm” you might want to look up. Might give you a little insight into Tundras post.

Of course sarcasm is hard to read and I could be wrong. Something tells me I’m not though. Especially considering the fact that he pointed out the impossibility of Fei not being as user friendly as ALL the other possible characters in the game.


P.S. drink less coffee


I have to agree with desert (not on fei long), but on starting a new thread. I never knew why people want to limit the threads so much as long as the topic is different than any recent threads. I say recent threads because information gets outdated, and threads get buried. If he had posted this same stuff under a sticky, chances are a lot less people would see and respond to it. When I think of “sticky” I think of information in the original post that is a should read, but comments don’t matter all that much, I don’t consider it an ongoing discussion. I think his topic is different enough to warrant a new thread. While his tone may have put many off he brings up a good point about why other than bruce lee appeal would Fei be viable? I know the only reason I really play Fei is because he is like bruce lee lol.

Even if execution is top notch Fei does seem like he does too little damage, and doesn’t have all that great of a mix up. Basically he isn’t rewarded enough for succeeding in what he does. Sometimes I think the game goes too far where body build, speed, and damage is concerned. For instance Fei is small and he is fast, but that shouldn’t mean he can’t do damage as well. He has chi power man, he understands how to channel that into some hard hitting hits so his damage shouldn’t be solely dependent on his physical bulid. Know what would be cool? Every hit of Fei Long is counted as a counter hit. It would fit into the whole jeet kune do mentality of using your opponents momentum against them. It would make the character unique, and make up for any damage shortcomings.


Most would agree if the topic is actually different from other threads and worth discussing then it’s reasonable.
However deserts rant and question did not warrant a new thread especially since there is a thread called Fei-Long: On Tiers…Your Opinion Is Valued on the first page.
If he just took a little time to look around a bit and read a few threads, he would of found the answer to his question instead of cluttering up the forum.


No… the ‘trial’ combos in a match aren’t worth it.

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I like how you caught that I was making fun of him.

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I’ve met lots of shotos that likes to mash their button to get a srk when getting combo’ed. So the moment I miss a link, I get srk’ed. And they can often deal more damage than I do in that hard-work combo, which is depressing.

Oh, and gg the other day MaaZa!


Wow. 16 posts to get even a halfway answer to my original post. Another 3 posts to get back to a topic that deals with the actual game and not some less than 09’ers opinion on how their precious forum should only be used by them.

bgf, that’s what I’m worried about. Noticing that a lot of the combos can be blocked, even though they look like they’re flowing smoothly, just because the input is a little late. Even seems to be that way with a simple rekka x3 combo. It seems like sometimes even if the second rekka comes out if its too late it can still be blocked depending on timing. Obviously rekka x3 is a little easier so you’re probably not going to mess up on that too often.

I’ve been messing around with Gouken and a lot of his combos don’t actually leave the opponent any choices if the first hit lands. You can still mess up the timing on a combo but since the opponent is being juggled for the combo to begin with messing up the execution doesn’t leave you in a punishable position.

Maybe the third rekka should juggle upwards, like during his ultra where he has time to flame kick you, instead of knocking backwards.