Fei-Long's Ultra 1 was lifted from Kim Dragon's SDM in World Heroes Perfect (1995)



Okay, check this out. We all know that Capcom has taken inspiration from other sources for Ultras, and that’s cool- Dudley’s Ultra 1 is an obvious [media=youtube]vH4DXCBpX1E&feature=related"]Hajime no Ippo reference, for instance . But I didn’t know that they also looked to much more obscure sources. I was playing my way through my MAME cataog when I noticed that World Heroes Perfect- a fairly obscure Japan-only arcade and Sega Saturn fighter by ADK- had a Bruce Lee clone, Kim Dragon. I’m all over Bruce Lee clones, so I selected him to play, looked up a movelist, and started puttering around with him- and what do I see but this! The similarities to Fei-Long’s Ultra 1 are extremely strong. Of course, they both share a [URL=“http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep6Xnrkumys”[/media], but I still thought this was a pretty cool find.


Thanks for this. Someone should do some sleuthing and compile a list of all the references they find. Stuff like this adds cultural significance to the game, which is really cool.


Punch to the gut, several punches, flying kick.

Three things that Bruce Lee was known for and have been imitated throughout the decades.

Question: how do you make a combination of those three in a different order?

Flying kick first, lands, punches?

It wasn’t a copy. It’s just that there’s not much variety.
And Kim’s version involves punches only, no punch to the gut.

This might seem retarded, but it’s just like “fireballs” in videogames. There’s only so much you can do to make projectiles look different from each other.

Bruce Lee copies will always look the same in several aspects.
Kenshiro from HnK has a flying kick too. Looks exactly like that one. Because it looks exactly like Bruce Lee’s.

You’re discussing the “order” here. “He did both several punches, and then the kick”. Yes, if you’re making a super/ultra for a Bruce Lee look-a-like, you’re bound to get the combination in that exact same order. Let’s see… You want to involve several punches, and the flying kick… But the flying kick looks better as a finisher, obviously… So you end up having punches first, then the flying kick.

Bottom line:
If you’re making a Bruce Lee clone, you don’t even many options. You either make shit up (Flame Kicks, “Chicken Wings”), or you copy paste Bruce Lee’s trademark moves (1 inch punch, several quick punches (more of a Kenshiro trademark), and a flying kick). How you copy paste those moves is up to you, but you’re bound to following a certain order. And starting with the flying kick looks dumb. Just look at Yun’s lvl3 super in CvS2. It also ends with a flying kick in the air right after body strikes. And he’s not even copying Bruce Lee.


Opening punch(es), rapidpunchspam–>launch in the air at a 45’ angle–>leap kick with flame effects? That’s a little stronger than can be accounted for by coincidence…


You have a point, but only in regards to the original inspiration for the Fei example - and even then to only a potentially limited degree. Who’s to say the homage present in Fei’s Ultra isn’t in regards to the history of the Bruce Lee homages themselves? Attempting to disregard it due to familiarity may be missing the point, as the Dudley example is clear evidence for the potential of elements of the game being inspired by more than “copy and paste” motivations or mere coincidence.

Killjoy analyses aren’t warranted.


While Fei’s U1 is bruce lee inspired over all.
its more of an expansion of what he did in his [media=youtube]3sznEHtCwDI"[/media].

or hell even [media=youtube]Zy-5jclUXFY#t=6m39s"[/media]


…both of which still postdate World Heroes Perfect.


Lol, We used to have World Hero’s arcade cabinet in the tuck shop across from our school when I was 11. I used to spend my dinner money on it everyday… ha ha.